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Girls on Kik with Awesome Usernames and much more 2023

Imagine an app that has fun features of social media, and dating options and also keeps your privacy intact. Wonderful isn’t it? That’s Kik messenger for you.

The app is loaded with amazing features where you can find like-minded people, talk to them, and make friends. An introvert? Talking to girls or boys makes you nervous? Give it a shot, you never know your luck might shine!! 


The crowd is huge and amazing and if by any chance you are a guy then, JACKPOT!! You can talk to girls on kik! Keep reading to know more.

But to start with, how to get started with the app?

All you gotta do is follow the steps and you’ll be good to go😉😉😉

Getting started with the app

Want to install the app on your smartphone? Here is the step-by-step tutorial. Let’s get started!!


Open the Play store and search for “Kik messenger”. Click on the dialogue box that reads “Install”. Once the app gets installed on your device, launch it. 


As the app opens, click the “Join” option as you are a new user. “Log In” is for the existing users. The best thing about this app is that it does not require phone numbers to verify you.


Once you are set up, it will ask you to access your contacts, worry not you can deny it as well. Once you are done with it, you are ready to explore the different features. 


Reminder: Always read the Terms & Conditions


Wish to install the app on your PC? You can either use it online on a browser or use an Android Emulator like Bluestacks Download & Run Kik — Messaging & Chat App on PC & Mac (Emulator). Search for the Kik messenger app and install it on your device. The following steps will be the same as given in the above section.


How to set up an attractive profile 

Once done with the registration process, let’s now focus on setting up a profile that will leave a great impression. Here are some do’s and don’t for you.

Also, it would be easier to make friends and talk to girls on Kik if you are a part of a community like this. You can also look up Kik groups on various sites like Reddit and make new friends.


Do’s Don’t
  • Use your picture as the profile picture.
  • Write a short, to the point description about yourself.
  • Stay true. Show what you are without pretending.
  • Respect others, talk in a gentle way.
  • Stay focused on your interests.
  • Using pictures other than yours like that of an animal or some cartoon characters or actors.
  • Writing a huge paragraph with unnecessary information.
  • Fake yourself and build a fake image.
  • Badmouth and abuse others, bully them.
  • Wander around and hop in every other group.

Here’s a quick guide for quirky usernames:

Keep it sweet and simple.

Avoid complex words.

Using too many numericals is a big NO!

Use something that is related to you.

Don’t use slang.







Cute_girl FunnyFushia SweetyTweety ReallyHappySoul
Gorgeous_lady your.queen.is.here waiting for your hug Spicy noodles
ImSexy Reckless.soul greengirl EvilHeart
growingupgirl Dontstalkme killerwoman iamthetigress
evergreensoul dreamyeyes girl of next door happyheart
n.sophia muzic_lolitaa annyisbest iamyourdreamgirl
Iamthe queen canyoukissme? IamCoolGirl pureheartmeeba
maddy_madison Queen@your.heart your.sweetest.dream Vinnie.queen
iamsinger infinitespririt hold.my.hand Chloe.Red_heart
mad_woman gorgeous.girl Chloe_the_chlorophil nomadic.soul
possesive_lioness crazylove techsaviesoma Mother_of_the_dragons
pinkylove the-red_heart blondebabe maniac@myway
pure_love My_addiction grey sky red head
cutest girl pink lover Let me love Aria_the_prncess
white queen Snow girl nerdy tomato teen love
your angel Slow thinker Happy soul Lovie dovie
Be my lady Vinnie_the-pooh Gorgeous woman Talk to me
Strong born Daddy’s lil princess Dreem girl  pink paper 
Horny cat star_lady baby.cherry Milky_way
The queen  honey_bunny cutie.pie the black widow


Sometime_happy_sometimes_sad Girl-from-another-world Nomadicsoul
y.dont.u.like.me? sharplady networknotfound
LazyGirlLiza iammaniac rulereaker
helloiamhere pleasekissme ilovemyself
_here pure_soul callmequeen
touchmysoul i_am_nobody anny@love
avonyavery lovelysophia valencia.wants.to.be.your.valentine
LovableLeela VeganVictoria 143Musik
Green.Grace your dream girl Aria.says.ILU
ur_drm.gal_Penelop Charlotte lolz_lolita
mad_girl Attitude_queen  the most beautiful lie
meeba_the-stark Hottest girl ever you
cute teen mad for love say me hi
cute kitty Romantiuc_Victoria pink cat
Sweety pie Angel Penelope Dairy Queen
Cute catty beautiful angel flowery fairy
Crazy_Soul_Charlotte Waiting for love Red apple
sanorita here Iron woman chess_queen
Giggling honey lazy.dizzy Milky meaw 
Proud swan Here I am Pinkish pearl

Looking for tips on how to take good? Here are a few tips from famous Adobe company:

  • Consider Good lighting.
  • Smile more.
  • Sun is fun! Try taking pictures in the Golden hours.
  • Loosen up your body, don’t be stiff.   

Exploring Connections (girls on kik)

Kik messenger is the go to app for teenagers, especially in India. Once you get familiar with the app, it’s now your turn to make friends, talk to girls or guys. 

With a 50,000+ user base, the user gets the chance to explore more and befriend people from all around the globe.


  • How to find them? 

You can seek help from a third-party service to enhance this experience of finding like-minded people. There are two popular tools that can be found on the Kik browser namely “Match & Chat” and “Matcher”. You can then find the perfect match for you. You can join some neutral groups where you can discover girls.


  • Shared interests and opportunities: 

If you want to befriend a girl on Kik you should be aware of the fact that girls are more likely to be attracted to those guys who share at least a few common interests. 


       The first question that arises is, how to initiate a conversation? Well, go through her profile and look at her field of interest. If you can’t figure it out, worry not! Talk about something that takes her aback, surprising but pleasant. Avoid being cliché!


Talk about her favorite books, Pride & Prejudice never fails! 😉😉

Her liking for Robert Pattinson. 

Being a Team Swiftie is a win-win!

The recent Kardashian controversy? Give it a go!

Selena vs Hailey? Yes Yes Yes

The key is to figure out her interests. 

  • How to keep the conversation going? 

The answer is simple, take the conversation in the direction of mutual interests. 

  • Be a good listener: 

The key to a mutual conversation is listening. Give the other person complete freedom to express their view as well.

  • Looking for some kink? 

There are various girl groups that offer indulgence in various NSFW pursuits. Always remember to read the community guidelines and ensure your own safety. Stay cautious of the scammers.


What can be the app used for?

Is Kik an alternative to apps like Tinder & Whatsapp? In some aspects, it is, in some, it’s not. The app offers various features from exploring groups from all over the world to dating. Basically, the concept revolves around two features: Friendship & Dating. 


Guiding Tech, a well-known YouTube channel, has indicated that it has been highlighted that the platform can serve the purpose of both a dating site and a means of discovering new friendships.


The key is to always keep in mind what you are looking for. Initiate the conversation, be vocal about yourself. A famous Youtube channel “Guiding Tech” you can find a good friend.

  • You can sync in your phone contacts and add any of them. 
  • Features like “Explore new groups” helps you to explore the group of your choice. Be it music or football or games, each such topic has a separate group.
  • Features like “chat anonymously” enables you to chat with a random stranger and who knows sharing secrets could be this fun!! Right.
  • You can also use features like “kik friend finder” where you can set the age group you want to talk to.

All these features are very attractive and easy to use.

Kik for dating?

Why not? Use the “Match & Chat” feature to match with a compatible partner. Browse the list of people who have the same likes as listed in your profile. Choose the most relatable profile and start a conversation. 

Is it really safe? A very distinct feature is that this app has no parental control so it attracts millions of teens and that makes it a little unreliable. However, the app offers outstanding privacy and anonymity. 

The key is to never let your guards down. According to Reddit and some studies it has been said that Kik is great for making new friends but also has a dark side to it. The key is to stay safe.


 Kik vs WhatsApp vs Tinder

This invites a deep inspection and is often surrounded by controversies and debates. Let’s look at the various aspects of using the above-mentioned apps.





  • Anonymity intact.
  • Match & Chat
  • Uses a two way opt-in
  • Better messaging features.
  • Works both as a dating app as well as a messaging app.
  • Stickers, games, etc available


  • Shows last seen.
  • Editing options after a text has been sent.
  • Temporary text, photos, and video options.
  • Already existing contact integration.
  • Send audio voice clips.
  • Stickers available.


  • Huge user base
  • Premium options are available.
  • Unlimited swipes.
  • Focused on dating.
  • Customize your profile.


  • Prone to scammers.
  • Mostly used by teens, a lot of bullying takes place.
  • Can be used by anyone above the age of 12.
  • Exposure to inappropriate content.


  • Requires phone number to register.
  • Prone to spreading false rumors.
  • Financial & sexual fraud.
  • The sensitive content does not come with censorship.


  • Has been hacked more than once, making the users more prone to breach of privacy.
  • Body shaming.
  • A limited number of swipes.
  • Not so popular in the rural areas.


Is the app safe and secure?

Nothing and nobody can guarantee 100% security. If it’s on the net, it might have some consequences. Let’s consider these studies: 

In one of the articles, it has been claimed that a 13-year-old girl Nicole Madison Lovell who used to chat with an 18-year-old man on Kik messenger was brutally murdered after being kidnapped. Bone chilling right? That’s the dark side of the internet for you!

In the same article, a 25-year-old man from Louisiana was convicted of using Kik messenger app to extort young girls into providing him with nude and objectionable photographs. He pretended to be a young girl himself and mooched such photographs from 45+ girls all in the age group 8-14.

Numerous posts online like that on Reddit and Quora suggest that Kik at times could be tacky and unsafe.

All you need to do is never let your guard down!

What is Kik and should your child be using it? | Internet safety | The Guardian



Our Picks: Other alternatives to this app


It is our top pick. Secure, reliable, and easy to use with a large user base. It is compatible with most of the devices.


Instant communication and simplification. That’s the best way to describe this app.


Secure, Private Communication Made Simple. 


Connecting People Worldwide, Seamlessly.


Kik is a fun and go-to app. From making friends to dating, it has all those exciting features that attract its user base. 

Let’s not completely ignore the fact that the internet is a weird place. Being safe should be one’s topmost priority. If a person makes you uncomfortable, make sure to report and block them right away. 


  • Is Kik free? 

The app is absolutely free. 

  • How do I unblock someone?

To block someone, find the “settings” on the top left corner of the interface, look out for the “ privacy” option, and you will eventually find “Block list”. Find the person on the list and unblock them.

  • How do I delete my Kik account?

Go to Kik’s “account deletion portal”. Enter your credentials and click “GO”. You will receive mail on your registered email id. Open it and click on “Permanently Deactivation”.

  • What is the age classification on KIK?

Anyone above 12 years old can make an account on Kik.

  • How do I reset my password?

While logging in, click on “Forgot Password”, and you will receive mail. Open the link enter your new password twice and click “confirm”. Easy!

  • Can I be logged in to multiple devices?

With security in mind, Kik does not allow you to log in to multiple devices with the same account.

  • Does my chat get deleted?

Kik has this unique feature of deleting old chats after a certain limit has been reached.

  • Can people find out if I am a Kik user?

Your username will be available for all the group members of a group you are a part of. No one can find out if you use kik or not unless they have your username. 


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