Learning a new language is an incredible opportunity for your child. It allows them to have a broader view of the world and the different cultures in it. Learning a new language means that your child can speak, read, write, appreciate and explore a new part of the unknown. However, learning the Mandarin language compared to others is not easy.

As a parent, you have the opportunity of teaching your child how to speak Chinese in a way that they will enjoy the most. The truth is, while Chinese is the mother tongue to countries like Korea and Japan, it is still not used correctly. That is why the children need the help of both parents and teachers to learn adequately. Here is how you can unlock your child’s potential as a parent.

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Make it part of the family language

Make it part of the family language

There is always a vocabulary used at home and the one that is used at school. The best way to make sure that your child learns a language fast enough is to make sure that the vocabulary used at school is heard at home. That will ensure that your child learns how to speak the language appropriately and remembers the right vocabulary. Be confident that you check the coursebook to ensure that you are speaking the same language as is indicated in it. That way you will not teach your child words that are too complex before they reach that higher level. You will also be certain that your child does not struggle to learn because they will understand a few words at a time.

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If you are teaching Chinese to your toddler, make sure that you stick to simple phrases and constant words that will let them learn quickly.

If you use words frequently, it is easy for your child to pick them up and use. This way, if your child can recognize one word here and there within sentences, they can tell their meaning and will understand sentences easily. You are always your child’s first teacher. Take advantage of that and ensure that your children learn what is required from them.




This is also a powerful technique that will help your child learn the language faster. There are certain words that allow you to visualize their meanings. For instance, when one says bicycle, you get the image of the subject in your mind.

With visualization, your child will associate certain mandarin words with objects that are familiar to them. This is a significant step towards building vocabulary because there will never be words that are too difficult for them to understand. It would be better if you also considered learning the language with your child to boost their understanding even more. Before they hire an online essay writer to complete their homework for them.

There is a golden rule – Listen- speak-recognize-read-write-use

There is a golden rule - Listen- speak-recognize-read-write-use

Not all parents are multilingual. If you want your children to speak more than one language, you can teach them. Usually, listening to the language in use allows your child to get the pronunciations and meanings right. Therefore, even if you do not speak Chinese, this is the best way to learn Chinese.  A method that is simple and that will help your child to remember new phrases when they are at home. Therefore, invest in Chinese kids movies, and songs. From them, they will learn how to pronounce words and sing in Chinese. The videos will help them learn Chinese characters. They not only learn how to speak, but they also understand how to write using the language. If your child is starting out, they can watch movies with subtitles which will help them understand certain words and phrases. Do not let your child rely too heavily on memorizing books when they can use their mouths.



Remember that learning a new language will take time, patience and tons of practice. Your child’s knowledge and skills will be built up over time, and the more your child spends speaking and listening to the language, the better they will be. In a couple of months, they will be at an intermediate level that means that they can speak good Chinese that can be understood by a native.