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How to Create a PDF Signature?

In this guide, they’ll show you how to create a PDF signature that you can embed in your documents so that they’re automatically annotated with your personal details. They’ll also explain what differentiates an electronic signature from traditional pen and paper signatures when using digital signatures is best and the benefits of using them.

Step 1. Open the PDF document that you need to sign within Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a free application that can be downloaded from the Adobe website by clicking here. It’s also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, so if you’re going to sign PDF online wherever it might be handy, consider grabbing one of these apps as well!


Step 2. Click on ‘Sign’ in the top toolbar


The second step is to click on the ‘Sign’ button in the top toolbar. The ‘Sign’ button is located between two other buttons, which are ‘Create PDF’ and ‘Print.’ The ‘Sign’ button has a blue circle with white check mark inside it, as shown below:


Step 3. Click on ‘Add Text’ at the top left of the toolbar that has appeared on the right side of your screen


Once you have finished typing your signature, click on ‘Add Text’ at the top left of the toolbar that has appeared on the right side of your screen. A text box will appear in place of your signature, which allows you to enter text and customize it however you want. To do this, type your signature into this box and then click ‘Apply’ at the bottom of it to save it and make it part of your PDF document.


Step 4. Type your signature into the text box provided and click ‘Apply’

In this step, you will type your signature into the text box provided. You can use it to sign a particular document on your computer or tablet. If you want to save this PDF as a standard PDF file and send it out to people, then you must convert it into a secure PDF with a password. The last thing that you need to do is click ‘Apply’ on the bottom right corner of the window.


Step 5. Your signature has been saved and is ready to use moving forward

Once you’ve created your signature, it will be available for use in any future documents that you create. You can also export the PDF with your signature to share with others or print out.


To add a saved signature to the document, go to Insert > Signature and choose it from the list of saved signatures. If you don’t see any signatures listed, sign on to Adobe Document Cloud first and then follow these steps again.


You can also add more signatures by clicking Add new signature at the bottom of this window (you don’t need to erase any existing ones). To delete a signature from your document: Select Insert > Signature; Select Delete selected signature(s) at the bottom right corner of the window; Click Yes when asked if you’re sure. 


As Adobe Acrobat says, “After using the online signature tool, share your PDF files safely with others in just a few clicks.”


So, now you know how to create a PDF signature. It’s simple and easy. So, for example, if you want to create a signature with your initials, just type in the initials and click on ‘Create PDF.’ It will generate your signature with those letters.



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