In 1985, a molecule called C60 was discovered. This discovery earned two scientists the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. It is a molecule made up of 60 Carbon atoms. The appearance of the atoms is that of a soccer ball.

Lately, there is an interest in using carbon60 in medicine. Since it is generating so much interest, we have decided to try c60 Purple Power’s C60 olive oil and discover its health benefits.




As the most common fullerene, C60 is composed of 60 carbon atoms that form a spherical structure.




What is c60 olive oil?

C60 olive oil is a dietary supplement that promotes a healthy lifespan. It is taken as both capsules and liquid by those sensitive to certain foods or whose cholesterol level is high.

It contains at least 1mg of pure c60 per gram in a non-GMO microencapsulated U.S.-grown olive oil base. These products are unique to other supplements because they can be taken daily with water.

You don’t need to worry about destroying vital nutrients from food or coming into contact with stomach acids that could degrade it. It is also counterproductive to optimum health-supporting effects or increases toxin levels in the bloodstream which is a concern many feel about high doses of fish oils.

C60 has the power to interact with radicals in the environment which also has strong antioxidant properties. Because of the antioxidant properties, many people take it for an anti-aging skin regimen as well.

Based on clinical trials, the benefits include an increase in LDL uptake by cells (which removes some of the cholesterol from the blood) and improves insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes. The association with improved heart health has been consistently shown.

There is a recent debate on whether it is useful for COVID-19 or not. But there is not good evidence that supports that it is useful or not.

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What is the Science and Research on C60?

Although the research is in its early stages, most of the studies have shown positive effects on wellness and health areas:


  1. In a clinical trial, 23 Japanese women used a c60 containing skin lotion, and the effects on wrinkles and skin roughness were examined. It has shown a positive result.
  2. Research examining the effects of a c60 derivative on joint damage and inflammation in rats with arthritis was conducted, and the result was “+.”
  3. Another study investigated the effects of c60 inserted into the brain of rat models with amyloidosis or Alzheimer’s. The grade is “+” for this study.
  4. Also, many studies have been conducted on cancer treatment effects, aging, diabetes, which showed mixed and positive results.
  5. Studies have also been conducted on muscle fatigue to explore the effects of endurance in rats.

Therefore, more research is needed to conclude the reactions of the application.

For those who wonder whether c60 is found in any food, it is not. There are supplements of it rather than foods.

Is c60 Olive Oil Safe?

Studies have suggested that C60 is not toxic in humans, but more research is needed to determine its full effects. C60 olive oil is a pure, unrefined, cold-pressed olive oil. Cold-pressed means that the olives were freshly crushed to extract the oils instead of using heat treatment or chemical solvents.

It is safe because it cannot be stored for long periods and will spoil before it gets a chance to go bad.

Refrigeration must occur within 48 hours after bottling for proper storage. Even though the oil is made of carbon, it needs specific conditions to prepare it. There are a few cases where it is discovered that c60 was found in space or traces of it in soot.

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How Does it help heal your body naturally?

C60 is one of the most powerful antioxidants discovered to date. C60 olive oil has been shown to reduce oxidative stress in cells and helps improve the body’s natural healing process.

Since it is a proven salt-resistant, it can be absorbed through the skin and delivered deep into your body to help heal it from within.

In addition, there is research showing that topical application of C60 olive oil captured concentrations of free radicals in both mice and human subjects in a similar fashion as hydrocortisone ointment but with an improved therapeutic index.

When it comes to c60 olive oil dosage, more evidence is required to decide on an effective dosage. The typical dosage, according to rodent studies, is 0.4 to 0.5 milligrams per Kg. Also, the doses ranging from 0.0005 to 0.05 have shown effects on human and animal skin.

Usually, the oil brand encourages users to take one or more teaspoons in the morning along with water. Also, it is advisable to eat food within an hour for better absorption. For effective results, it is recommended to increase the intake of c60 with fluids. If you have any allergies to olive oil, do not consume this product.


Overall, c60 olive oil provides various health benefits like promoting your energy and mental focus. It also supports the increase of your immune function. So apart from the healing properties of c60, olive oil also provides health benefits. It is ideal for those who want to reduce their cholesterol levels.