How To Get Rid of A Dark Neck

The neck is very important part of our body when it comes to fashion or beauty. After the face, it is the neck which comes into notice and if off shoulder dress is your dress of choice then all the more important to ensure that fashion is expressed through your neckline. Any dark neck is out of the question in any fashion statement. Necks generally have a tendency to have dark spots which make them a big challenge for fashion. There is a general tendency for skin around the neck and joints in general of our body to get darker if not maintained properly with beauty treatments. How to remove dark spots on the neck becomes a very important question for anyone who is concerned.


For human skin, it’s very important to follow these steps to ensure a good skin and no dark neck or any other skin issues:

  1. Wash your neck at least thrice a day to remove the dirt and clean the skin with proper and good moisturizing soaps.

  2. A dark neck or rather dark skin removal can be done through exfoliating the dead cells that make any part of our body dark. Scrubbing can exfoliate skin dead cells faster, steaming makes the skin cells softer and then exfoliating becomes easier which removes dark spots from a neck.

  3. Moisturizing plays a very vital role in skin nourishment. If skin gets dry it tends to darken, especially around the neck area if the skin  is dried it becomes dark soon. This can be prevented by ensuring proper usage of moisturizer which softens and moistens the skin on such sensitive areas to be specific.

  4. Applying a skin treatment creams is another good and workable option to get rid of a dark neck. In the market, there are many available skin lightening creams which if applied on the affected area or dark neck, it works fantastic. There is actually two variety of acid, like salicylic acid and glycolic acid which is very effective in dark necks and to get rid of dark spots on the neck. This is accepted as one of the major solutions of how to get rid of a dark neck.

There are a lot of home-based remedies you can apply to remove dark spots on your neck very easily. Whenever there is a discussion on how to get rid of a dark neck, these home based solutions are taken as lifesaving mantras for people who wants to remove dark spots on the neck.

  • Rubbing lemon juice on the dark spots or on the dark neck does magic if applied regularly. Also, lemon juice can be added to lukewarm water and this solution can be applied on the dark neck and massaged in a circular motion. Once it dries off, it should be washed with clean water. Actually, lemon juice consists of vitamin C and Citric acid which is good for skin to make it soft and help lighten the dark spots. This is considered as one very popular home remedy to get rid of dark spots on the neck.

  • To improve your neck complexion or to avoid dark neck another well-known home remedy is using some cucumber. It is considered to be a very successful solution for enhancing skin complexion. Cucumber can be pasted into more concentrated form and applied on dark necks for approximately 20 to 30 minutes and then washed off with cold water. It gives a soothing effect as well to the skin. To get rid of dark neck it is a very effective solution or remedy.

  • Turmeric is another home based ingredient if used on a dark neck can help you get rid of dark spots on the neck. Turmeric paste when mixed with rose water is a better solution which if applied on the dark neck can provide faster results. Dark neck is not at all accepted if one wants to create a fashion statement.

  • There are certain natural oils and minerals which are also known to play a very vital role as a remedy for getting rid of a dark neck. Oils like olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil if applied individually or mixed to make a mixed oil and applied on the dark neck gives fabulous results. Especially if applied before sleeping at night and leaving it on for the whole night which is a very practical way to get rid of a dark neck.

  • Also, there exist a few antioxidants like aloe Vera which helps in removing dead skin cells if applied on a dark neck. This is very well marketed in gel form and can be applied to get rid of dark spots on the neck. Aloe Vera also helps to make skin complexion fairer if applied regularly.


Skin need to be prevented from excess pigmentation and steps should be taken before hand to avoid a stage where any workable solution becomes challenging. There are also a few kitchen items like vinegar, potato juice, honey etc. if applied in its own natural form can work wonders for a dark neck. Apart from this, protecting your skin from Sun’s hamful UV rays is very important which is the most responsible for making your skin dark if exposed for long. So, using lotions with SPF of 30+ and using umbrellas if required also works as a prevention from dark neck or any dark spots on any other part of the skin which is exposed to sun. There are immense Skin repair solutions and if applied with proper care can help you avoid the dark spots on your neck at any point in time. If after applying all these the dark neck still exists, then it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.