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Top 25 Profile Pictures and Funny Images for Your WhatsApp DP!

WhatsApp is the proud owner of possessing more than 2 billion loyal users across the globe. Another astonishing stat is that WhatsApp has its tentacles deep in more than 180 countries and 60 distinct languages!

Now, Why am I saying these? WhatsApp has a never-ending trend, so you must represent yourself in the online space and make a stand. 


funny profile pictures


One of the outstanding ways to mark your territory in Whatsapp is to search for funny profile pictures and make it your funny WhatsApp DP? All you have to do is check whether the image you have chosen is hilarious and has phrases to affect some feelings from others.

Seems simple right? To help you figure out what you want as a funny DP, we have filtered a list of 25 images that can boost your confidence. Want to know more? Read along! 


What is Whatsapp DP? How can you Upload a Funny Whatsapp Profile Picture?


Before reading the list of WhatsApp funny images and profile pictures, let’s dive into the matter of what is a ‘DP’ in WhatsApp. 

The full form in the word “DP” entails to Display Picture also widely known as profile picture in social media like Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp emerged from a small startup and then transitioned and is owned by a single largest online platform in the world now. Although it has changed hands, the feature remains the same.

Among its competition, it is still packed with relevant features with pleasing aesthetics. That’s why you can understand why people still prefer and stay with WhatsApp even though there is a huge competition with apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, and others.

If you want to upload or change your WhatsApp profile picture follow the steps given below-

  • Tap on the menu button→ Settings.
  • Now, you can see your current profile picture, just tap on it → Camera icon.
  • Now, from the assortment of your personal selection and screenshots, you can choose a funny DP and upload it successfully.

Why are Profile Pictures Important? Does Your WhatsApp DP Talk About Your Character?

Profile picture in any social media account is important because that creates the first impression. Having awesome photos on your DP reveals much about you because it shows your credibility so that others recognize you and connect on a much deeper level.


funny whatsapp dp


The emotion it represents will subconsciously provide context to the words you write a striking natural expression. Yes, WhatsApp DP does talk about your character! First, the picture you upload must always face the camera. If you are a coffee fanatic holding a coffee mug would be an ideal picture.  

However, you portraying yourself in online media is important because even if it’s a simple picture it has great potential in measuring your digital relevance.

If you want to make a humorous impact then a funny DP can be a double strength. You can easily play with words and images by adding WhatsApp funny images. 


25 Funny Images and WhatsApp Profile pictures as of 2020

To enjoy the consequence of using funny images is that it represents you exactly like how you want it to be. As predicted before meme will be officially replacing the English Language by 2020 has become true to some sort.

Although WhatsApp is less media-centric than other social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Kik it stands out more to represent you. So now you have to pay extra attention to hunt for a DP that sums you up. 



Below I have listed down some 25 awesome pictures that you can upload as funny WhatsApp DP. Hands down, enjoy our amazing collection of creative pictures surfed through the internet!

1. In case of fire!!!

funny profile pictures

2. The Horror

funny dp

3. No means NO!

funny whatsapp dp

4. Isn’t she lovely?

whatsapp funny images

5. What do you need?

whatsapp funny images

6. What are you scared of?

Funny images

7. What if we turn back time? One of the best funny profile pictures collection.

funny profile pictures

8. CoronaVirus memes are like-

funny dp

9. If your attitude is on the peak!

funny whatsapp dp

10. Remove all the bad food from the home and it was delicious

whatsapp funny images

11. Geniuses don’t argue, they’re simply explaining about who’s right.

This is one of my favourite funny WhatsApp DP-

whatsapp funny images

12. Buying a bag of chips inspired me

Funny images

13.  The dilemma every student faces in their life

funny profile pictures

14. Isn’t music a moonlight in your gloomy life?

funny dp

15. Food comes first!

funny whatsapp dp

16. In contrast to what’s suggested below, it’s a funny WhatsApp DP where you can announce your self-control.

whatsapp funny images

17. Chronicles of angry birds! Not fun in real life huh, one of the funny profile pictures that make everyone crack up

whatsapp funny images

18. Do you need brightness or darkness? We are not the same!

Funny images

19. As opposed to hot (a clever WhatApp do)

Funny images

20. Done with Stupidity

funny profile pictures

21. Perfect for a funny DP

funny profile pictures

22. The more you are weird, the more fun you get

funny dp

23. Attitude Wins

funny whatsapp dp

24. If you want everyone to question about your relationship status the this is one of the funny profile pictures

whatsapp funny images

25. Solid Unicorn Obsession

Funny images

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If You Are Looking for Some More Funny or Clever WhatsApp DP, Here Are The Sites You Can Refer to!

So, here you go Whitedust readers, these are some of the best collections you can use to stand out among your WhatsApp peers.

There is no rule that you need to show your good old shiny face every time as WhatsApp DP, be creative and post something unexpected that screams “I’m way cooler than you.”

If somehow you are not satisfied with the images I’ve listed out then I recommend Pinterest, Unsplash, and Shutterstock to widen your search.


What Are The Benefits of Having a Good Whatsapp Profile Picture?


What better to make yourself feel good about funny DP than the solid support research and science. It is found that within 40 milliseconds people can draw conclusions about you based on the photo.

In all categories, the images have three conclusions when it comes to attractiveness, social, and competence. If you want the complete benefits of a funny DP,

  • Faces only
  • It should be asymmetrical.
  • Always face the light
  • The picture should be 600 pixels.

funny profile pictures

funny profile pictures

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What Do People Think About This? According to The Internet Research and People’s Review.

Here are some of the reviews about what people think about the funny profile pictures for WhatsApp.

funny profile pictures

funny profile pictures

Wrapping Up

Finally, what do you make of this? Are you ready to post funny images for WhatsApp as your DP? Instead of just using the images for a meme, try to use the above WhatsApp funny images as inspiration and create a unique standpoint for yourself in the online world.

I’m only giving you a basic idea of how powerful your WhatsApp profile picture could be competitive in reflecting your personality to the world. So, if you think our ideas are the Best, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


1. How often should you change your WhatsApp Profile Picture?

The average number of times you can change your WhatsApp Profile Picture with a funny DP is every 2.5 months. It depends on your needs to change as much as you want. 

2. Can you tell if someone screenshots your WhatsApp profile picture?

No, WhatsApp will not send you a notification when someone takes a screenshot of your funny WhatsApp DP. 

3. What does a profile picture say about you?

Your funny profile picture says about you like your character can be drawn to a conclusion within 40 milliseconds.

4. Is it illegal to screenshot WhatsApp messages?

Yes, it is illegal if you choose to post things online. 

Do let us know if you have found this article helpful in the comment section below!

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