Previously, many people viewed gaming as a fun experience or a part-time thing to release the stress and pressures of different careers. However, with time, many people have started embracing gaming as a way of earning a livelihood. To most pros, gaming is their full-time career. The gaming industry is worth about US$75 Billion dollars. Lovers of gaming will have two or several games on their smartphones, and some consoles at home. Indeed, people check on various ways to enhance their gaming room by adding new gadgets.

High Tech Gadgets for Pro Gaming

For many years, the gaming industry has had consistent requirements such as the mouse, keyboards and joysticks. With improved technology, manufacturers have embraced the art producing of other gadgets to make the gaming more interesting. Most of these gadgets are very sleek and tend to be futuristic. Though most of their prices are high, a gamer can mark them in their bucket list for future purchase. Take a look at some of the best high tech gadgets in the markets.



  • Sheadog gaming glasses

Whenever you think of gaming, always consider the effect of computer brightness on your eyes. Eyes are very precious to a human being. You should always take precaution to protect them because, without your eyes, you would never even play a game. Long gaming hours gives pressure on your eyes as they strain to keep open and alert to any shift on moves. This strain could be harmful to your eyes thus the more reason to put on your Sheadog gaming glasses and grab an x rocker 5127401 chair for extra comfort.

Sheadog gaming glasses


Sheadog glasses are specifically designed to protect your eyes from all forms of strains and unnecessary brightness from your PC. Blue light is hazardous to your eyes, and it may bring certain disorders. However, with these glasses, you can block the light and keep your eyes healthy as before.

  • Xbox wireless controller

Many people have a perception that controllers are designed for consoles alone. Some gamers prefer using controllers instead of the standard keyboard and mouse as it makes the gaming process fast and enjoyable. If you want a superb controller, check out the Xbox wireless controller. You will never think of the hindrances that come with wired controllers, as they may interrupt your focus.

Xbox wireless controller
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  • Logitech G930 Gaming Headset

Many players claim that the worst experience during a gaming session is outside noise rather than the sound of the game itself. For this reason, many people desire to focus by blocking unnecessary white sounds. If this is you, consider checking out the best headsets in the market. The headset is installed with a noise-cancelling microphone that helps in receiving and sending messages to other members of the team.


  • Razer Ferox Gaming Speakers

If you are not the type who enjoys noise right directly to your ears from headsets, then choose gaming speakers. Razer Ferox offers an all-around omnidirectional sound effect to your gaming room, giving you a perfect gaming room. These speakers ensure that the environment tunes to your desired sound experience.  

Razer Ferox Gaming Speakers


  • Logitech Flight System

Some people may opt to experience the wheel just like a pilot. If you want class and system in flight system, try Logitech. With this system, you will experience the same effect as one sitting in the cockpit; wind shear and g-force. This experience gives you an opportunity to fly while still seated in your basement. It could work well for people who desire to get away from the norm of sitting on their regular chairs.

Logitech Flight System

  • Razor Naga

This is ergonomically designed mouse suited with optimized programmable buttons. The best part about this high tech mouse is the 24 clicking positions. As a gamer, your comfort is the, and Razor Naga is here to ensure you don’t have to twist your mouse to get the exact position you need to click.

Razor Naga

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Gamers believe that gaming gives an aesthetic feel as it relives all the pressures of tiresome activities. Nevertheless, one has to consider their comfort before commencing on any of it. Besides having a comfortable chair, you should get additional devices to enhance your experience. The above gadgets are just a number of what you could add to your wish list.