Between aggressive, distracted, or just plain bad drivers, you know that the road can be a struggle sometimes. People wandering into lanes, tailgaters, and people who don’t use their turn signals are all some of the most frustrating things drivers can do to you on the road. The best way to deal with the craziness is to become more conscious of your driving. Keep reading for tips on how to drive more safely, and ensure that your trips on the road become much smoother than they are now.

How to drive more safely

Drive Defensively

You’ve probably heard this one a million times…but the message is true. The best way to drive on the road is to drive defensively, and worry about yourself only. Defensive driving keeps you in control and will make it less likely that you get caught off guard. While driving shouldn’t make you anxious, you should assume that everyone on the road does not know what they are doing. This will keep you focused on the cars around you, and make you more alert to any sudden stops or wandering cars. Try and anticipate what another driver might do, and make the right adjustments to reduce the risk of a potential car accident in St. Louis waiting to happen.


Stay Focused

When driving, your eyes need to be on the road at all times. While this seems like a simple task, there are more distractions that will keep your focus off the road now more than ever. Between fiddling with the radio or checking your phone, there are plenty of distractions that will keep the complete focus away from the road. Driving distracted is just as bad as driving drunk, so putting down the phone and waiting to send that text message is one of the more important things you can do when behind the wheel. Be aware of your surroundings while you drive. Check your mirrors and pay attention to not only the car in front of you but the car two cars ahead of you. Look for brake lights in the distance to anticipate sudden stops. And, once again, put down the phone.

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Follow the Speed Limit

These are obvious tips for how to drive more safely. If everyone followed them, the number of accidents in this country would decrease drastically. One of the more obvious but important rules, following the speed limit, is key to driving safely. The faster you drive, the less control you might find yourself having over your vehicle. Not only will driving the speed limit to reduce your chances of getting in an accident, but it also keeps you safer in bad weather conditions


If you want to further improve your driving ability, many companies across the country offer safe driving courses. Some states even offer discounts for them through your driver’s insurance. Controlling a two-ton piece of metal is not always easy, so taking these courses will help you stay safe, and stay alert while on the road.