Have you ever imagined a website without google? By what means will it look when a site without having Seo on it? Well, Seo seems to be something very important in today’s marketing because if you don’t know Seo then you’re far away from this success game.

Without Seo it is more difficult to get found on search engines and get some higher ranking on it. So doing Seo on your website is much more important than having anything and there is no other way rather than mouth publicity or advertisement of your website to get targeted customers.

Guide To SEO For WordPress – 8 Shortcuts To Get Rank


SEO is a very large term and cannot define in one page. It is a most important key element to getting found and rank well for your website to drive users and acquire new customers.

What you think now? Is SEO important for your website?

Yes. It is most important as a car with a fuel. Don’t imagine, how can you drive your car without fuel and your online business without SEO.


So, do you want to rank your website for drive traffic through SEO?

I know what you are going to say, but before getting started just remember the one thing, “SEO is not a one day process, it requires efforts, patience’s and time to show results”.

There are already millions of companies paying millions of dollars to get the rank higher in the search engine. It is not easy to get the rank with this high competition but isn’t impossible. These tips help you to get ranked on 1st Page of Google.

Just start jotting down these things for best practices with SEO.

#1 Optimise Your Website Speed By Choosing A Good Web Hosting Service:

There is a little connection between SEO and web hosting. A good web hosting helps you to reduce downtime, malicious attacks and helps speed up your website load timing. These things keep you to compete with your competitor and help you to give a tough fight to rank in search engine.

Take a look at below infographic, which tells you how web-hosting speed affects Google ranking in SEO process.

How Load Time Affects Google Rankings
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

A good web hosting keeps you safe from the negative effect of SEO, which is good for your brand, traffic and ranking. A good web hosting speed up your website load time to get ranked well in search engine. If your website is already facing negative effect of SEO then this post will help you to get recover from it.

Just follow these tips to improve your website speed to get ranked higher in the search engine.

  1. If you have a small amount of traffic then the share hosting plan of Bluehost is the most recommend. Why Bluehost? Because it is most recommended web hosting provider for self-hosted WordPress blogs and keeps your website running with very low downtime.
  2. If you have a large amount of traffic then shift your web hosting to VPS or Dedicated. They are a very good to handle a large amount of traffic, reduce your downtime, and improve your security.
  3. If you want to improve your website speed up to 71% faster than your current website speed, then I most recommend shifting your website to WP engine. It is a complete package with web hosting + CDN + web security to speed up your website 71% faster. It gives you 2 months of free trial with 60 days money back guarantee. Most popular blogs like shout me loud, quicksprout etc. are relying on WP-Engine.
  4. If your web hosting service provides google page speed services, then activate it for better improvement.

Just follow these tips and see your result in Google within 30 days from implementation guaranteed.

#2 Choose A Well Coded and Perfectly Optimised Theme:

Choosing a good theme is a second step towards the SEO. A poorly coded and badly optimised theme can harm your website to get crawled by search engine bots. It creates many blocks and hurdles in website crawling and increases your website speed, which is bad for your online brand.

It increases your PHP code loading times and database queries loading time. It is better to spend one time rather than paying every time for well coded and optimised themes.

After all, your website going to represent your brand and it wants to feel appealing and easy to use.

Just follow these tips to choose great themes.

  1. If you really want to improve your website and optimise it for the search engine, then I strongly recommend you to go with Genesis. The complete package goes you to min $50 and maxes $100. It is a one-time settlement if you really want your brand on top and performs well. A top brand like copy blogger, quicksprout, bloggertipstricks etc. rely on Genesis and its theme.
  2. Either you can choose a rocket theme or the elegant theme; both are well optimised and well coded. These themes also give a better performance, but not as much as genesis.
  3. You can also choose a theme from your WordPress repository and check your theme with Y-slow and p3 profiler WordPress plugins to improve your performance and speed of theme. There are other tools are also available like GTmetrics and Pingdom tools to check your performance.

Just implement these tips and see the better result within 45 days from implementation.

#3 Choose The Best SEO Plugin For Your Website:

SEO plugins help you to optimise your content for the search engine. It is the third step of your SEO process to improve your website optimisation efforts.  It optimises your content with keyword and keyword relevancy to perform well in search engine. There are many good free and paid plugins in WordPress repository.

Here are some tips to improve your website optimisation:

  1.  If you are looking for the best, free plugins for your website SEO then go with All in one SEO plugin. It has many great options for you to optimise your website and web content. If you want to upgrade for  more awesome functionality, you can,but free one best result as like paid one.
  2. You can also choose WordPress for SEO by Yoast to enhance your optimisation process. It is the most popular free plugin available in WordPress repository. If you want some extra functionality, then you can also upgrade it. It is a great choice and used by many bloggers.
  3. You want many great features like keyword research etc. Then I strongly recommend you to go with a paid WordPress plugin like SEO Pressor. It is a most recommend plugin by Harsha Agrawal of shoutmeloud and Ileane Smith of basicblogtips. Just give it a one try to become a fan of SEO Pressor.

I really recommend you to implement these tips on your blog to see the great result of your SEO process.

#4 Use Rich Anchor Texted Visuals In Your Content:

The visuals are eye catching and quickly get noticed by users. Research says that a website which has highly appealing visuals get more readers and more social shares than the normal one. It gets 64% more traffic than ordinary blog post without visuals.

Look at the following infographic to see why visuals are important to affect your users.

If a Picture Says 1000 Words Then Video Is… Priceless
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

The visuals like Images, infographics and videos help you to quickly notice by user and search engine. It helps you to create a great impression and creates a link back for you. High-quality colourful visuals drive 28% more traffic that ordinary visuals. Visuals help you to get ranked in Google and drive traffic to your website.

Just see the below infographics to get the better understating of how visuals get traffic from search engine and help you to rank better.

#5 Create A Well Optimised Great Content:

Content is a key ingredient to making your blogging recipe successful. Without contents, your blog is testing less. No one is going to read or visit your site without content.

Always remember one thing “great content is king”.

A great content is always spread viral and creates a link back to your website and helps you to get ranked well in search engine. Using proper header tags and proper keyword gives your SEO efforts boost. Always follow a keyword relevancy max to 2% and try to provide a rich anchor text in your content.

Focus your content for users and not for the search engine, it creates a bad impression in the search engine and ranks you lower.

If you want, more great tips for content just follow this link to understand it better.

#6 Promote Content through Content Marketing:

The content without a content marketing has a zero value. Content marketing plays a very important role to spread your content viral and attract quality link. Content marketing also helps you to rank your website.

It is the main strategy followed by many bloggers and business blogs like Hubspot, Copyblogger etc. to rank their content higher and to build more online presence than their competitors.

Let’s see how content marketing helps you to get ranked in search engine.

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How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Now you get, the better understanding how content marketing helps you to rank in search engine and enhance your SEO efforts.

Here are some tips that will help you to do proper content marketing of your content.

  1. Use a blogging community to promote your content like, biz sugar etc. It helps you to drive traffic and spread your content viral.
  2. Provide valuable content on high authority blog via guest blogging. It enhances your content marketing effect to drive traffic,  rank higher and build authority
  3. Build relationship with another blogger via social network or by subscribing to their email list. It helps to get their email address for future contact for building relationship and guest blogging request.

#7 Build Quality Link To Your Website:

Link building is a way to create authority and driving traffic. A quality link building process helps to enhance your SEO efforts and gives you a quick boost in search engine ranking.

There are many ways to build a quality link for your website, but don’t follow a black hat link building ways. It harms your website and efforts of SEO.

Always try to build a quality .edu and .gov links. It gives you a quick boost in search engine ranking.

If you want to build a quality link to your website then follow these old rules told by many bloggers, many times.

  1. Do guest posting on high authority blogs. It gives your SEO efforts a boost and builds quality links for your website.
  2. Always participate in forums to solve user’s problem. Don’t forget to add your email signature at the bottom of every thread you post in the forum.
  3. Comment on other blogs it is mostly used and old way to build links and relations with other bloggers.
  4. Provide quality Outbound links and try to attract quality inbound links for your website.

#8 Use Social Media To Expose Your Brand:

Do you know that Google new algorithm update called hummingbird is also based on social media signals? It means more social engagement you get on social media, the more chances is your content get ranked higher in the search engine.

Let’s see the below infographic understand the social signal process and how it helps you to rank well in search engine.

How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Now you get some understanding about how social signal plays an important role in SEO.

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Here are some tips to improve your social branding.

  1. Engage with your social media followers every day. Ask them a question and seek answers from them.
  2. Use visuals like images, infographics and video. Research tells that visuals get 78% more engagement than ordinary post on social media.
  3. Add social media icons in your blog for users to get easily share your content on social media like facebook, twitter, google+, Pinterest etc. You will find those plugins in WordPress repository.
  4. Add social media widgets on your blog to get easily follow by users to your brand like facebook like box, twitter follows button, google+ profile badge etc.
  5. Promote your content through social media. There are many websites like JustRetweetHootSuite and buffer to manage your social presence.

Now you get the full understanding of these shortcuts from this full guide to SEO and the best knowledge to do SEO practices. Just try to implement the things given and see the best result of your SEO effects in less than 2 months.


SEO is not a quick process. It takes the time to show you the best result. To see the good result, you need to understand each post mention in this post to see how each point is impacting on SEO and search engine ranking.

If you really want to fulfil your SEO efforts, then strongly follow the tips given at the bottom of every point. It helps you enhance your SEO work in a proper way for best practices.

It is better to share content with your friends on social media and subscribe to the email list. It is the best way to stay in touch and build a relationship with other bloggers.

If have any query or comment don’t forget to comment it using the comment box and let me know what you think about this post, and help your friends to get easily reach to this virgins guide of SEO by email and social media sharing.