Content is something that adds value to your readers’ life. So, if you really want to do your best, you need to step up to the mark and show the world the real worth of your content.

Don’t you ever think that SEO alone can get you through; only content can do that. Stuffing your website with a lot of useful content will put the odds in your favor.

So, how do you know if you have good content on your website?

How Do You Know You Have Good Content on Your Website?

Well, you don’t need to hit the books all night to find authoritative information to post on your blog. Instead, just tweak the content pages that are no longer useful to your readers.

What Exactly Is Good Content?

When people search on Yahoo or Google, they’re essentially searching for a solution to a problem.

Good content articles are posts or web pages that provide the solution to those problems.

How Do You Know If Your Content Is Good?

There are a couple of easy ways to figure out if your content is helpful.

Firstly, you need to check Google Analytics and especially, the time people spent on your web page. A visitor may stay longer on your web page if the content material is good. The second most important thing to check is the number of social media shares (tweets, Facebook likes and so on).

This is, in fact, an excellent way to figure out exactly what the users want and what type of information to provide on your blog and/or website.

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Quality Vs Quantity

Some people ask me “How lengthy (in words) should my articles be?”

You need to realize that there’s no single solution that fixes all problems. It completely depends on the type of article and the subject you are writing on.

For instance, the article you’re reading right now is more than 500 words long because it’s a comprehensive topic. To be able to explain to someone the fundamental rules of search engine optimization I needed to make this post that long.

If for instance, you’re writing about what’s so great about black chocolate bars then you won’t need to write that much.

This is precisely where quality vs quantity comes into the picture.

It’s always better to create a quality write-up without counting the words, instead of a lengthy, malicious write-up that fits more targeted keywords just for the sake of SEO. You can even hire a White Label SEO service that will guide you on the trendy topics and affairs that must feature on your website.

Google also checks the content length. Short articles can be handy and rank well.

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What Type of Content Does Google Consider Good?

Right after the release of Penguin, Google released a set of standards for assessing the quality of a site.

One of the best tips they suggested is the questions or comments people post right after you publish your article. This can really help you figure out the usefulness of your content.