Gorgeous hair looks

How to Get Hair Look Gorgeous in Photos

People usually focus on getting the best smile on images or the right pose, forgetting about another detail that is always influential — their hair. Using light sources from above, photographers can brighten your hairstyle, making it shinier and glossier. However, that is far from the only option to reach the final destination.

Gorgeous hair looks

Professional Tips for Photographers

Let’s be precise. Here are some of the best recommendations for beginners who want their hair to shine bright like a diamond:

  • During shooting sessions, photographers shouldn’t use the same presets and light conditions for owners of light and dark hair. For example, HDR mode lets capture shadows dark hair offers without overexposing.
  • In the case you take just an image of hair, it is a must-have requirement to shorten the depth of field. This technique combines razor-sharp and blurred elements, which creates a natural yet appealing appearance.
  • If you desire the hair to be the main member of the layout, don’t apply bright and complicated backgrounds. The simpler, the better. Monochrome tones and clean backgrounds will serve gorgeously for both dark- and light-haired models.
  • To make shots livelier, practice with different poses and facial expressions in particular. The placement of arms is crucial. You don’t have to stand still like a robot. For inspiration, check out the images online and see what you like more among them

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Retouching Magic

Modern hair color changer app often seems like a game program for people just to check their image with new hair color and style. To some extent, their functionality is really based on these purposes, but it is not what they are capable of. Such software simplifies the task for brands to make their models look stunning and all the layout elements harmonious:

  • Demonstrating the opportunities of their products and services, such brands as L’Oréal create online machines to enable interested parties to choose the best option among their vast variety of color-changing hair dyes.
  • This feature is functional for commercial purposes too. If an advertising photo has a certain set of requirements to the way the model should look, the scenario can be followed by automatic adjustments by retouching tools. Just alter the color tone instead of searching for a new person with the right shade.

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The Final Verdict

In photography, there should be no stereotypic relations toward objects, services, and tools to work with. Each of them can boast of its own purpose and efficiency, and retouching services aren’t an exception. If you miss some deficiencies during shooting sessions, it is not a disaster — programs like RetouchMe will save your effort, letting your hair in photos look like in hair products’ advertisements.

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