Today Human beings are very much conscious about their health. They want them to be both physically and mentally fit, and to maintain it they try every means. If they find anything wrong in their body, they started thinking of the way to get rid of it, and if the problem is dandruff, then they are very much worried about it. Usually, dandruff creates a bad impression on others. Other people think that the person is unhygienic. They don’t want to live with that person. Today everyone faces this problem, and the cause of dandruff is related to our daily routines. If someone didn’t take a bath daily or goes to a place where he is subjected and dirt and pollution then dandruff is a common thing to be talked of. But what is dandruff? Dandruff is the continuous shedding of dead cells. There are many cells present in our body, or simply we can say our body is made up of cells. When the cells die, they began shedding off from the scalp which we called as dandruff. As cells die a small amount of flaking is normal, but someone experiences a large amount of flaking. It generally affects the people at post-pubertal age and of and sex. It’s severity vary depending on the season. In winter season the rate of dying of cells is more which further worsen the condition.

how to get rid of dandruff fast & naturally


Itching is the main symptom of dandruff. Excess itching leads to the development of red patches which sometimes causes infection. Sometimes the person is also under stress.



To cure anything first of all one has to find out reasons of that particular anything. Similarly, in curing dandruff, first of all, it’s causes has to be known.

  1. MICROORGANISMS: – microorganisms surround us. However, some of them are helpful while some are harmful to us. These microorganisms cause harm to the body in many ways. They make our immune system weak, and consequently the weak blood cells making them unable to fight with pathogens.
  2. NOT BRUSHING THE HAIRS: – If one doesn’t comb his hair regularly, then one has a higher risk of having dandruff. Regular combing of hairs remove the dead cells and further avoid the dead cells to increase its number.
  3. YEAST: – People who are yeast sensitive faces a higher chance of having dandruff. In winter season our body is subjected to a higher temperature which interacts with yeast and makes our body dry. Thus one faces the slightly higher risk of having dandruff.
  4. NOT ENOUGH SHAMPOOING: – One who don’t use shampoo daily, there is build up of enough dead cells thus causing dandruff.
  5. SKIN DISEASES: – A person suffering from skin disease also has a higher chance of having dandruff. Some of the skin diseases include psoriasis, eczema.
  6. HIV: – Experts believe that there is a connection between HIV and dandruff.
  7. USING CHEMICALS: – There are many chemicals available in the market which promise the customer that it will remove dandruff. However, it is not always true. Instead of curing it, it sometimes makes the condition, even more, worse.
  8. DIET: – People who don’t take proper balanced diet are more prone to have dandruff.
  9. MENTAL STRESS: – From the recent studies it has been found that the person who is mentally stressed has a higher risk of having dandruff than a normal person.

Whenever we come to this point, what are the main reason or cause for having dandruff in our hairs? So basically, there are most important three reasons which lead to dandruff in our hairs, and, of course, we can easily get rid of these dandruff problems with natural remedies.

how to get rid of dandruff fast


One must take the proper balanced diet. A proper balanced diet contains all the essential nutrients required for the development of the body. The essential nutrients remove the dead cells and thus preventing dandruff. Applying egg paste is also beneficial. It also helps in removing dandruff. It helps in preventing the buildup of dead cells.  One must regularly shampoo and comb his hairs. This removes the dead cells from the scalp and reduces oiliness. One must try that he is far away from dirt and pollution. Through dirt and pollution, harmful microorganisms enter our body which causes many problems. One must also take the advice of the doctor. One must stop using gels and sprays as they are harmful to the hairs.


The person itself can easily diagnose dandruff. Their symptoms include itching, red patches and silvery look of the flakes. It is easily identified, and the person can cure it by themselves only. A person must follow a healthy routine to remove it.


Tips For Healthy Hairs and Scalp

  1. Use best hair products like regens pure shampoos.
  2. Avoid Hair dryers because it makes your hair thin and dry.
  3. Avoid excessive use of shampoo, use only 2-3 times in week and shampoo must be SLS free like regens pure.
  4. Avoid Tension and headaches because it will create the low circulation of blood in your scalp due to excessive of body heat.
  5. Make sure you bath from little warm water, avoid hot water as it will make your dry and thin.
  6. Try to make your scalp every time cold because if it becomes kind of hot, then hair falling and hair thinning gets starts.
  7. Massage your scalp with a vibrating device which helps you to increase blood flow in your scalp.
  8. Avoid extra to hairs and scalp because heat is awful for hairs and your scalp.
  9. Use hair oils every two times in a week to nourish your hairs.
  10. Take a good sleep of at least 7 hours for healthy hairs and mind.

how to get rid of dandruff fast


  1. Dandruff is not always in the hair; it can be on one’s body and face too.
  2. The biggest surprising fact about dandruff is that it can never be cured, it can only be controlled.
  3. Many think that skin dryness leads to dandruff, but it’s not true.



Hibiscus flowers and leaves are the best for the treatment of nettle rash. Hibiscus flowers and leaves are treated as best for the treatment of dandruff.


The prime cause of dandruff is eczema which is caused by a fungus known as Pityriasis.


I think a healthy routine is the best way in controlling dandruff.

Eating proper balanced diet, not applying gels and sprays on the hairs, using the natural way of applying oil or egg paste on the hair are one of the best ways for controlling dandruff.


Dandruff cannot be removed permanently. There are no chemicals that can remove it completely. It can only be controlled. Following a proper healthy routine is the best way to control it.