Are you feeling uneasy by looking at your sticky hair? If, yes here I am with this article which will give you a detailed description to get rid of oil from your hair. But in this article, I will mainly focus on the coconut oil. Though it is very advantageous and has been in use since the ancient times it has many disadvantages also. So, this article will give you the detailed description of why to get coconut oil out of hair.



When we have hair fall, the doctor generally advised to apply coconut oil on hair due to its multifunctional properties. One of the biggest advantages of coconut oil is that it naturally removes dandruff from the hair.

  1. REDUCES HAIR LOSS: – When there is excessive hair loss then applying coconut oil on the hair stimulates the hair growth by going deep into the scalp and strengthening the roots of the hair.
  2. REDUCES PROTEIN LOSS: – Our hair is of total protein composition, and the loss of protein makes it dry and dirty, and so the coconut oil is applied on the hair which makes it smooth and shiny.
  3. HAS ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES: – When our hair is exposed to dirt and pollution many harmful enters into the hair and causes many undesirable effects on it. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties which kill all the bacteria and makes the hair healthy.
  4. MAGICAL EFFECTS: – Though it reduces hair loss it also provides the cooling effect on our head which releases all our tensions and anxieties. Therefore when someone is suffering from a headache, by applying coconut oil on the head makes him feel relax and releases all his tensions and anxieties.
  5. TREATMENT OF LICE: – Coconut oil is very beneficial in the treatment of lice by helping in combing out the immobilized lice. First of all, we have to rinse our hair with vinegar and allow it to dry, so that whole of the area will be covered. Then after some time apply coconut oil on your hair and comb it. This will kill all the lice on your hair and then take then take the shampoo as usual. This process has to be done once, and it will wash away all the lice from your hair.

coconut oil


1. ODOUR: – Its odour might be an aroma for some people while for others it would be the cause of nauseating.

2. The second big disadvantage of coconut oil is that it starts solidifying as the temperature falls down to 24 C due to the high content of saturated fats. Therefore in colder countries, it hardens making it difficult for the people to use.

coconut oil for skin

3. Excess eating of coconut oil causes diarrhea, and if one is consuming coconut oil, then one should take it at a regular interval and not, in the empty stomach. Instead of taking it directly one can take it along with their food.

4. One feels uncomfortable on going out with that kind of hairstyle and also creates a bad impression on other people.


                                                                                          HOW TO GET COCONUT OIL OUT OF HAIR

1. APPLYING SHAMPOO: – Applying shampoo or the conditioner can wash away the coconut oil from your hair. According to how much coconut oil is there on our hair apply the shampoo and then on washing, the coconut oil will be washed away. The important point is here that a high-quality shampoo must be used as the low one can cause damage to your hair.


2. EGG WASH: – Egg wash is better than applying shampoo on your hair. It removes coconut oil even faster than shampoo. Here we have to completely rinse our hair with the mixture of egg and water and then allowing it to dry for some time. After some time use one teaspoon of castile soap and massage it our five minutes. Then on washing, the coconut oil will be automatically washed away.

3. USING BAKING SODA: – Baking soda is also used in the removal of coconut oil from the hair. Using two tablespoons of baking soda and water, first of all, we have to make a paste. Then apply the paste on the hair and massage it for 5-10 minutes. After massaging the hair wash it with warm water and automatically the coconut oil will be removed.

4. ALOE VERA: Aloe vera is widely used in removing coconut oil from the hair. First of all, we have to mix aloe vera gel and lemon juice into the shampoo. Then by applying this shampoo and washing it with lukewarm water removes the coconut oil.

coconut oil for hair

5. LEMONS: – The acidity of lemon is also one of the best ways to remove excess oil from the hair. Here, first of all, we have to make use of two lemon juice, and then we have to add two cups of water into it. It is recommended that one should add three tablespoons of honey into the mixture. Then by applying and washing with lukewarm water removes coconut oil from the hair.

6. USING DRY SHAMPOO: – The first thing we have to do is to pat our hair with a dry towel until the towel absorbs some of the oil. Then apply dry shampoo on your hair and let it be spread on the whole area. Leave it for few minutes. Allow the dry shampoo to go deeper into the roots so that it can absorb excess oil from your hair.


7. WARM WATER: – It is the conventional method of removing oil from the hair. You must not apply cold water on your hair as it will further solidify the coconut oil making it harder to get out.

8. VINEGAR: – Vinegar, a natural astringent is effectively used in the removal of coconut oil from the hair. First of all, add 2-3 tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of water and then apply it on your hair and leave it more some time allowing the mixture to reach the scalp. Then wash with lukewarm water to remove the oil.

9. BLACK TEA: – Due to the astringent properties of black tea it prevents the building of excess oil in the hair. Taking black tea 2-3 times a day will be beneficial in the removal process.


10. PAPER TOWELS: If one doesn’t to seek help from shampoo and conditioner then paper towel is the last option. Applying paper towel on our hair absorbs the excess oil from it and thus makes us free from coconut oil.

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Q1. IS COCONUT OIL GOOD FOR THE SKIN?                                         Coconut oil has many health benefits. Coconut oil contains an elevated amount of calcium and magnesium which is very good in lowering stress and muscle tension. It also helps in lowering the cholesterol. It is very much beneficial to athletes as it has high potassium content which provides them energy to do a heavy workout.

Q2. IS THERE ANY OTHER BENEFITS OF COCONUT OIL?                                        Coconut oil helps in the treatment of cancer, improves digestion, prevents heart disease and also helps in the removal of toxins from the body.

Q3. IS USING COCONUT OIL ON FACE REALLY WORTH IT?                                     Coconut oil has many antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which moisturize our skin and reduces our face wrinkles.

Q4. IS THE CHOLESTEROL IN COCONUT OIL HARMFUL?                                         Coconut oil does not contain cholesterol rather it contains saturated fatty acids whose excess consumption can increase cholesterol level in the body.