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Handy Ways: How to Download Story from Instagram? 

Instagram is spreading around the world at a very high speed. The number of its participants exceeds billions of users. But, to a large extent, the company’s success is based on a creative approach to work.

The application’s main feature is IG stories that allow real-time transferring of photo publications and video materials.

Some stories are very memorable to users. Therefore, they are eager to download them, even though this social network does not provide such an opportunity (they are stored only for a day, and at the end of this period, they are permanently deleted.)

This is where the problem arises how to download stories from Instagram? 

The article tells you about the phenomenon of Instagram stories and how to provide a quick Instagram story download online process.

What is the phenomenon of Instagram stories?

The phenomenon of the popularity of Instagram stories is difficult to determine. The developers borrowed the idea of stories from the equally popular Snapchat application. However, this feature has not gained the same popularity there.

Perhaps the main reason is that Instagram is a more visually pleasing platform, and Stories have become like a whiff of fresh air there. In addition, Instagram is a great platform for promoting a business, personal blog, and brand.

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A visual format for presenting the information. The audience of the 21st century is frankly too lazy to read long texts, and pictures are always more interesting.

Ease of working with the feature. You can upload any photo in just two clicks. There are all sorts of editing tools. Using them is an extra couple of seconds. If something does not work out, there are many instructions on the Internet on how to do that.

Elements of the social network. Comments, messages, hashtags, likes — all these attributes of the usual social networks.

The opportunity to show yourself, your creativity (work, hobbies) to a wide range of people, to the whole world.

Regular and useful improvements in the functionality. From square photos with a small resolution to full-format photos and illustrations, from 15-second videos to Reels services and unlimited posting in Stories — such development only adds users’ location to the service.

Promotion of goods and services. Bright photos, collages, short appeals, interestingly designed illustrations are a way to promote an online store or brand.

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How to download stories from Instagram?

There are no difficulties in saving your own story. It just should be moved to the “Saved” ones. Go to the section, open the publication, and the additional menu. Then click on the “save” item.

But to download other people’s stories, you should use some additional methods:

Method 1: Using online services

Don’t be afraid of this method! You don’t need to download, install, register, or even pay anything. Modern online services work in the cloud mode and do not require any additional investments from you. Instead, they provide quick IG content downloading to your phone or PC in seconds.

All you need is to decide which service to use. Almost all of them work on a similar principle: “copy&paste.” You copy the link to the desired profile of the person and paste it into the search bar of the service.

A few seconds and the desired history will be saved to your phone or PC. Everything is simple and fast. But this scheme works only for public accounts.

List of working services: Inflact; InstaSaved.net; Storistalker; Bigbangram, etc.


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Method 2: Using Telegram bot

The most popular application for communication. Telegram is multifunctional, just like Instagram. Here, you can send quick messages and create channels, private chats, and much more.

In addition, there are many bots in Telegram that do different things automatically,  including Instagram bots that can help you quickly download Instagram stories.

They work on a similar principle to online services. In the selected bot, you need to add a link to the desired Instagram profile, and the bot will offer to download the content directly to your phone.

List of working bots: @Instasave_bot; @saveinstagram_bot; etc.


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Method 3: Using apps

This is one of the easiest and fastest methods for downloading IG stories. Such an application allows you to easily view, save, share and publish stories of your favorite people on Instagram.

You just need to log in to the chosen app and then find the account owner you are interested in by his username. After that, when you want to repost stories, you will see the opportunity to download this information to your phone.

List of working apps: Story Saver; InstaStory; Repost Stories for Instagram; Repost and Save for Instagram, etc.

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