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How Does Hulu Work? What Does The People Say? Let’s Find out

Online video is a powerful medium and it is one of the most persuasive when it comes to entertainment. The 3.7 hours spent on mobile devices speak a lot about how the world has changed right now.

how does Hulu work

This is where Hulu plays a significant part in influencing the viewers. As a premium streaming service available in the US. Just by paying $7.99 a month, users can access a vast Hulu content library. 

A lot of you are curious about how does Hulu works and about its business model. Let’s dive into discussing the workings of video streaming services.

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What is Hulu? How Did it Get So Popular?

Hulu is a popular streaming service that entertains you with great shows and movies. Like a cable, Hulu gives many choices overturning your TV, making it one of the industry’s best. 

how does Hulu work

What makes it so well known is that it requires no cable box or contracts. You can cancel the plan at any time with access to an entire library for endless streaming. 


What is Hulu Live TV? How Does Hulu Work?

how does Hulu work

Hulu Live Tv has better features than its any other counterparts and offers Cloud DVR. Just with $40, you can get on-demand content with over 50 channels on Live TV. One of the unique things is you can manage six separate profiles that can be simultaneously streamed at once to know how does Hulu work!

Hulu business model

You can easily stream scores of channels like MLB, NBA, NFL, and other leagues. The user interface is easy to use, and you can watch top sports channels. If you’re interested, subscribe to the plan from Hulu Website directly. 


What Are the Plans Available in Hulu? How Much Do They Cost?

Hulu offers different kinds of plans to choose from depending on your needs and budget with their Hulu business model.

Hulu business model

1. Ad-Supported Plan

This is one of the plans of Hulu, which costs $5.99 per month to give vast access to ad-supported streaming libraries. You can watch current-season episodes and favorites. You can get access to them after a day has been aired officially.

2. No Ads Plan

Those who prefer to stream without the annoying interruption of ads will find this plan useful. This plan costs $11.99 every month to enjoy most of the shows and movies break free.

3. Hulu + Live Tv

You can subscribe to Hulu + Live TV, which is available for $64.99 per month. Subscribers can watch everything from the streaming library, like watching the news or sporting events in real-time.

4. Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV

Available at $70.99 per month where you can stream the vast library of shows and movies. But in this selection, the shows that are not included in Hulu will still have ads. 

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What Channels Do You Get With Hulu?

In Hulu+Live, you can get more than 65 channels as a base pan. Local stations and regional sports channels may vary according to the location. This is one of the essential factors in choosing the desired plans.

Hulu business model

The list of the channels included in the plan are: 

ABC News Live ACC Network (ACCN)
Animal Planet Bloomberg
Big Ten Network (BTN) Bravo
Boomerang CBS
Cartoon Network CBSN
Cheddar CBS Sports Network
CNN International Cozi TV
Discovery Channel Disney Channel
Disney Junior Disney XD
ESPNews ESPN College Extra
FOX Food Network
Fox Business Network Fox Sports 1
Fox Sports 2 FYI
FXX Golf Channel
HGTV History Channel
HLN Investigation Discovery
LMN Lifetime
MotorTrend MSNBC
National geographic Nat Geo Wild
Olympic Channel Oxygen
Pop Smithsonian Channel
SEC Network QVC
TCM Telemundo
Travel Channel truTV
Universal Kids USA
Vice WGN America

Moreover, you can get channel add-ons like HBO MAX, STARZ, and Showtime for great entertainment. 


Which Devices Does Hulu Support To Get Supported? Can You Watch it in Multiple Devices?

Hulu, along with Live TV, is accessible if you have a smooth and high-speed internet connection. You can access it on devices like Google Chromecast, Roku Express, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. The list of devices it supports are

how does Hulu work

  1. Apple TV (Starting from 4th generation and later version)
  2. Android Phones and tablets
  3. PlayStation 4
  4. Nintendo Switch
  5. Fire Tablets
  6. Chromecast
  7. Xbox 360
  8. LG TV 
  9. Mac or PC browser
  10. iPhones and iPads
  11. Samsung TV
  12. Roku and Roku Stick

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When it comes to streaming on multiple screens, Hulu allows you to watch two screens at a time. But of course, you can upgrade to unlimited screens with an extra subscription amount of $9.99 every month. 

This plan allows you to stream at the same time and have a great time with three screens on the go as well. 


What are the Features of Hulu? A Few Things You Must Know

Hulu offers impressive bundles of exciting channels. All you need to do is select the most appropriate mix of channels that your friends will enjoy. Depending on your household’s TV viewing habits. Here are some of the features you must know!

how does Hulu work

1. Navigation

Hulu Live TV offers a clean layout to watch movies, record shows, and search for live programming. Significantly during 2020, they updated the user interface to help viewers discover various content with fewer clicks.

The master navigation feature offers an improved home screen and various content like movies, sports, and TV shows included with the subscription. For the past years, it has made continuous improvements for a more excellent user experience. 

2. Performance

When it was first launched, Live TV’s performance was full of frequent buffering and error messages. But after the consequent years, the defective features have come down and worked amazingly to watch movies.

If your internet speed crosses 50 Mbps, it will work correctly on Amazon Fire TV Sticks or Roku.

3. Pricing and Add-Ons

Hulu+Live TV starts with a 7-day free trial so that you can check out how good it is. The add ons offer unlimited screens, premium channels, and enhanced features for $65 a month. 

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What is the Difference Between Hulu Premium and Hulu Basic? Which is Better?

Hulu business model 

Hulu Premium starts at $11.99 while Hulu essential for just $5.99. But the problem is Hulu basic plan has unskippable ads while you are streaming. The ad breaks up works like one before a  30-minute show and two more ads during the show.

You get to watch five unskippable ads with an hour-long program that will have 10 minutes of ad time. This is one of the small prices to endure if you use the Hulu basic subscription plan. Whether you choose either of the plans depends on if you want to tolerate getting interrupted by ads.


How Do Your Stream Hulu? Pros and Cons

Most of the smart TV’s built-in, so all you have to is launch the app and sign in to start streaming. We have already given a list of devices that work well. 



You get a good bundle of news, entertainment, sports, and other local channels. Add ons are expensive to subscribe
Fifty hours of cloud DVR storage is a plus. You can only watch two screens at a time unless you upgrade for unlimited screens.
Vast collections in Hulu library Need an upgrade to fast forward through commercials.


How is the Service Different From Traditional Cable Services?

how does Hulu work

Unlike traditional services, Hulu is very different and does not lock you in with various commitments for the long term. The subscription plan does not surprise you with hidden charges, and you are free to cancel at any time. 

Unfortunately, the service is not available outside the US and will give you the freedom to customize as you see fit. When it comes to Live TV plans, you get access to don demand videos from over 60 channels.

Hulu offers an exceptional feature where you can create separate profiles for up to six of your family members. The personal profile you create will be tailored to your needs with suggested content. The content will be based on your interest, watch history, and other favorites.


What are Users Saying About Using Hulu?

As one of the most important streaming services available in the US, it is a little behind its competitors. 

how does Hulu work

Hulu business model

The Bottom Line

Overall, Hulu allows you to watch TV in your schedule, including 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage. If you like to binge-watch, then enable the autoplay feature to keep on playing your favorite episodes without interruption by knowing how does Hulu works.

The library content is 4K supported, and it continues to grow but is only limited to Hulu Originals. Therefore, Hulu Live TV has an exact lineup of channels and has everything you need. With no strings attached for a long-term commitment, you can stream various services. 


1. What are the Ad-on plans of Hulu?

  • HBO MAX for $14.99/month
  • SHOWTIME for $10.99/month
  • Cinemax for  $9.99/month
  • STARZ for $8.99/month


2. How Do you pay for Hulu?

The valid form of payment accepted to get the subscription plans are credit and debit cards and other digital modes of payments like Venmo, Paypal, and gift cards.

3. How to sign up for Hulu?

Signing up for Hulu is very easy. Just visit the official website.

4. Why Does the website take payment information if it’s a free trial?

Payment info is collected to smooth the transition from free trial to paid subscribers if they decide to stick around.

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