Almost every student, especially females, constantly ask themselves how to stay fit in college, without paying too much money and when your time is limited. Going in for sport is an essential part of life for those, who want to stay fit and do not have problems with their health because of the sedentary lifestyle they have. But how to balance your college and fitness if you do not have time for anything? Let us figure it out:

How to Balance College and Fitness

  • Make a right decision

There is a common stereotype that all the sportsmen are dull because they do not attend classes due to numerous competitions and training sessions.  Of course, sometimes students, who go in for sport and join college sports teams, bail on their studying. What is more, they forget completely that nowadays education is a passport to your future, and a successful future only belongs to those, who lay its groundwork today. The life is full of surprises; sometimes it gives us challenges that are very difficult to overcome. Nevertheless, you should always set your own priorities and distribute your time and effort rationally in order to balance your college life and fitness. What is more, you should not neglect all these if you do not want to fail in both fields.



  • Do not afraid to try

The main statement that can lead many students up the garden is that the sport will take away their precious free time. A time for meeting with friends, watching movies, partying etc. However, to keep fit, you do not need to spend 24/7 in a gym. If you wish to get in good shape, without going into sport completely, you just need to have 2-3 training sessions a week, but not moving to a sports club for the rest of your life. Apparently, the most difficult task is making the first step, but when you finally do this and see the results a regular fitness has brought you, you will be motivated enough to keep going in for sport on a daily basis or even to start your own sports career. If you are eager to succeed, you should firstly believe that you can do it, as everything you do now can influence all your tomorrows greatly.

how to manage time between college and fitness

  • Choose what you really like doing

It is said that it takes 21 days to get accustomed to anything, but what can be more exciting, than doing what you like every day? If you have decided to make the sport a part of your life, then you have to choose the one that you will do with pleasure. There are various types of sports available now, thus even the choosiest person will find something. Moreover, many gyms and sports clubs offer the first lesson for free, thus this will help you to make up your mind and choose the activity that will meet your requirements.


  • Keep an eye on time

There are students, who used to procrastinate with their college assignments until the very last day, thus they end up being stuck with their tasks and bad mood. Sounds familiar to you? You should never put off until tomorrow what you can do today if you wish to get free time for something you like. Finding a balance between health & fitness and your college is not an easy task, but with a proper plan, it is quite manageable.


  • Start planning your day/week/month

Do not have enough time for extra activities such as sports, hobbies and walks with friends because of the tons of homework you get every day in your classes? Do not worry, there are several options for you then: firstly, you can always get help from experts, using such online helpers as or others or can just start planning your day properly and be amazed at a free time you can get easily. Managing your time is not a challenge, but a must-have skill for any student today.

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  • Fitness scheduling really works

Once you are done with your daily planning and have selected the type of sports you fancy going in for, think of your fitness courses scheduling: it is an important issue if you want to exercise regularly in order of getting better results. Many students think that spending 10 minutes a day for light exercises will make them strong and healthy, but it is quite controversial. Of course, it is better than nothing, but complex training for all group of muscles will give your much more significant results. Do not underestimate the role of a fitness trainer though, he will be your mentor in achieving the desired results.

  • Use what is available for you

If you do not have time or money at all, you can always try to change your lifestyle instead of buying expensive memberships in sports clubs and spending valuable time on going there. Start with long walks to college instead of taking buses, prefer stairs to elevators and do small exercises on breaks. These small changes will make you feel better and even help to lose extra weight gradually, and this also can serve you as a useful preparation for your future fitness training in the gym. If, for some reasons, you cannot afford membership in any sports clubs, you can start training at home: today there are numerous free video training programs, once stick to which you will get what you are looking for easily and whenever you have a spare minute. Frankly, there are various methods how to keep yourself fit for free, thus what you really need is a desire and good time-management skills.

The time we live now is full of opportunities, and it will be a shame not to use them because you are too busy with school, college or family. Fitness should be an integral part for any person if he wants to stay healthy during his entire life. There is always room for extra activities even in the busiest schedule, thus if you are eager to do something, you will find a way. I hope these handy tips will help you in arranging your time and motivate you to start exercising because sports reveal your character.