Best Gaming Chairs Ever in 2021

11 Best Gaming Chairs Ever in 2022 | All the Pros & Cons

Why do you need a gaming chair?

The straight answer is that gaming chairs are better than standard office chairs, and the significant difference is that it offers better posture and support while working. Modern life is full of unhealthy habits, and an average person sits in a place for more than 10 hours at work.

While sitting on the chair, your spine holds the arms and head against gravity. As the back gets tired from the weight strain, it slowly becomes a slouch. As time passed, slouching became more common and a permanent posture problem.

Gaming chairs certainly help to correct the posture with their attractive shape. Instead of the spine, the chair helps to support the neck and the back. The padded cushions on the back and neck area provide good support.

The support gaming chairs give a significant difference, especially if you sit full-time for work.

Best Gaming Chairs Ever in 2021

Benefits of using a gaming chair

The gaming chair offers lumbar support, thanks to a high neck and backrest. You will not feel tired when you sit for long hours as your shoulder will be fully supported.

Unlike regular office chairs, gaming chairs have many features like movable parts that make it easier to shift, move and make adjustments as per your comfort.

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When should you buy a gaming chair and when not?

Gaming chairs are definitely worth the investment for people who sit for hours during work in front of the computer screen. It is specifically designed to avoid the consequences of unhealthy habits and correct your posture.

Gaming chairs also come with customizable and adjustable features that give you the right back support. Also, with many people playing games online, long hours of sitting can risk repetitive strain injuries associated with prolonged computer use.

What injuries can you encounter during online gaming or long hours of sitting?

  1. Bad posture and increased pressure on the vertebral discs.
  2. Elbow, wrist, and hand injuries.
  3. Pressure over tissues around bones, cartilage, and tendons.

Are Gaming chairs worth it? Does it make a difference?

As mentioned, to avoid the pressure over your back and sloppy back, it is recommended to use gaming chairs. With a uniquely shaped design and added features, you can get the proper support and avoid the problems associated with long hours of sitting. It is essential to find the right chair that can support your body weight.

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1. Types of Gaming chairs

Before you look for the best gaming chairs, note that it is essential to do enough research on the available types and ascertain what would work best for you. The common types of gaming chairs are as follows –

2. PC Gaming Chairs

The dedicated PC gaming chair has a lot of resemblance to the typical office chair. While there are some striking similarities, you can note some fundamental differences in the features and design. To begin with, this chair has a bucket-shaped seat and has an extra cushion. The chair also features an armrest that has adjustable height and added lumbar support. Some of the advanced models also have speakers around the head area.

Best Gaming Chairs Ever in 2021

3. Platform Gaming Chairs

Platform gaming chairs are a different beast altogether. It appears like a recliner but can be easily set on the floor. The model is movable and features pockets on the side. You can also find headphone jacks in some of the models. If you are looking for something flexible and functional, this might be your go-to. But if you need something stable, this might not be the best choice.

4. Hybrid chairs

A hybrid model usually sits on a swivel base, which is quite similar to an office chair. But it also features excellent cushioning and padding, which gives the feel of a recliner. If you are looking for an advanced and ultimate sitting experience, this chair is the king! It would not fit everyone’s budget and living area, but this might be your best bet for someone who is a diehard fan of comfort.

Now that we have looked into the kinds of gaming chairs that are available. Let’s look into the review of some of the best gaming chairs available!


Top 11 best gaming chairs ever in 2021

#Secretlab Titan XL

Best for those who need extra space


Secretlab has some of the best gaming chairs, thanks to their integrated quality build and well-thought design for comfort. This particular chair claims to support weight up to 290 pounds, making it ideal for someone with a heavyweight.

This chair offers good support and a pleasant sitting experience with much room and space. It also has a generous build and comes in a variety of colors. In the case of material and craftwork, it is pretty similar to regular Titan. The back of the chair is quite hollow that gives the best lumbar support.


  1. Dimensions: 29.5 X 27.5 X 57 inches
  2. Seat: 19.5 – 23 inches
  3. Maximum load: 290 pounds

Reasons to buy

  1. Spacious seating area
  2. Adjustable back support

Reasons to avoid

  1. It doesn’t have much height adjustment

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#2 Secretlab Omega 2020

Best for Comfort and support

The Secretlab Omega 2020 is a gaming chair that is as comfortable as it looks. Like any other best gaming chair, this chair has a memory foam head and lumbar pillows at the back, which is exceptionally comfortable. The chair has metal hand rests, which makes Secretlab Omega 2020 comfortable and makes it a sturdy and robust model.

Best Gaming Chairs Ever in 2021


Dimensions: 27 X 27.5 X 53.5 inches

Seat: 18 – 21.5 inches

Maximum load: 240 pounds

Reasons to buy

Good support

Worth the investment

Reasons to avoid

The pillows can slip a bit


#3 Razer Iskur

Best for Luxury gaming chair

The Razer Iskur is one of the first gaming chairs launched by a well-known company for gaming products, so it is no surprise that it now offers specialized gaming chairs.

This high-end chair offers some severe top-notch features, including quality build and style, so you know that this chair is here to stay. It offers comfort with style, something that many gaming enthusiasts look for. If you are a serious gamer, this might be a good fit but suitable for those who can afford the same.


  1. Dimensions: 66.5 X 74.55 X 137.11 centimetres
  2. Seat: 174 to 181 cm in height

Reasons to buy

  1. Top-notch quality
  2. Good quality and build

Reasons to avoid

  1. Expensive option
  2. Not ideal for heavy bodied gamers

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#4 AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

Best for Affordability and Budget-friendly

The Core EX Series by AKRacing is their baseline gaming chair, but it sure does offer some premium features compared to other baseline gaming chairs. It is one of the less expensive gaming chairs available but still offers some useful features that most of the chairs in this range lack.

Best Gaming Chairs Ever in 2021


  1. Breathable fabric
  2. Semi-firm padding
  3. 3D adjustable armrest
  4. Steel frame for solid support.

Reasons to buy

  1. It is quite an expensive gaming chair that is available.
  2. It has a decent build that is comfortable and sturdy.
  3. It is made from breathable fabric.

Reasons to avoid

  1. It is not generously padded for improved support.

#5 Respawn RSP-110

Best for complete support

RSP 110 is one of the top-selling gaming chairs, especially in America, thanks to its plush look, well-built footrest, and reasonable price, which appeals to many serious gamers. Overall, the chair performs amazingly for the price paid. It is one of the most incredible-looking chairs that you can get for the price, along with a two-year warranty.


  1. The tilt and recliner options
  2. Adjustable armrests
  3. Dimensions: 21.2 X 21.2 inches
  4. Seat: 19.26 X 22.4 inches

Reasons to buy

  1. Thick padding
  2. Adjustable footrests
  3. Versatility

Reasons to avoid

  1. Made from non-durable materials

#6 Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

Best for Customisation

If you want a chair that can be customized easily with various features, Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000 is a fantastic choice to go for. You can adjust the height of the chair, armrests and so much, as per your demand. It is an incredibly comfortable chair that is ideal for long gaming sessions. While the chair is not the cheapest you can find in the market, it is not an expensive option.

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  1. Dimensions: 60.9 X 60.9 X 132 cm
  2. Maximum load: 90.7 kg

Reasons to buy

  1. There are many features that you can customize.
  2. It is pretty comfortable and convenient.

Reasons to avoid

  1. The average weight that it can handle is relatively low.

#7 Noblechairs Icon gaming chair

Best for: Premium option at a reasonable rate

Made from the combination of high-end materials and premium build found in other high-end gaming chairs, the Icon is comparatively an affordable option. It doesn’t do very well with design and style but offers good comfort because of its customization options and lumbar pillows.

Best Gaming Chairs Ever in 2021


  1. Dimensions: 87 X 37 X 70 cm
  2. Seat height: 48-58 cm
  3. Maximum capacity: 180 kg

Reasons to buy

  1. Premium quality
  2. Very comfortable and convenient

Reasons to avoid

  1. The design isn’t very appealing

#8 Green Soul Monster Ultimate (GS-734US)

Best for: One of the most trusted and rated

The internal frame is made from metal which provides it with firm support. It is built from PU leather and breathable fabric sufficient to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.


  1. Dimensions: 47 X 73 X 122 cm
  2. Maximum capacity: 120 kg

Reasons to buy

  1. Breathable fabric
  2. 70% of the ratings are 5-star
  3. Three years of warranty

Reasons to avoid

  1. Reportedly poor after-sales service

#9 GT Omega Element

Best for: Style and comfort for gaming

The GT Omega gaming chair is one of a kind. It has a solid and appealing build, with a comfortable seat made from premium materials. One of the highlights of this product is adjustable armrests, and it offers good back and shoulder support. It has a sleek and minimalist design that offers unique functionality.


  1. Height: 130-136 cm
  2. It has a locking mechanism

Reasons to buy

  1. Plenty of adjustments
  2. Strong built
  3. Minimal and sleek design

Reasons to avoid

  1. Difficult to set up

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#10 Andaseat Dark Demon

Best for: Gaming chair with large seat

This oversized gaming chair is best for people who need more space. Despite being one of the more giant gaming chairs on the list, it has a reasonably compact base. With a steel framework, the gaming chair is sturdy, holding up to 200 kgs. The build is covered with PVC leather which can get sticky and uncomfortable, especially during summer. It is a good mid-range gaming chair that you can look out for.


  1. Dimensions: 38 X 95 X 72 cm
  2. Maximum capacity: 200 kg

Reasons to buy

  1. Easy to manage PVC leather
  2. Comfortable neck pillow
  3. Many adjustment options for a better setup

Reasons to avoid

  1. Complex setup process
  2. Requires much more space
  3. The lumbar pillow would be uncomfortable for some people

#11 Andaseat T-Pro 2 Gaming Chair

Best for: Best for tall gamers

The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Gaming Chair is best to accommodate tall gamers while also being comfortable. While the fit and finish aren’t as good as other chairs, it can be easily adjusted and has decent features like good back and neck support.


  1. Super-king size
  2. 4D armrests

Reasons to buy

  1. Quality material
  2. Comfortable and durable

Reasons to avoid

  1. Not the best build
  2. Poor features

What should you look for while buying a gaming chair?

Features: Compatibility, Size, Comfort, Features/Tech, Cost, Quality, Adjustability

Your gaming chair can make a huge difference in your gaming experience. An uncomfortable chair makes it difficult to savour in the joy of gaming and work. Besides that, a good gaming chair provides support and prevents the back from aching. Here are some factors that you need to consider while choosing a gaming chair for yourself

  1. Compatibility: Before you look into any other feature, make sure that the chair is compatible with your gaming or work routine. For instance, a PC Gaming chair might not be compatible with extreme sports games like racing. You need to check what chairs make a better match to a specific gaming system and choose accordingly.
  2. Size: You need to ensure that the gaming chair fits well in your space. If you have a compact space, the best bet is to make sure that you get a compact gaming chair with good features. You need to take measurements and compare the gaming chairs on exactly how big your chair will be when it arrives.
  3. Comfort and support: The significant reason why many people turn to game chairs is that it offers good support and comfort. Comfort is essential, especially if you sit or play for too long. Features like neck support, mesh sidings, and adjustable hand and leg rests make your experience even more convenient and enjoyable.
  4. Tech features: Another aspect that you might want is some built-in tech like Bluetooth inputs, vibration, and other gaming controllers.
  5. Material quality: With the significant investment in gaming chairs, You would want them to last for years—some people like faux leather, especially gamers, who tend to spill drinks or snacks while playing. PU leather is also highly durable and does not stain. However, the material is not breathable, and you might feel uncomfortable after a point.
  6. Customization: Even the splendid-looking chairs might not be best for gamers. Despite having the features, many chairs fall short on versatility. You would want to have more excellent utility and adjustment features. For the investment you make, you would want to use the chair for more than just gaming.
  7. Cost: Good gaming chairs can cost a lot. Often the costs can be attributed to additional features like speakers and other tech add ons. It is suggested to sit down, assess what features you need the most, and get the best within your budget!

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Why are gaming chairs so expensive? Is it worth buying?

Looking at the prices, you might be wondering why gaming chairs are so expensive. It is not just the appearance that makes it more expensive, but many features influence the price.

  1. Quality of material: High quality of the parts and materials is essential to ensure better durability and comfort for users. It takes quality material, professional work and efficient construction to meet the standards.
  2. Product design: Gaming chairs are very different from usual chairs. The design is well-thought-out to serve different kinds of users. The features also influence the design to make it sleek yet functional.
  3. Adjustability: Another feature that gaming chairs offer is adjustability. These components require professional work for ultimate comfort.

Are there any cheap gaming chairs available out there?

While it is possible to find some cheaper alternative to high-end gaming chairs, it would still not match the quality. But there are some options that you can look out for if you are looking for something on a budget. In the following shortlist, you can find some of our top picks and relative features.

#1 GT Racing Pro-Series – Adjustable armrest | Neck pillow | Lumbar support

$129.99 – $179.99

The chair looks decent with sufficient features without you spending a lot. It is comfortable and convenient, with five-star ratings on the site.

#2 Devoko Gaming Chair – Back support | Neck pillow | Adjustable arms

$79.99 – $129.99

It is one of the classic chairs in the affordable category that has been around for some time now. It has 4.5-star ratings on Amazon, and it has all the features required in a decent gaming chair.

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#3 Homall Gaming Chair – Headrest | Back support

$109.99 – $149.99

The Homall Gaming Chair has some good reviews on Amazon with all the features of a basic gaming chair. It is a good gaming chair for the price invested and ideal if you don’t want a flashy and techy gaming chair.

Are gaming chairs comfortable enough to sit for long hours?

Besides the sturdy look, how does this gaming chair help with the posture? Let’s understand the importance of good posture. Abas posture has effects that are beyond just physical. It affects the mood, confidence and usual appeal. It adds pressure over muscles and bones, which can lead to irreversible health conditions. It causes slouching, which can further lead to breathing problems and chronic fatigue. Chronic health problems can create problems like Migraines, depression, joint and muscle pain.

Gaming chairs are designed ergonomically, which supports lower and upper back, shoulders, neck and arms. A good gaming chair will help you maintain good posture and align your spine correctly. With your hips and back incorrect posture, you can comfortably game or work for an extended period.

Gaming chair vs Office chair

Here’s a detailed comparison of gaming chairs and office chairs and their differences.

  1. Design and aesthetics: The design of the office chair usually hides with the interior rather than standing out. Gaming chairs have a contoured ergonomic design that comes in bold styles.
  2. Comfort: It is one of the significant aspects that separate the two. While most of the standard office chairs are comfortable, it lasts for only a short period. For long periods of comfort, users need adjustments. It can lead to slouching for comfort, which can affect your posture over a period. Gaming chairs address unhealthy sitting habits that are convenient for users.
  3. Adjustability: A standard office chair doesn’t have an adjustable backrest and armrests. As your back gets stressed after some time, there are no adjustments in the office chair that can help. Ordinary gaming chairs have different adjustability features, which can be adjusted as required.
  4. Accessories and additional features: Since traditional office chairs have no adjustments, they usually don’t have additional tools and accessories. Most of the gaming chairs have many add ons like adjustable neck rests and lumbar cushions.

What are the pros and cons of gaming chairs?

Now that gaming chairs are the winner in the last comparison with office chairs let’s examine the pros and cons of a gaming chair.


  1. It provides excellent comfort, which makes it worth the investment.
  2. The gaming chairs are pretty advanced and have many add-ons with unique accessories for a better gaming experience.
  3. Gaming chairs support the body after sitting for long hours and prevent many health-related problems.
  4. Gaming chairs are more attractive in design and structure, giving them an aesthetic appeal.


  1. A gaming chair can be pretty pricey with the features that it offers. You can’t get a quality gaming chair without a significant investment.
  2. Most gaming chairs are made from leather that is not breathable and becomes uncomfortable with more prolonged use.
  3. The buying process is quite tedious. As mentioned above, there are many factors that you need to look into before buying a gaming chair.

From where can you buy gaming chairs online?

You can get the gaming chairs directly from reputable websites. Keep an eye over the offers and deals that can help you save some money. There are also third-party stores that sell gaming chairs with occasional discounts. Keep an eye and compare the prices before purchasing. Also, manufacturers offer a warranty on the chairs, depending on the company’s policy.

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People also ask


  • Why are gaming chairs so uncomfortable?

Your posture might deteriorate to the point where you become a hunchback—muscle fibres in your thighs, hips, neck, and knees tense as a result. Muscle tightness must loosen when you sit on a gaming chair.

  • What is the best chair for sitting all day?

Gaming chairs are specifically designed to support the body while sitting all day long.

  • Are gaming chairs bad for you?

Gaming chairs are beneficial to your back, especially when compared to less expensive office or work chairs. High backrests and neck pillows are standard design features in gaming seats, and they all contribute to giving optimum back support while maintaining the correct form.

  • How should you sit in a gaming chair?

What is the healthiest method to sit for an extended length of time? Ergonomists have been in agreement for the previous two decades. The healthiest way to sit for long periods is inflexible balanced postures.

  • Are cheap gaming chairs worth it?

Gaming chairs are great value for money for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a pc screen.

We hope that this extensive guide helps you to select the best gaming chair according to your needs. Do you think gaming chairs are worth it? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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