We all are familiar with red eyes and have experienced it from time to time. It is caused due to the dilation of the blood vessels on the sclera, the white outer surface of the eye. It can appear either in single or both the eyes. It is not so dangerous; however, in some cases, it can show the sign of some serious eye problems. One must immediately contact the doctor if he had red eyes in order to avoid further problems. A red or bloodshot eye can be accompanied by itching, eye pain, eye discharge and swollen eye. Red-eye can also indicate the serious condition such as uveitis. The appearance of red colour in the eyes ranges from light red to bright red.

how to get rid of bloodshot eyes


CONJUNCTIVITIS: It is also known as pink eye. It is most common in school going, children. In conjunctivitis, conjunctiva which is the outer covering of the sclera becomes infected. Blood vessels within it become irritated.
DRY EYE: With a tear, dust particles come out of our eyes and when the tear gland is insufficient to produce the tears to lubricate our eyes, the chance of getting our eyes red become more.

ALLERGY: When our body reacts with foreign elements the immune system releases a chemical called histamine which fights with it. When it is unable to release it our body faces many problems one of which is red eye.


CONTACT LENSES: Contact lenses is one of the major cause of this problem. Contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen reaching cornea due to which blood vessels on sclera dilate causing reddening of the eyes. That’s the reason it is always advised by the doctor to not to wear contact lenses all the time.

EYE INJURY: As an inflammatory response to an injury the blood vessels in our eyes dilates to allow blood to flow to the injuries. This adds to the reddening of the eyes.

SWIMMING: The water contains many sanitizers such as chlorine which causes the adverse affect on our eyes. Therefore it is always advised to wear swimming goggles while swimming.


LACK OF SLEEP: Lack of sleep makes us stressed which causes an adverse effect on our body especially the eyes. Proper sleep is itself a medicine for many diseases.

OTHER PROBLEMS SUCH AS ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS, ULCER, GLAUCOMA also causes reddening of our eyes. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve and causes blindness. It is caused by pressure building up inside the eyes.


The right remedy for our eyes depends on its cause. Depending on the remedy it has been classified into two types:


a) WARM COMPRESS: In this technique, the towel is warmed and is placed over the eyes. Since the area around the eye is very sensitive it is warmed up to a reasonable temperature. The hot temperature increases the flow of blood in the eyes and also allows to create more lubrication.

b) COLD COMPRESS: This technique is opposite to the warm compression. It reduces swelling of the eyes and itchiness due to irritation. The temperature must be taken in consideration to avoid further problems.

c) ARTIFICIAL TEARS: Tears lubricate our eyes and also removes the dust particles from the eyes.


The first step is to consult a doctor who would advise you the preventive measures in order to cure the problem.

DOING RESEARCH ON EYE DROPS: The first step is to do a detailed study on the eye drops. Although it reduces the eye redness, but the continuous usage of it make our eyes dependent on it. Now further not use the eye drops can cause the same problem. The best way is, to consult a doctor. He would advise the right drop for the eyes depending on its cause.

how to get rid of red eyes fast?

Lowering the brightness of the screen, placing the screen at a certain distance(20+ centimetres) away from your eyes are some of the other means by which you can reduce the chances of getting red eyes. You should also wear computer glasses that reduces the strain on your eyes. Using lubricating eye drops can make your eyes moist and prevent red eyes.

One must take a proper balanced diet. The person must take VITAMIN C, E and zinc rich foods The person must eat broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, strawberry,  tomatoes, cabbage. One must drink  8-10 glasses of water each day. There must be proper fluid balance in the body to avoid further problems.

how to get rid of red eyes and bloodshot

One must sleep 7-8 hours every night. Getting a proper sleep replenishes our body including the eyes. Another benefit is that it allows the white blood cells to fight with harmful pathogens.

Smoking causes unnecessary reddening of the eyes. It causes a wide variety of problems such as cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration. Smoking around a pregnant woman causes eye disease to the unborn child. Smoking not only causes the problem to the taker but also creates problems for the surrounding people.

Removing Makeup

It is strongly recommended to remove makeup from your eyes before sleeping to prevent the redness of your Bloodshot eyes.

how to get rid of bloodshot eyes

One must not consume alcohol if he wants to get rid of this problem. Consumption of alcohol does not create problems for the eyes, rather than it affects the whole body. Drinking too much of alcohol dehydrates the body. Excess nutrients are lost through urination. This loss of nutrients from the body adversely affects us.

We must manage our allergies. If we are to animals or humans who have swollen eyes then try to avoid it. One can also see a doctor for injections to fight these allergies.

Frequently asked question and answer


Yes, definitely they are the sign of dehydration. Not drinking plenty of water causes reddening of the eyes. One must drink an adequate amount of water to maintain proper fluid balance in the body.


While sitting before computer screens one must continuously blink his eyes as it moisturises it.

The computer screen must be placed 20-40 inches away from the eyes.