Hidden Instagram Tricks & Features

Hidden Instagram Tricks & Features that ACTUALLY work!

With over a billion monthly users and growing, Instagram is one of the largest social media
platforms in the world. Even though the primary purpose of this social media giant is to help us connect with friends and share pictures and moments from our lives, it has also become great to improve visibility and grow your business.

Whether you are a content creator, influencer or business owner, Instagram is a great platform that enhances your following.

While growth in Instagram followers brings in a lot of attention and perks, it is not easy. More than half of the total users have less than 1000 followers, which means you have an excellent opportunity to make a good following and stand out from the crowd.

While many sites claim to grow your followers overnight, we recommend combining organic and paid methods to get the best of both approaches.

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After all, engagement is also a crucial aspect of social media and can help you reap benefits in the future. Like everything, some hacks and tricks might or might not work. This blog has compiled some of the best tricks and hacks to help you grow followers on social media.

You will find some of the best actionable hidden features of Instagram that work and help you grow your Instagram account. These are the exact strategies that media agencies use to increase clients’ Instagram accounts. All the tricks and hacks listed below will help you to get Instagram followers quickly and fast!

Hidden Instagram Tricks & Features

How to grow on Instagram? Instagram follower hack

How to get Instagram followers for free and organically?

Personalise your Instagram feed

This is probably the first thing that you need to consider while building an Instagram page. If your Instagram posts are consistent and complementary, it is the first thing that your visitors will see while coming to your Instagram page. Having a constant feed with a similar colour range and a vision board is often a deciding factor whether someone will follow your account or not.

Having an Instagram theme is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your Instagram
followers quickly. It also helps you to gain quality followers and creates an overall social proof of your Instagram page. You can have a consistent theme and layout for the same.

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Delete inappropriate comment

Another thing that your visitor may look at are the comments on your posts. Unsavoury and inappropriate comments are more harmful than fewer comments. All you have to do is
long-press the comment you want to delete and remove it from your comment section. You can also delete any of your comments that may seem challenging.

Hidden Instagram Tricks & Features

Join engaging groups to improve your follower count

By joining Instagram engagement groups, you can get followers that are specific to your niche. However, it is not a definite tactic for the long term. It can help you get some followers for a short time. The most challenging aspect of growing on Instagram is the initial set of followers while your account is brand new.

Repost content from other creators’ account

At the start, it can be pretty challenging to frame a content strategy – like what content is suitable for your business, the quality expected and so on. However, resharing the content of other accounts that are already successful is a great way to build your page and grow your Instagram following quickly and organically. It is essential to give credit to the original creators and avoid being flagged.

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Use hashtags to improve visibility

Every marketer would claim to use hashtags as a best practice to increase Instagram followers. On Instagram, you are allowed to have a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post. Depending on your ultimate goal with the page, you can use niche specific hashtags or trendy hashtags and enhance your likelihood of being found by a relevant audience.

How to get REAL Instagram followers – paid

Why should you get paid Instagram followers? Is it worth it?

Initially, when a follower reaches your page, they look at the followers count to check the page’s authenticity. More followers create a sense of trust and likeability towards a page. Once you buy real Instagram followers, you will see an improvement in your organic reach as well.

One of the best ways to improve your relevance on social media is to buy Instagram followers, at least after getting a decent number of followers. Celebrities with huge followings also buy Instagram followers to stay on the top, attracting more organic reach.

Hidden Instagram Tricks & Features

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Hidden Instagram features to improve your follower count

Saving Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great way to help you build engagement regularly. There are a few
limitations and requirements that you might like to know

● Video recording can be done only up to 15 seconds
● Image can be uploaded for about 10 seconds
● You can save all your stories in your account in a separate album

By saving the stories in your feed, your new followers and visitors can look at them at any point in time. Organising the stories can help your followers navigate through and influence them to follow you.

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Emoji slider polls

You can also add elements like emoji slider polls, question polls, etc., to improve engagement with your audience. It is a great way to know how your followers feel about a specific product or topic and get their first-hand opinion.

Add soundtracks to your Instagram stories

With the launch of music stickers on the stories, brands and creators can add soundtracks
without any infringement or any tool. It is a great way to add effects and make your content more exciting and interactive.

Hidden Instagram Tricks & Features

Algorithm updates for Instagram that you need to know

1. Recent posts have better leverage and visibility.

2. User engagement matters and is a key to Instagram success. If users and followers
regularly engage with your content, your account would likely be available on others feed
as well.

3. The feed of a user is customised based on what they choose to see. It is also based on
the people you search, follow and engage with.

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No matter where you are with your Instagram page, engagement is a crucial factor in increasing your follower count. You can also buy Instagram followers and improve the social proof of your account at a later stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get more Instagram followers fast?

Plan your profile layout, post consistently, share others content at the initial stage and don’t forget to give them credits, experiment with different kinds of content, create interactive Instagram stories and try to make it more engaging, buy real Instagram followers to stay relevant, research and use relevant hashtags.

2. Do hashtags work to increase followers?

Yes, relevant hashtags can help you increase your reach organically to the appropriate
audience. Instagram allows you to include 30 hashtags in a post. Make sure that they are
relevant to your goals with the account.

3. How can I get free Instagram followers?

You can get free Instagram followers by posting engaging content consistently, following users with similar interest as your page, Responding to comments and getting your friends to share your posts with their followers.

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4. Is it okay to buy Instagram followers?

It is important to note that it is not advisable for Instagram as most of them are bots. But if you buy real Instagram followers, you can get some leverage and authority in your niche and attract more organic growth.

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