How To Adopt New And Better Habits Without Giving Up In The First Week

Mondays may motivate you to make positive changes in your life, but on Tuesdays, you forget the commitment you have made. That’s not bad. The truth is that it is the most normal thing in the world.

Adopting new and better habits is exhausting when we demand too much of ourselves. In my case, that I am someone pragmatic and not very benevolent in the face of a lack of discipline, it was also very difficult for me to make changes in my life, even if they were 100% positive in every way.

In the search to find tools that would motivate me to be more self-disciplined, I had to dismantle many concepts and face what the media and statistics tell us about what it is like to live the ideal life.

In the process, I learned that I shouldn’t be hard on myself when deciding to adopt new habits. That is why I want to share with you what I do to incorporate them into my routine without wanting to give up in the first week, with the hope that they will help you become a better version of yourself every day. Oh, and by the way, the samedayessay also produces a better version of your possible academic essays, so you might consider using the service. 

Come Clean

The first thing you should do – well, only if you want to – is make a list of the habits you want to adopt and go through an honest process. You will notice that you cannot adopt many habits at the same time and that, perhaps, not all of them are achievable due to the circumstances in which you find yourself or because you have other more important ones in mind. 

Choose those that will give true meaning to your life and not those that you only wrote to please others. Ask yourself: is this what I want for me or is this what others expect of me? What use is this to me in my professional and personal life?

Leave No Alternatives

One of the first habits that I had a hard time fulfilling was getting up at 5:00 in the morning every day. My problem was that I patronized my phone’s alarms and snoozed them before I fully opened my eyes. It happens to all of us.

When the new habit you want to adopt is a big challenge, you can’t leave alternatives that motivate you to break it before you even start. Your duty is to design a system without shortcuts so that you do it yes or yes. A good inspiration for you might be also this website, if you would like to get more information from students who have already formed new habits.

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Simplify Your Life

Doing this was rewarding and challenging at the same time. A year ago, I decided to have a more minimalist life: I got rid of most of my things – I think 85% or more of them -, I eliminated commitments, I cleaned up my social networks, I put all my things in order in a single pad from OneNote and simplified my wardrobe.

I realized that if you want to let new things into your life, you have to let other things go. The more you simplify, protect, and take care of yourself, the more you will have acquired the best habit of all: the habit of self-discipline. Also, if you decide to make the fewest number of decisions, your body, your mind, and your soul will be ready for new challenges. And in case you will fail the challenge of creating an excellent essay for your core subject, the service essaysrescue might give you a few solutions.

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Avoid Using Numbers

One of the mistakes that pragmatic people make when we establish goals or new habits is that we add a number to a formula that is not necessarily an equation. Just because you want to read more, doesn’t mean you should plan to read 50 books in a year or 30 pages a day.

In my experience, I have realized that the numbers only impose a rhythm on you that you are not willing to follow every day. Just push yourself to read more and you’ll feel good about reading at least one page after a tiring day.

Forget Mondays

I had to say goodbye to the vicious cycle of starting new habits on Mondays. This is because it is the perfect excuse to continue postponing them. If suddenly one Wednesday you decided that you would take a bottle of water with you to meet the goal of two liters a day, stop and look for it. Don’t give up on the idea and follow the call of your first instinct.

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