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How to arrange a sport area in your garden ?

It is recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle to engage in regular physical activity. Some people choose to walk or cycle and others take part in sport once or several times a week. If you have a garden, here are some ideas for setting up your outdoor space to do sport in optimal conditions.

A garden room converted into a gym

A wooden room is a practical solution for providing additional living space in the garden without having to undertake major construction work. One of the many advantages of garden rooms is that they are easy to assemble and have a natural look, resulting in a clean construction site and a natural look that blends in perfectly with the garden. As soon as the assembly is complete, the garden room can be used immediately: you can arrange your gym very quickly. For your comfort, lay a soft, resistant, and easy-to-clean floor, on which you can lay a carpet or a mat. Provide a few small storage spaces for your accessories such as weights, resistance bands, and one or two pegs. Affordable garden gym rooms have several openings: both to enjoy the light and the view of the garden and to be able to air easily. For real comfort, you can choose double-glazed doors and windows that insulate against cold and noise.

A pergola for outdoor training

To train outside when the weather is fine, you can set up a dedicated space next to the studio. It should be placed to the east or north to make the most of the shade. 

There are garden rooms with an integrated terrace, which makes it easy to install a pergola. The outside walls of the studio can be used to attach trellises, an archery target, or light equipment and the pergola structure can be used to attach a punching bag or pull-up bar.

Landscaping to complement your gym

For an impeccably maintained lawn all year round, artificial grass is an essential ally. What could be more pleasant than doing yoga or stretching on the grass? A few square meters are enough. 

To delimit the space dedicated to sports, you can install a large planter that can also be used as a bench, which you can also use during your training or stretching.

If you have enough space, a flat, gravelled area will keep the whole family and friends happy for games of molky, bowling or any other game. Delimit the area using wooden sleepers or concrete or stone borders. After leveling and stabilising the ground, cover it with small gravel. Here is a tip: place a geotextile film under the gravel to prevent grass from growing on the ground.

To combine physical activity and pleasure, what better than a swimming pool? Above or below ground, it is a project to be studied according to your land, your desires, and your budget.

These sports facilities will delight the whole family and your friends and Exercising at home has never been easier!

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