Online investing has been exploding in popularity recently. Younger generations raised staring at computer and T.V screens, playing games and multitasking, flock to the excitement and gamification of investing using internet trading services. This rise in popularity has created a large need for these incipient investors to shorten their learning curve; especially considering investing through the internet requires you to put in large cash flows in not only the stocks but the technology to execute the trades and stay ahead of breaking business and finance news. In this article, we will talk about Investor’s Underground, a powerful trading service designed for investors looking to make serious money on the stock market through short -trading.

How Does Investors Underground Work?

What Is Investors Underground?

Investors Underground totes itself as the “#1 community for day traders”. It provides both beginners and seasoned investing pros with a powerful toolkit of webinars, video lessons, active chat rooms, lessons, and much more.


Like the old proverb that highlights the importance of teaching someone to fish, rather than just giving them a fish, Investors Underground walks you through how to properly use its tools to give its members the most robust investing strategy and remain successful. They do things like send out daily watch lists and offer a step-by-step educational playbook to build your knowledge no matter the level of experience its members start with.

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The Power of an expansive investing network

Investors Underground has set itself apart from other trading-services by creating a powerful community of investors, specifically short traders, all communicating in real-time through the trade-services dynamic chat room feature. Promoting a network of over 1,000 members, traders can receive and send real-time trade alerts and stay on top of trending news and information. This network also provides its members with the ability to stay on top of trends and built themselves to eventual self-sufficiency.


Investors Underground attacks the learning curve of investment in four different ways.

A Foundation of Education

As we all know, information is only as good as it is relevant. Information and technology change at an exponential rate, and today’s hot tip or trend often becomes yesterday’s old news. A tactic that works one day in investing can become obsolete quickly, leaving the uninformed at a major disadvantage.


Members of Investors Underground are treated with an array of helpful education materials to keep themselves ahead of the curve:

  • The site offers members a two-day trading course to build that solid foundation of investment; a DVD packed with over 12 hours of live trading actions as well as other content providing analyses and tools for the novice or expert investor, all compiled in an easy-to-follow format of 10 chapters.
  • Investors Underground posts trade recap videos multiple times a week for their members. These videos discuss the trades that were made, and the initial game plans successes and failures. Furthermore, all these videos are stored in their video library. Their members currently have access to hundreds of hours of education training content with real trade examples, not theoretical companies or strategies.
  • Webinars are hosted multiple times a month, again allowing members to continually learn and develop their strategies and education. We’ll discuss this more in a little bit.

Resources for Day Traders

We all know education is only one part of the equation. Without the right tools, you cannot be successful. Investors Underground backs their commitment to continual education with the right toolkit to show traders how to navigate the market:

  • Daily stock watch lists are sent out to members. These are composed of two parts:
    • A list of top stocks generated the next market day, which gives its members time to prepare for the next days market opening the afternoon before
    • Detailed game plans, with charts and rationales. These have an important two-part function – members are better prepared for the next day of trading before they even wake up, but more importantly, they are “taught to fish”; they learn the art of trading from leading trading experts so they can eventually develop their game plans and rationales and become self-sufficient experts in their own right.
  • Active chat and discussion on the marketplace and strategies
    • Investors Undergrounds trading-service orbits around its active chat room. It truly is the centerpiece of their model. We all know two brains are better than one. Well, the active chat provides you with over a thousand brains all with the same purpose and motivations. Note: Not only does Investors Underground provide members with the real-time chat room, but they have additional swing trade chat rooms and penny stock chat rooms as well.
    • Their chat room is not just a free-for-all system; it is moderated by a team of highly-seasoned traders experienced in all aspects of investing in today’s market. Combined, their moderator team has some of the best knowledge out there in aspects of trading such as momentum and swing trading; equities; catalyst-trading; day trading; and options, among others. Furthermore, virtual communication allows the members to be located anywhere in the world, furthering their insight on local trends and insights.

Stock Market Guidance

Sometimes having the knowledge and the right tools just aren’t enough. Having a community of experienced, expert traders at your disposal allows its members to navigate the complexities of the Stock Market and short-trading. Investors Underground provides that through a few key ways:

  • Extensive chat commentary by seasoned moderators, key members, and emerging trading stars
  • 1-on-1 mentorship to give their members the exact guidance they need to fill the holes in their knowledge and make the right moves at the right time.
  • Open discussion webinars so you can ask the questions its members maybe didn’t think of in the real-time chats, giving traders the time to review their decisions and analyses and see what went right, and what could have gone better. These webinars further serve to discuss new concepts in trading, and overall act as a way for people to be part of the larger trading community and work towards their common goal. These webinars are also stored in the members-only video database, providing members with additional hours of educational content

Community Support

Trading can be a tiresome, lonely, and solitary enterprise at times. It’s nice to know that people have your back out there, and Investors Underground does provide that. Not sure what stock to choose, what move to make, the right analysis for the right situation? Investors Underground provides its members with a team of moderators, based worldwide who are experts in all aspects of trading and are there to help those members with those questions and others like them; anything relevant to trading.

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Pricing Structure

At this point, you may be thinking “This sounds great and all, but where’s the catch?”. Well, nothing is free in this world, including Investors Underground. Like most subscription-based services, pricing for members comes in different packages:

  • Access to the Investors Underground community, active chat room, and educations resources can be purchased monthly, quarterly, and annually, and will run you $297, $697, or $1897, respectively.
  • You can bundle their educational training package with the above monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership for $1297, $1697, or $2697, respectively.

They do accept most major credit cards. Due to the nature of their services and educational libraries, Investors Underground does understandably does not provide refunds, but they do allow members to cancel at any time.

Lastly, Investors Underground does offer free educational materials, videos, and even a free trading course. This is a great way for people to get a feel for the trading service before you decide to make the financial leap-of-faith and sign up.