Learning On-page Seo is very easy but doing on-page SEO like a professional one is pretty hard, On-page SEO is the most important thing for search engine rankings (SERPs).To qualify your website or a web page on search engine then, you need to follow these professional SEO techniques, which has been tested with some successful Bloggers & Internet Marketers.If you are new to SEO and just started to promote your website or a web page, then you need to note down this that On-Page SEO is the first and most important part of doing accurate SEO for fast ranking.On page search engine optimization actually, plays an important role for fast ranking on your pre-defined keywords.So WhiteDust Presenting full tutorials on On-Page Seo which makes your website rank up with all these awesome Seo techniques.

On Page Search engine optimization (seo) tutorials

So before starting let’s learn what SEO is & Why should we learn this to promote our websites:-


As we all know the Internet has changed the way of our life that we find on local business and internet services,getting to your customers for your business is easy as like running an ad in a local newspaper and watching new customers coming throughout the door but the problem this method is used before to promote their business.Now we all have the most basic, advanced way to promote our local & professional business to the whole world in the Search Engine.You must be knowing that now 79% of America using the internet for their any assistance and now 44% in India also running the internet for their common issues.Suppose a person wants to find a dentist nearest to him then he/she, of course, try to find on the internet, basically, So the main question where did he/she will able to find a dentist near to him/her on the internet.

So here search engine begin to work, as we all know google & bing are the most famous search engines in the whole world.Then he/she can easily find your website or a local business page on search engines very easily.So SEO helps you to rank your website or a page on google & bing search engine which will show your web address on their search results to give you traffic.Search Engines are like open books which prefer best websites in the 1st page that’s why we do On-page & off-page SEO to make our website best too and gets up the rank in search engine’s first page.

So basically Seo helps you to rank your sites on a search engine, if you can rank your site for a particular keyword, then you can drive massive traffic to your site daily which helps to promote your business earn huge money.


Learning Seo tutorials

n-Page Seo Is?A critical question for all beginners who just started doing Search Engine Optimization:-

On a page, SEO is a method which defines every person to learn the way of writing & setting up your content in such a way which favors search engines like google & bing.There are many procedures to do on-page SEO which you must need to qualify your ranking in search engine. WhiteDust will go to learn each & every procedure which help you to do a better fully professional SEO on your web page; it no matters what you were going to rank first, we will perfectly define the full method of on page SEO. Again for remembering on page SEO is the way of setting up page & writing content in such way which favors by search engines like google and bing.

So let’s begin On-Page Seo Tutorials from right over here.

Note: To do accurate On-Page Seo you need to pay attention towards all down topics which help you to learn SEO like a professional one. 

  • Unique & Optimized Titles And Descriptions: 

The most important procedure to start up with on-page SEO which helps search engines like Google to know about your website, it contributes to understanding what your site is about. Suppose if you were making a pizza restaurant website then you have to put all those important keywords which having great search results with high search volume.You have to write your title almost 60 characters not more than that accepted by Google search engine, and please make sure when you were writing your title of your page you must have to put all those keywords which you were going to target.Your title should not be more than 60 characters, and it must be a unique sentence so that search engine( crawlers of a search engine) finds your website title unique and it helps to rank your website at the top.

Talking about description it should be under 155-160 characters as Google do not accept more than that, the description also termed as meta description which crawled by the search engine to know what exact your website is about.The here description was playing very important role in ranking up.You should put your highly targeted keywords in your description so that crawlers can easily know what your website is about and it will help you to rank that keyword.Make sure your description should be the unique sentence with highly targeted keywords, for example, see down below image for your information. The description should be something which targets almost all great keywords, and it must be written in a legit sentence.

On-page seo tutorials


  • Proper URL Structures

If we talk about URL structure, then we must know it should be less in characters so that it can easily crawl by search engines.Suppose you put this then it almost looks spammy to the search engine’s crawlers but in rare cases only.But if you were going to start with some new project then we prefer to make domain under 12 characters only because it looks legit and very easy to remember. Google crawler will see you every point to point things, Google like if you use hyphens on your domain then theseGooglewill see your website with the little spammy view but it also seems to be in rare cases only.

So for proper URL structure then your domain name must be less in characters and not using any type of symbols.And make sure try to match up your domain name with your keyword,l like you opening a pizza website then it must be like .If you making a sub-page or sub domain then make sure try to match with your niche’s keyword because search engine crawlers love to rank that website which having keywords on their domain.

  • User-friendly navigation (User Sitemaps) &Optimized Internal Links

Navigation makes your website’s structure data healthy, I f you make menus,s idebars and footers about the categories, pages, or posts and navigate through it then your search engine crawlers find your website very friendly and easy to locate all your structure data.It’s like setting up pages & chapters on the storybook, the more you specify your website then google will find your website more friendly.See our Whitedust navigation, how we set up everything in our menu as we were navigating through the categories of our website’s post.There is one more navigation which is made for crawlers only as it is crawled by search engine crawler bots, that navigation is called as XML Sitemap which is written in XML Computing language.It XML sitemap contains all your navigation links of your categories,pages,sub-domains,anything which your website have the path.

Learning on page seo professionaly

  • Set Your Preferred Domain

In case if you using an expire or old used domain then make sure you check your old domain’s previous page authority, domain authority, trust flow, citation flow and quality backlinks of your both www. or without www. a version of domains because both of them having different values.Some websites having more authority on www. version of a domain and some having on non-www. a version of domains.It depends on the expire or old domain.Use for checking both domain authority and page authority easily of any domain.

  • Text Formats To Use (like bold,h1,h2,etc)

If we talk about text then it should be written in paragraph format and your main keywords should be bold so that crawlers can pay attention to your text article.The main keywords should be written in bold so that when search engine’s bot comes to your website then it will find exact keywords in bold which it can easily locate.If you using main head titles or subtitles, then you should use <h1>,<h2>,<h3> tags on your main head title which contains your main keywords of your site Head Title.It helps crawlers to locate your web page keywords very easily.As per guidance by google webmaster, using one <h1> tag in your post title is enough, for better ranking using <h1> tag once is enough.

  • Image optimization

This is such another main important thing which we should follow to boost up our ranking in search engines, so how to optimise images for web pages?To optimise images of your pages you should follow these terms accurately.

  1. Useless size images so that your Website or webpage take very less time to open, you should compress your images from these websites:- , ( these websites will compress your images in very less size without loosing the image quality)
  2. Use alt text attribute to define your image to search engine crawlers, put your main targeted keywords on alt text box as shown down an image.You also need to use image title which pre-defines your image to crawler’s bot.
  3. Before uploading any image it must be compressed in size so that your page will not be so heavy because Avg page size must be below 1.76mb as per guidelines of .You can use these websites for compressing your own web images ( & Or else you can use smush it plugin which is available in the WordPress theme.
  4. You must mention your image dimension so that it can crawl it by its dimension.

How to do on-page seo

  • User-friendly 404 pages

Your 404 error page must be very user-friendly that means it should be as simple as it should be and it must guide/navigate visitors to a homepage.

  • Fast loading pages

Another most important term in on-page SEO which helps you to increase page loading time, before learning this term you should know that if your website is slow then your ranking will get drop very easily because google search engine doesn’t want to show slow web pages in search results. So to increase the page speed you need to follow these important terms.

  1. If you using large size images then you can compress it via or or very easily or else you can use smush it the plugin.
  2. You should use W3 Total Cache Plugin which will make your website’s cache and it help users to open your website fast as much as possible.It’s wonderful plugin to increase page speed, just install the plugin on your WordPress and enable the cache, that’s it.For any type of query, you can ask in the comment section below.
  3. There many websites which using very heavy JavaScript and CSS which makes the page speed down ,so to minify(compress) your javascript and CSS then you need to enable minify option on your W3 Total Cache plugin which compress your javascript & CSS in such a way that it reduce the size of codes of your page.You can also use JCH optimise WordPress plugin which is also a very Jscript & CSS compressor but it needs the higher version of PHP version(more then 5.2php).Note: After compressing your website through this plugins then make sure you check your web page behaviour because sometimes some themes don’t don’t support JScript compression.Just because of this some javascript doesn’t work on your website so please make sure you check your website after enabling minify option.It happens in rare cases only.
  4. To check your website page speed you can use google’s own developer tool which helps you to check your page speed very easily and also it tell you errors of your site which need to be correct. Click here for Google Pagespeed Insight tool
  5. There is one more famous online free tool which tells your page speed & page size & your page score in a very advanced way.Internet marketers prefer this tool than any speed checker tool in the whole market. Click here to visit GTmetrix Online speed checker 
  6. Make sure your scores more than the average score in this speed checking tool then only your website termed as a good search engine friendly.
  • Top quality fresh content(The Valuable Thing For On-page Seo)

If we talk about content then it should be unique and fresh as it is not copied by somewhere else, if you do then you just wasting your time because the search engine does not give a single respect to copied content.The article should be written by your own and must very descriptive, more than 700 words, contain the good quality of English. You have to make sure that you write in your simple English so that every visitor of your website can easily understand what you were written.Google likes only those articles which teach visitors in a very simple way and must be descriptive.So you should write the article in your own words and in a very simple English.It must be the point to point to articles so that users can easily understand what you want to say.These days nobody wants to read an article like a story so you should write the article in the main topic .

1: Leave paragraphs so that crawlers can easily like your content, if you make continuous paragraph then nobody going to read that, it should be short as much as possible.

2: Articles should contain more than 2 images with alt text attributes.

3: Must be descriptive and fresh content.

4:Use h1,h2,h3 tags & bold the main keywords.

5: Do not use keywords more than 4% in your whole content. Otherwise, it will be termed as spam.

  • Above The Fold Line 

Above the fold line is a very important thing for each article writer as it contains most valuable thing which not everyone knows about it.So you must be thinking what is this actually?So its first paragraph of your whole website which must be contains targeted keywords in a descriptive way .You must target your main keywords over here so that users can crawlers can easily get important keywords to rank.See this down below image which shows how we put important keywords at the starting of the page .You can check your own above the fold line by ‘s spider bot checker; it will tell you how spider bot of google crawler sees your website in his own view.It is very important to put important keywords on this fold line.

How can i do on-page seo easily


  • External links (no broken links or links to ‘bad’ sites)

At the last of the whole tutorial, you should know that you do not redirect bad and broken links from your article or web page because it will decrease your authority of your website and results in bad ranking.If you redirect some good authority websites like Wikipedia then it will give your website good authority.It is termed as good outbound links from your web page.So it must be needed to put some high authority page link on our web page for better Search Engine Results page(SERPs).

If you want to check your own broken links then we prefer to use ah refs broken link checker tool which will make the report of your broken inbound and outbound link both.


This is the end of tutorial if you have any query related to on page seo then you are free to comment down section below ,hope so we did our best to make you understand all about On-Page Seo.For more tutorial please visit our site again.

By Aman Shams