highster mobile reviews

Things You’re Unaware of Highster Mobile | A Complete Review as per 2020

Technology seems to be playing a major part in pulling off infidelity easily. And most of the time, partners turn to spy apps to find out the hidden tryst. 

These secretive phone apps can be subtly installed in your children or spouse or an employee’s phone to detect their illicit moves. Hence, as a father, I feel it’s important to keep your loved ones and protect them from any harm.


highster mobile reviews


One such app that can help you with these mishaps is Highster mobile app. Now, let’s see the actual Highster mobile review on this website and analyze whether it’s a budget-friendly choice for you! Read along. 


What is the Highster Mobile? How is it Going in the Market?

Highster mobile is a spy app designed for those who have the immense need to monitor other smartphone activity and accurately know what they are up to. 

Highster Mobile app is spy software that allows users to monitor target device logs, activities, and get to know what the owner of the device is up to. It is available for both Android and iPhone. 

Our connectivity in the modern world has become so advanced that the government is monitoring our movements, which you might not even be aware of.  Hence, parents have to take extra measures to take care of their children.


highster mobile


And as an employer, you might be worried about your employees wasting away productivity away from your eyes, chatting illicitly with their interests. This is where Highster mobile comes to save the day! 

And of course, it’s a holy grail for those men and women who are suspecting their spouses of committing infidelity. 

You might ask whether it’s legal? Yes, in a way because if you use it according to the permitted law only following the two groups i.e.,  as a parent monitoring children and an employer monitoring employees.

If you use this for any other purpose, then the above-mentioned criteria, get ready to face the trouble. Also, add to the fact that the company has stated that “absolutely do not condone the use of our software for illegal purposes”. 

The disclaimer also states that the user must comply with state and federal law, but I guess there is no way people will stop to consider this, and the company knows it.

Highster mobile app can be installed unknowingly in the target’s and is packed with advanced features. There are free versions of spy apps available in the market, but I’m going to give a proper highster mobile review to help you decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Is it Really Beneficial For You? And Why Do You Need it?

highster mobile reviews


Highster mobile app is specially designed for easy usage for people with limited experience in mobile and tablet monitoring. And then installing is made pretty simple because you can download it on both platforms like iPhone or Android.

Why do you need a Highster mobile spy app, and how is it beneficial?

In my opinion, you need it to satiate your curiosity as a concerned parent or employer or a suspicious husband/wife looking out for each other’s suspicious activities. The simple to use dashboard can display the whole history of the activities of your target from facts and dates.

Also, you need it because of the highster mobile troubleshooting’s exceptional features and its user-friendly interface.


How Does it Work? Is it Really Safe to Use?

Highster mobile is specially designed for those who have no experience in using monitoring software. To start using this application, you have to purchase the subscription and wait for the email. 

The instant email will bestow you with the download link, password, username, license key, and password. Once the installation is done, go to the website’s dashboard in tracking the target’s logs and activities.

Yes, it’s safe to use.

Firstly, go with the OTA method (over-the-air) to complete the mobile download and access the app. Make sure to enter the target’s phone number during the installation.

Then activate your Hightster mobile license key and complete the payment procedure. Now, it’s time to use your smartphone to log in and start monitoring the device.


And How Much System Requirement is Needed to Run the App?

Highster mobile is perfectly compatible to work with all cell phone providers and in every country. 


highster mobile


  • Android requirements

  1. The Android version must be Android 3 and higher.
  2. Major Android smartphones like Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, HTC, LG and more.
  3. Installation of the app into the target’s device requires physical access.
  • iOS Requirements

  1. iPhone 11, X, 8,7,6,5, and iPad are popular supporting devices.
  2. If you use no- jailbreak software physical access to the target device isn’t required.
  3. Even iOS 13 is supported.
  • No-Jailbreak Version

If you use devices from no jailbreak version, all versions of iPhones, including iOS 13, are supported in all the countries. In this case, the Apple ID and the target device’s password is required.

  • Jailbreak Version

Jailbreak version where the device needs to be jailbroken is compatible with iPads and the iPhone 5-11. It also supports Apple devices of iOS7 – 13.


What are the Best Features That Highster Mobile Have?

These are some of the features that you need to be aware of-

1. Live control panel

Highster mobile provides a live control panel for the users on their website, which allows you to set time triggers and all the mobile actions that are within the functionality of the software.


Highster reviews


2. Text messages

Text messages are a very authentic and popular way of communicating among teenagers and adults nowadays. It can read, unread, and also delete the messages along with data logs.


3. Phone Call Monitoring

You have the excellent option to monitor all the phone calls, be it incoming or outgoing. Without a worry in the world, you’ll be able to know who your kids are talking to the most and determine whether it’s good or bad. 


highster mobile reviews


The same goes for the employees. I mean, who likes their employees to be flirting and chatting in the work hours anyways.


4. GPS location monitoring

Highster will allow you to access the location of the target device and assists you in monitoring their movements. The tracking features let you feel comfortable whether your loved ones are moving in a supposed place.


5. Stealth camera

If you are curious to know what is happening around your target phone, you can easily activate the remote camera feature so that it takes pictures with a phone camera. Of course, the user won’t be aware of it.


Highster reviews


6. Keyword Search Alert

Did you know that you also get an amazing option for particular keyword alerts when the target enters it into his/her search engine? Yes, you can simply find if your child is using harmful keywords like ‘drugs,’ or ‘alcohol,’ which gives you the upper hand to stop it.  


7. Browser History

You can catch any culprit red-handedly with their browsing history, right? Now, it can be made easier by looking into their content just from your phone and have a look at their saved bookmarks, URL. 


 highster mobile


This is to ensure that children don’t see the things which should not be seen by them and expose them to vulnerability.


8. Photos and Emails

Media content is another indicator of the safety of your loved ones. It helps in identifying the pictures/ selfies with the exact time and date that it has been taken.  Monitoring the emails received and sent will also be a piece of cake for you. 


9. Who’s in the Contacts

Want to know who is a part of contacts in your employee’s and child’s phone, then fret not, now you can easily get to know who is on the contact list from their smartphone with additional information like birth dates, house address and more.


10. Social Media Monitoring

With a click of a button, now you can monitor what your child is going through and posting on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. 

Although the feature is not available in rooted android phones, it is a good feature to look forward to.


11. Remote uninstall

Downloading the Highster Mobile app in the target’s device will take a few minutes, but deleting it from their phone is made completely easier. Without ever having to gain access to the victim’s phone once again, you can discreetly remove the app from the phone.


12. Support

Highster company support team will be at your service 24/7, and they also have the special feature of a live chat option where you can ask them any questions at any time.


How do You Install This App in Just 5-10 Mins?

Highster Mobile is my number one priority for spying on targeted C.  And it doesn’t ask you to jailbreak the phone in case of using it on iOS devices. It also works well as Highster mobile android spy.


highster mobile reviews


As supported by other highster mobile reviews, it doesn’t have the hassle of paying monthly fees. My personal hate for a monthly reminder of payment is immense; here, it will be over in a one-time payment. 

In my opinion, installation takes only 45 seconds to the maximum! Just test the download link you received from email to the target device you want to monitor. Then open and tap the link, once you click on some activation links and you’re done.


Is it an Ethical App or Just Fake One Like Others?

Is Highster mobile an ethical app? Now, this is a million-dollar question. Where can we draw the line for its goodness? It isn’t surprising to know that monitoring someone’s phone is obviously an unethical practice. It is a violation of a person’s privacy. 

There are only two cases where monitoring another person is legal, and this will not lead you to have any mishaps with judicial responsibility. Even if you use this device to monitor your better half for surveillance, it is a violation of privacy as it will be outside their consent.


Highster reviews


It is considered ethical only if it used for the following cases

  • Parents can Monitor their Underage Kids

Highster can simplify your life by giving you updates on what your kid is doing online, whom they are talking to through messages and calls? What is conveyed through text conversations? SMS, call logs, GPS tracking features, browser history, and many more.

Online scammers, sexual predators, serial killers, cyberbullies are always on the lookout for vulnerable and naive kids to exploit them with age-inappropriate content.

So, it is a must for parents to use it to monitor their smartphone data remotely.


  • Employers Monitor Company-Owned Devices

It is necessary for employers to monitor their employees to make sure there’s no sensitive company information being leaked to third parties. And to check whether they waste productivity by slacking off during work hours.

It is basically used to increase the efficiency of the work by monitoring them under a leash.


What Are The Pros & Cons of the Highster Mobile App?

Let’s see some of the pros and cons of the Highster mobile app-



  • It has proved to be undetectable.
  • Customer support is poor.
  • Comes with an affordable price.
  • No free trial is available.
  • The basic features are good.
  • The geo-fencing feature is missing.
  • Very simple installation.
  • Legal issues might be problematic.
  • Awesome live control panel.
  • Many complain that the app is not working.

Is it Available on The Play Store or iOS Store?

No, Highster mobile is not available in the play store or iOS for that matter. You must go to the company’s website to download the app. Once you complete the purchase, you will receive a link from the instant email along with the license key and password.


How Much Does it Cost? Is it Worth Paying For it?

highster mobile


It’s time to talk about how much it costs to use the software as there is no Highster mobile coupon or highster mobile free trials. It is priced around $69.99, and the tag is an only one-time purchase. 

There is an additional subscription to assist you as well-

  • One month subscription with full access.
  • Download warranty (extended)
  • Premium support ( telephone support for 30 minutes to quickly download Highster Mobile)

Here, each of the above subscriptions costs $29.99, please note that it’s optional.


Do You Need to Jailbreak Your iPhone to Use This App?

Yes, before installing the highster mobile, your iPhone and all the other apple devices need to be jailbroken. Because iPhones are equipped with special security software. Make sure to have a steady internet connection and a perfect backup of your data before proceeding with the process. 


How’s the Support From the Company?

Indeed, the support from the Highster mobile company is 24/7. Also, as an additional asset, they enhanced customer service via live chat, making it extremely simpler to ask any queries that arise from the end-user.


Highster reviews


You need to pay extra for phone support, which is not available for free. If you need assistance in the installation process for thirty minutes, then you need to pay $29.99 extra.


Let’s look at some of the reviews on the usage of the app-


highster mobile reviews


highster mobile

All in All

I believe my highster review would have helped you analyze it in a good way. The one-time purchase is an all-powerful cell phone monitoring app. With an affordable price, it’s a great app for your usage.

The user won’t be able to detect the installed app easily, it’s undetectable, and the process to uninstallation of the app is also very much simple.


1. Can Highster mobile be detected?

The real owner of the phone will not be able to detect the installed software as the software is designed to remain in a secret setting. Highster mobile is so powerful that even the experienced mobile user finds it difficult to identify the well-hidden activity of the app.

2. Is Highster mobile free?

Highster mobile is a popular spy app, but it is most certainly not available for free. Hence you can’t download the free version of it. It’s merely a myth to look for a free version.

3. Can Highster mobile be installed remotely?

No, Highster mobile doesn’t come with the no-jailbreak option, hence if you want to install the Highster Mobile app, then you need to spend some time with the target’s device.

4. Which is good, mSpy or Highster Mobile?

Highster mobile spy app is compatible with both android and iOS app, but it comes with the no-jailbreak option. So it is a disadvantage, while mSpy is suited for both rooted and non-rooted Android as well as jailbroken/ non-jailbroken iOS.

5. Are prepaid phones supported?

Yes, prepaid phones are supported to install the app. The Highster reviews provide a detailed list of supported phones to help you.


Have you tried already? Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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