how to get rid of belly fat

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat? Check it Out – 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Complete Review

Nowadays, countless products are available on the internet which promises to give you a perfect body within days. It all seems exciting, isn’t it? It sure did for me! I even downloaded some workout apps to shed some belly fat but to no avail.

After deliberately using it for a week, I completely lost the will power to do so. No amount of measures helped hide my belly fat even though I am a thin person, not overweight.

how to get rid of belly fat


My big belly made me miserable. Suddenly, I came across the weight loss program called 21day flat belly fix review while browsing online to lose the stubborn fat.

The keywords like weight loss in a natural manner, “eight weeks,” “less workout” piqued my interest instantly. This article will outline the program’s effectiveness based on my personal experience with useful digital guides.

Flat Belly Fix Review

21 day flat belly fix is a popular weight loss program that encourages people to get lower belly fat. The primary purpose of the regime is to assist the people in getting the best shape in life. It takes three weeks to get used to the online program that provides enough information to be engraved into your lifestyle.

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What is The 21-Day Flat Belly Fix System? And How to Get Rid of Belly Fat?

There was a time when I had amazing figures where even people complimented me for my style. But due to work from home culture and three jobs per day, I spent most of my time in front of the laptop screen in the hopes of making more money.

21 day flat belly fix

But suddenly, I started noticing my protruding belly from all the excess cheese I added to my noodles. When I decided to look for effective solutions online I found a 21-day flat belly fix, it was a miracle.

So What exactly is the program?

The Flat Belly Fix program is a digital guide and an online weight loss program that focuses on losing weight. The style reflected in this program is inspired by a military regimen that ultimately promotes muscle building and helps you burn fat.

The fitness regime incorporates diet and exercise built for both women and women that target belly fat and improves optimal health. One of the most important benefits of using this program is you.

 21 day flat belly fix

I agree many weight loss programs promise you to lose weight and have enough information, but the information does not make a lasting impression on you. When it comes to the 21-day belly fix program, it is quite different as it helps you to continue maintaining the weight loss strategy till the end.

The creator of the program, Todd Lamb, has entirely covered his wife’s story and how she lost 23 pounds with his regimen. As the plan does not cover impossible standards like heavy workouts and abstaining from a favorite food, it gained the attention of many people who were curious enough to learn more. 

Overall you can find the secret to “how to get rid of belly fat?” in this digital guide. Let’s dive in to find out more!


What Does The Flat Belly Fix Include? What’s The Story Behind The Million Dollar Idea?

According to Todd’s claim, the flat belly fix program plus his fat burning tea can help people reduce the following:

21 day flat belly fix

1. Lose Weight 

Todd claims that the product has helped his wife and one of his friends to lose weight. His friend lost over 84lbs of fat within a couple of months by just getting used to the program and simple morning habit.

2. Easily Burns Fat

Fat-burning tea is the main secret that helped his wife lose more than 23 lbs from unwanted fat. 

3. Losing Fat Quickly

Todd also claims that following the procedures shows significant results if you want to lose your miserable belly fat in 21 days. The product is supposed to help you get a flat stomach.

Losing belly after 30 is a huge deal, realizing this is the creator of a 21-day belly program designed as a solution that helps you fix your belly to amazing size instead of committing yourself to a long term work out regimen.

Losing weight after the mid-thirties is not easy as the fat cells can accumulate in the hip, thigh, and gut region. These fat cells are hard to get rid of without a proper exercise regime. Although there are various ways available from different sources, choosing the right one can be strenuous.

Believe it or not, I found myself gaining weight in the stomach with a demanding career and other stressful activities mounted on me. That’s why I gave Flat Belly Fix a shot to consider whether it will work out for me or not.  

The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix system was initiated as a useful and miraculous weight loss trick when it comes to its origin story. The program focuses on taking the user to a new morning habit, which is pretty simple on the path to a flat belly in 21 days.

21 day flat belly fix tea ingredient

As you know, the concept was put together by Todd Lamb’s encounter with a SWAT team. He was inspired by the magical ingredient “oleoresin capsaicin,” which is most commonly used in pepper sprays.

This ingredient has already been tested in a clinical study by Hokkaido University in 2012. The consumption of the ingredient followed with a high-fat diet over eight weeks concluded a significant result.

The researchers in the team found that the use of capsaicin resulted in increased body temperature, which in turn helps in stimulating thermogenesis as protein in fat cells. 

According to the creator of Flat Belly Fix, the best way to leverage the heavenly ingredient capsaicin is to pair it with Cayenne Pepper. He used to put the ingredient into a tea for his wife.

The drink tasted similar to cinnamon, which immediately improved the energy level and quality of her hair. The process of losing over 23 lbs weight was another mark that happened in 21 days. 

The digital guide goes on with the aim of being honest, prepared, and transformational. Todd helps people to understand the simple topic related to weight loss and explains how the body works. The topics are following-

  • Increasing the metabolism
  • Stimulating the function of the thyroid gland
  • Reducing sugar cravings
  • Eliminating fatigued skin
  • Reducing the chemicals in the brain that cause depression
  • Erasing insulin resistance
  • Improving the libido

flat belly fix

The program is aimed to eradicate the accumulation of fat without any challenging exercise routine for the user. All you have to do is prepare the tea according to the instructions after purchasing the ebook. What encouraged me is how his wife lost significant weight over the mystery tea.

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What Do You Need To Know About the Flat Belly Fix Program? Instructions Three-Pronged Approach You Must Know

how to get rid of belly fat

The one thing that made me appreciate the weight loss program is its three-pronged approach. Not only does it offer nutritional information, but it also provides exercise instruction. The smoothie recipe also accompanies the guide with even more education. Let me help you understand the process.

1. The 21 Day Belly Fix System

This program offers exciting content that can be easily downloaded in PDF ebook format. The information is easy to understand and helps people understand the topics related to nutrition, fitness, health, and general eating patterns.

The topics also include human anatomy and the right eating schedule that helps in maintaining weight. Not only that, but serving sizes and right proportions, triglycerides, insulin are also in place.

The one thing I found the most beneficial is learning to eat at the right time to keep up with weight loss goals. Most of my teen years are spent munching snacks at ungodly hours without caring about anything.

I didn’t know back then it would affect me and rise as an obstacle to my weight loss efforts.

2. Smoothie!

Most of the diet Smoothie recipes are not that tasty and do not satiate my hunger for sweetness, but the recipe Mr. Todd suggested in his digital guide is flattering. The flat belly fix smoothie is a combination that ensures you lose weight with minimal effort.

He suggests drinking smoothies made from wild berries, almond milk, avocado, coconut milk yoghurt, nuts, and many more. 

3. The 7 Minute Flat Belly Protocol

I guess 7 minutes is nothing when compared to a whole 24 hours in a day. We won’t even know if the time passed by, but the fat belly fix program indicates the importance of 7 minutes where you exercise.

The exercises included in this program are related to system tension movements, isometric hold, and fiber activation. You might already be wondering if the seven-minute workout is enough, but I believe it works wonders. 

The exercise videos are designed to target the stomach area. And the protocol is similar to the movements used for police officers, soldiers, SWAT teams, and the military.

They use it as a part of their strength training and elemental resistance regularly. The protocol also comes with photos with detailed instructions, making it easier for the user. 

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Who is Todd Lamb? What is Different About Flat Belly Fix Program?

Todd Lamb is the author and brainchild behind 21 day Flat Belly Fix. He was also a former SWAT member. As a veteran police officer with more than 17 years of experience, he is also a certified Canine Handler with military experience.

21 day flat belly fix tea ingredient

Although he has authored many fitness books, his popularity stems from his first-hand experience in intensive training with an optimum fitness level. Real-life experiences back up his inputs, and his knowledge has helped many people.

The difference about his program is that the method is quite ancient; unlike the modern approach, the program follows an old eating system. The guide helps in choosing the effective ingredients and foods in their natural state. The simple ingredients can bring about massive changes and are also found in your local grocery store.

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What are the Simple Secrets Included in the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix System?

how to get rid of belly fat

The Belly Fix tea has these ingredients, which you have to take; let me give some insights-

  1. Green Tea: The study showed that green tea could help weight loss, and it is proven among other participants.
  2. Cinnamon: It has some beneficial effects that cannot be ignored. According to the study, it resulted in body weight, and there was a visible reduction in waist circumference
  3. Lemon: This ingredient is very effective in suppressing obesity and fat accumulation
  4. Ginger: Ginger reduces obesity and inflammation and has many beneficial effects as 21 day flat belly fix tea ingredients.

What are the Pros and Cons of Flat Belly Fix System

Here are the things which I like and the ones which I don’t. Take a look

flat belly fix



  • Brighter skin 
  • You must get motivated daily
  • Increased energy
  • Some points are confusing to follow
  • Improves Sleep
  • You must be pretty consistent for 21 days
  • Not Expensive
  • The breakfast consist of only tea
  • No side effects
  • Easy to follow methods

Where to buy the 21 Day Flat Belly Program? Is it Free or Not?

The digital guide can be purchased by paying $37, and this price also includes additional books and materials. A refund option is given for 60 days, and if the user feels that it is not for them, they can return it. The paperback book is available for $16.99, which can be brought from Amazon.

Some of the alternatives to the program are as follows:

  1. Slim For Life
  2. Phen3 75
  3. Zuccar in Diet
  4. PhenQ

What do People Think About the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix System? According To People’s Review and Internet Research.

Here are the screenshots; take a look!

21 day flat belly fix tea ingredients


flat belly fix

The Bottom Line

According to my results, I can find the difference in my body right away. Within three weeks, I lost 30 lbs and started feeling much healthier due to the new habit. Even my colleagues noticed my workplace energy and how I spring from one task to another with so much cheerfulness.

I’m sure my results and thousands of others can get motivated to follow my 21-day flat belly fix review.


1. What Spices can you add to the teas to lose weight?

Top spices that help in weight loss are fenugreek, turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and oregano.

2. How should you use cayenne pepper to lose weight?

The cayenne must be taken to measure 30-120 milligram capsules and must be consumed from one to three times per day. All you have to follow is take a teaspoon and add a small amount of water.

3. Should you drink cayenne pepper before bed?

When you sleep, your body burns fat and eating cayenne pepper can be the most effective solution that works wonders.


Do comment if this article has helped you in any way in the comment section below!

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