how to delete naukri account

How to Create or Delete Naukri Account Instantly? Let’s Find Out

One of my friends got a job as a computer programmer but could not hack it. Next, she tried to be a groomer but couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Later she joined a Helium factory but refused to be spoken to in that tone.

Next, she managed to get a good job working for a pool maintenance company, and eventually, she left the job. Why? Because she thought the work was just too draining.

how to delete naukri account



Are you thinking about how she managed to get hired by so many employers from different sectors? No surprise here! Websites like Naukri pull together thousands of job ads from all the preferable fields. 

You can also explore the golden opportunities in the dynamic job market of modern days. All you need is getting ideas on how to create and delete a Naukri account!

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What is Why Do People Choose it?

It is a job portal. This public business site is mainly a job search engine that helps you find your dream job without destroying the backstays of your shoes. Business tycoon Sanjeev Bikhchhandani founded this online job searching platform in March 1997.

delete naukri account


Since then, has possessed the iron throne in the realm of career websites. It provides an online recruitment service, which includes products like job postings, e-apps, cloud products, career site managers, resume database, and branding solutions.

We see thousands of people create Naukri accounts every day. Now, why do both recruiters and job-seekers prefer 

All the fresh graduates and all the experienced fellows who are searching for jobs, works as a boon in their lives by pushing their search in the right direction. Here people can follow recruiters for their desired jobs, as well as the recruiters can reach out to appropriate employees for their organization. Job seekers can even build a rapport with the head hunters of their domains.

How Does it Work? Is it Beneficial?

Now we all know, looking for both employees and employers is smooth when you register on But, how to make this Indian job portal work for you? First, you need to create a Naukri account.

Well, Naukri follows a bunch of easy trots to get you your dream job. Here are those steps.

  1. They guide you through creating your Naukri profile without spending a penny.
  2. Employers look for candidates’ profiles to recruit. They usually prefer the completed profiles.
  3. Naukri sends the candidates relevant job offers on the basis of their previous job applications and profile data.
  4. Naukri sends all the applications to the recruiters. They keep updating the applicants when the employers take action on their applications.
  5. When an employer finds a candidate’s profile interesting, he/she shortlists and reaches out to the applicant.
  6. Your profile will do great in Naukri when it is complete, you keep updating your profile and apply to relevant opportunities only. 

create naukri account


Is Naukri Beneficial?

Well, Naukri benefits you in several ways. The employers can easily find your Naukri profile in the Naukri database. You can also reach out to employers and find out thousands of opportunities in your domain with a few clicks.

Apart from these, you can follow up with the employers who have visited your profile. You can send them personal messages. You can stay updated with the lucrative job opportunities they post in the future.

You can build up a good rapport with the specialized employers of your industry. It will help you to know about suitable openings.

How to Create a Naukri Account?

When you want to create a Naukri account, you need to go to the official website of Naukri first. Then you have to log in. after you complete the logging in procedure, you will get an option to “create a new profile.”

You have to provide the required information for creating a new profile. Copying the relevant information from your existing profile and pasting on the new profile can save you time.

how to delete naukri account

There you can input the inquired information and create a new profile. Otherwise, you can go to the official website of and click on the option “register for free”. Here also you can create a Naukri account.

If you don’t have any existing Naukri profile yet, then this method is the one to go with. You need to fill up the details of your educational background and professional experience.

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Why is it Essential to Delete Your Naukri Account? Are You Getting Baffled With Emails and Messages of Job Openings?

Several applicants want to delete Naukri account after they get a suitable job. But, is it necessary? Let’s find out!

Firstly, when you are hired by a prominent organization, you should prove your loyalty there. But, if your Naukri profile exists till then, many employers will keep calling you.

how to delete naukri profile


Secondly, if your profile exists, many employers will call you every day. When you don’t require a job anymore, calls from several recruiters will disturb you for sure.

Thirdly, when your inbox is full of job opening related messages, you may fail to read an important message. So you need a way to resist the flood of unnecessary emails.

Therefore it is really very important to delete Naukri account after you get a suitable job. You need to know how to delete the Naukri profile.

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How to Delete a Naukri Account? Some of the Few Steps You Must Know.

Perhaps you think that taking the decision of deleting your Naukri account? As per the experiences of the people who have deleted their Naukri profile, it is one of the hardest decisions that someone makes in an entire career.

how to delete naukri profile


After you make the decision, the second hurdle comes up! It is, how to delete Naukri account? Here we’re going to discuss this!

Naukri gives you options for both deleting and deactivating your account. Do you know how to delete the Naukri account? When you want to delete Naukri account permanently, follow these simple steps.

1st Step:

Go to the official website of Firstly enter your email id and password to log in.

2nd Step:

You will find the “My Naukri” option in the corner of the right side of your screen. Click on that “My Naukri” option.

3rd Step:

You will be directed to your Naukri profile by doing this. There you will find the “settings” option. Select “settings”.

4th Step:

Now you are on the “settings” page. Scroll down to get the sub-heading “Not Looking for a job right now”. Below that, the “Read More” option is available.

 Click on the “Read More” option. Here you will get the option to delete Naukri account permanently.

I hope now you know how to delete Naukri profile.


Will Naukri Delete Your Account if you Do Some Spam Activities? On What Basis Does Naukri Automatically Delete Your Account?

Now you know how to delete Naukri account by yourself. But what if Naukri itself deletes your account? Is it possible?

delete naukri account


Well, Naukri has set a few terms and conditions that Naukri strictly follows. Let’s find out what these are!

  1. One should not ask for money from an employee to hire him/her.
  2. An employee should not provide any wrong information about his/her academic qualification and background.
  3. The employer should not provide any false information about the organization. 

If someone violets any of these terms, Naukri can delete his/her account.

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How to Deactivate Your Naukri Account?

As is the best Indian job board to date, even after knowing how to delete Naukri profiles, people hesitate to delete Naukri accounts permanently.

Therefore, I’m here with an alternative way to resist unwanted calls and emails from recruiters who reach out to your profile on Yes, you can deactivate your Naukri account after your job search is done.

how to delete naukri account


For that, you have to follow those simple steps. Check it out below!

1st Step:

Go to the website of Look at the right side corner at the top of your screen. You will find the option “My Naukri” over there.

2nd Step:

delete naukri account

Select the “Settings” option.

3rd Step:

how to delete naukri account

You’ll find the “Communication and Privacy” option on the “Settings” page. Select the “Communication and Privacy” option.

4th Step:

how to delete naukri account

Here you will find “Not looking for a job right now”. Click on that. From now on, you won’t get any message or call from the recruiters. Still, your Naukri account will exist.

5th Step:

Look at the bottom right corner. Here an option “Read more”. Select this.

Last Step:

Here you will get the option for deactivating your Naukri account. Click on that. Until you log in again, your account will remain invisible.

What Do People Think About Deleting Naukri Account? According to People’s Opinion and Internet Research.

Take a look at these screenshots on what people go through while deleting the account.
how to delete naukri profile

delete naukri account

The Bottom Line:

When you are looking for a job in, it is the best place to create your account. But, once you are done with the job search, you must delete or deactivate your Naukri account. Otherwise, your profile will still be visible on the website, and many recruiters will think that still now you need the job.

As a result, they will keep calling you. It will waste the valuable time of both of you. Thus, if your requirement is fulfilled, you should delete your Naukri profile. Until then, you can deactivate your profile so that you can use it again in the future if needed.


1. What is Naukri?

It is one of the greatest digital job portals that is operated in India and the middle east.

2. Why should I use Naukri?

You will get more than 4,75,00 job opportunities through this website. It is the best bridge between employees and employers.

3. Does Naukri help employers?

Yes. Definitely, Naukri helps employers. Employers can easily find efficient candidates among 60 million resumes.

4. Does Naukri ask for money?

No. Naukri never asks for money unless you choose the premium version of their service.

5. How to delete the Naukri profile?

  • You should log in to your Naukri account first.
  • Go to the “My Naukri’ option.
  • Then click on “settings”.
  • Select “Read more”.
  • Here you will get the option to delete the Naukri profile permanently.

If you have found this article helpful do let us know in the comment section below!

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