You know numerous gym trainers, right? They fulfill their 10 hours duty every day just like you and me. You know hundreds of makeup artist who sales beauty products. Don’t you?

How to Be an Instagram Hipster in 2020

Yet, neither the person who monitors your workouts every day in the gym nor the lady who sells you the lipstick and shampoo for your regular use is famous. Nobody outside their contacts doesn’t know their names. Do you know why? It is because of Instagram.


Kayla Itsines started her life as an average gym trainer. Kylie Jenner was basically a makeup artist and beauty product seller. Being an Instagram Hipster has changed their lives. Today they have millions of followers.

What do you mean by hipster? Who is called an Instagram hipster?

Hipster is the person who nails the latest fashion. A hipster will always show you the best way of dressing up to rock the party. The primary characteristic of a hipster is the folk always tends to think out of the box when it comes to fashion. 

Well, defining an Instagram hipster is not that much easy. Even conventional hipsters tend to deny that there is a culture named “Instagram Hipster.” still, let’s continue with the convivial conceptions that I have gathered.


An Instagram hipster is someone who opposes the monotonous fashion that is encouraged by the traditional culture.  A person whose messy hairs are covered by floppy or beany hat and intelligent eyes behind some round-shaped specs make you more curious about the owner is the one who can be an Instagram hipster.

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How to become an Instagram hipster and how to find out the perfect username?

You have to carry a bohemian soul inside a carefree but beautiful outlook to be an owner of the most popular hipster Instagram accounts. Being a super-cool Instagram hipster is not a tough job at all. Just you have to follow some simple steps.

When your dream is being a hipster Instagram girl you have to collect some floppy and beanie hats at first. Then you should go for some bold colored lipsticks. The dark shades are always out of the box, so you may try black, purple and brown lipsticks and make sure that you have put on the makeup perfectly.

 A male hipster must have a beard and oversized glass. Both boys and girls should try flannels. Any vintage fashion is always welcome.

You have to be very creative when it comes to your Instagram username. Try pairing your hobby with your name, you can eliminate the vowels of your names either.

How to become famous as a hipster on Instagram? 5 secrets you must know to grow yourself on Instagram as a hipster

hipster on Instagram

Here you will get the coolest ever hacks to nail the Instagram.

1. Say “No” to Selfie. 

Taking selfies never goes hand in hand with the image of a hipster. You may take a person with you to click some cool pictures of you.

2.Write an Engaging “Bio.” 

Your bio is the thing that creates the first impression of you in front of your followers. Gather a few crispy words carefully to create your bio and make sure that your bio is able to describe you perfectly.

3. Be Very Selective when it comes to profile pictures.

Make sure that the background is eye-catchy. Try to get the colorful backgrounds. If you have any photo in vintage style, make this your profile picture. 

4. Captions and Hashtags:

Be very creative with your hipster Instagram captions. Make sure that it is relevant to your picture. Emojis always have better effects than words in captions.

You should use hipster hashtags very carefully. In the beginning, you may follow the popular hashtags like #livemore, #gocrazy, etc. later, you should try your authentic hashtags.

5. Travel a lot and keep taking snaps

A hipster has to be a traveler. Go and visit all the beautiful places nearby you. Keep traveling wherever you can. Don’t forget to click catchy pictures and upload these.

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5 famous hipster Instagram accounts you must follow in 2020

There are few people who rule the Instagram with the appeal of their hipster images. Here you are going to bump into those charismatic personas.

  • Selena Gomez:

 This charming pop star keeps rocking Instagram always. 2020 is no exception. Her beauty and casual lifestyle keep stealing the hearts of her millions of fans.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo:

 Here comes the most talented footballer on this planet. Apart from his football skill, his hipster image is the heartthrob of Instagram.

  • Humans NY: 

Brandon Stanton runs the account. It is the place where he assembles his beautiful photographs. He takes simple photos of random people in NY. Now it is a milestone of hipster culture.

  • Kylie Cosmetics:

Kylie Jenner is a 22 years old girl. She is a perfect example of hipster make up. She has earned 900 million dollars last year from this account.

  • KKW Beauty:

 Kim Kardashian is the owner of the famous Instagram hipster account. This black beauty has won billions of hearts.

Can you earn money on Instagram being a hipster? If so, how?

Yes, you can earn money by being an Instagram hipster. You will get several offers from many brands to promote their shoes, clothes, beauty products, and other fashion accessories.

Several pages of Instagram will offer you to promote them. You can earn money this way.

What are the pros and cons of being an Instagram hipster?

As they say, every good thing has some negative side effects. While you become popular as an Instagram hipster, you should be ready to face some problems as well. 


You can earn money by being an Instagram hipster. You will be very famous. You will get attention. You can create your own brand.


It can be a headache for you to handle the attention of the public. Fraud people can hack your profile. You have the chance to lose your fame anytime.

What’s our suggestion on this?

Being popular is easy, but it is hard to maitain this. Be humble. Don’t hurt anyone with your posts. Ensure the security of your profile.

Final Words

Stay happy and keep shining in real life. Then only you will be able to get amazing pictures. Don’t post a picture every now and then as it bores your followers. Post only one photo in a single day and let your followers wait for you. 

Follow the tips to keep up your hipster charisma and thank me in advance.

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How do guys dress like hipsters?

They wear round shaped eyeglass, hiked boot, skinny jeans, fannels, and beanie (or floppy hats) to dress like a hipster.

How to be an Instagram Hipster?

Be a free soul. Let your bohemian entity reflect upon your pictures. Travel a lot. Wear a beanie or floppy hat. Try bold lipsticks. 

Who is a hipster?

A person who is very fashionable and doesn’t fear to try something new is a hipster.

What do female hipsters look like?

She should wear round shaped eyeglass, hiked boot, skinny jeans, fannels with perfect makeup and bold lipstick.

How to be a popular Instagram hipster?

Use a catchy username. Avoid selfies. Use an engaging bio. Upload beautiful hipster images.

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