YouTube is the most used entertainment medium as of lately, with over 1 billion active users each month, it has proven to be a dynamic form of entertainment.

YouTube allows you to comment, like, upload and subscribe to your genre of entertainers online.

Billions of viewers across the world use it on a daily basis or even for every minute, and it is suitable for all age groups whether they are teenagers, youngsters or older viewers.


How can you download videos from YouTube?

YouTube provides limited options when it comes to downloading videos as they want people to watch the videos only on their platform. 

The YouTube video downloader offered by smallseotools is one of the best tools available in the market that will assist on how you can download your favorite videos from YouTube, so you can enjoy them even when you are not connected to the internet.  


A tool or software is required to help you download videos directly from YouTube onto your device. However, doing so will affect the view count since the person will watch the downloaded video as many times he or she wants, which will lead to a loss of views for the Youtuber.

So many people are searching for a tool that will help them to download their favorite videos from YouTube, which is why there are hundreds of YouTube Video Downloader tools available out there.

If you wish to download videos without any limitations, you can use YouTube Video Downloader as it makes it easier for users to download videos from YouTube and other video links.

Applications for YouTube Video Downloading: Are they Paid or Free?

Well, mostly you can avail it as a free tool, but there are also paid software that you can buy, so you can download and enjoy watching these videos whenever you want without connecting to the internet.

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Ways To Download YouTube Videos

The most prevalent video platform around the world is preserved by Google search engine. As it is 100% free, it generates revenue from those vexatious ads that generally appear in the center of playlist gathered particularly for a dreamy occasion.

The one and only approach for YouTube to carry those ads and remain completely free is to listen to music and watch videos online.

Until now we have got this outermost, let’s concentrate on your core possibilities:

1.YouTube Offline

Right below any video on YouTube, you can find the option of  “download” between a bunch of other options.

Clicking on this option will save your videos to the offline mode, which will allow you to watch videos in the YouTube app when you are not connected to the internet.

However, this method is restricted to only mobile devices and is not yet available on PCs. Also, not every video uploader allow offline support for their videos.

2. Desktop Downloader Applications

  • 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a pretty easy to use application, as all you to do is install and download it, it accepts videos in 4K value and converts and saves them to a board of audio/video formats.

This application can even save videos from Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and other platforms.

The application is very simple to use and interactive. Additionally, there is a likelihood of reforming to premium lifetime version in just $15.

  • Free YouTube Downloader

Free YouTube Video Downloader provides you scores of services just like selecting the quality of the video, installing several videos in one time and transforming them into a number of video formats. It is very easy to utilize, 100% free and accessible for Windows and MacOS.

Free YouTube Downloader

3. Browser Extensions

Got bored of copy-pasting web links and then wait for it to download?

If you give permission to Youtube video downloading extensions, then you can straightaway download videos to your hard disk with the click of a button.

  • FastestTube

Once you download and install a browser extension, you will see a downloading button displaying below all videos on YouTube you people are watching. This browser extension is attuned with a number of browsers, comprising off Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox as well as others. The Fastest Tube extension enables you to download videos on YouTube in several video and audio formats and choose distinctive quality.

  • YouTube Video Downloader

This video downloader works correspondingly like FastestTube. It enables you to download and install a complete range of best quality videos, from 144p to 2160p (4k), and they are backed by all accessible video formats such as FLV, MP4, 3GP and WebM.

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4. Online Downloaders

Online YouTube video converters may not provide the simplest way to download videos as extensions, but it’s suited for occasional or one time users who only want to download one or two videos from YouTube.

  • Video Grabber

Download videos on YouTube, though don’t end here – you people can save material from other identical websites or sources, comprising of TED and LiveLeak. Moreover, you have the ultimate option to condense your browsing time by means of having accessibility towards a condensation of hottest and latest videos and download them straight away from a website.

  • APowerSoft Video Downloader

Efficient, simple as well as sleek, not too abundant with commercials, it provides you a downloadable choice in WebM, 3GP or MP4 video formats, plus M4A and audio WEB formats, with a choice of several resolutions.

APowerSoft Video Downloader

5. Smartphone Apps

In case you wish to download videos on YouTube to your phone, all this trouble might prove to be a bit cumbersome. Under such a case, you can make use of online classic video downloaders in your cell phone browser version, or you can merely download an application.

  • My Video Manager (iPhone)

This smartphone app downloads YouTube videos from the limited network and carries them out to a file manager, wherein you can watch them offline. Moreover, you can run these videos in the background when you are busy with other daily tasks.

Another superlative thing regarding My Video Manager is the choice of more than one downloads in one time, plus high speed.

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  • Videoder (Android)

Videoder is the master of all trades when it comes to video downloading. It consists of user-interactive designs and delivers the choice of batch downloading along with speed.

It is backed by a number of video platforms and allows you to download and install videos on YouTube in several audio/video formats or to reset quality of the video.

You don’t need to shift amongst tabs, as you can explore straightaway from this app, and overall experience is totally free of ads.


Here, we have covered all the different ways to download YouTube videos.

The best suggestion that we can provide is to stick to YouTube or any other video channels which delivers the best experience without any hassles.

Know any more methods to watch YouTube video?

Let us know in the comments!