How To Rid Of Redness On Nose And Cheeks?

You usually develop redness on your nose and cheeks due to microbial infection.  Mostly, after your cheeks and nose turn red, you develop swelling and you appear funny. You may consult a physician if you are experiencing pain due to redness. But, you can always try home remedies and resolve the problem quickly. Also, you do not experience any side-effects if you apply natural herbs and ingredients.

how to get rid of redness around nose & Cheeks

How To Get Rid Of Redness On The Nose?

Your nose becomes red due to several reasons such as cold, scarring, microbial infection, pores etc. and hence you must use natural or home-made remedies to get rid of a red nose. You can reduce the redness of your nose by following several tips.
Follow a healthy lifestyle


You must not consume spicy food frequently as it produces heat in the body. Due to excessive heat in the body, your nose appears red. Do not consume alcohol or cigarettes also because you inhale concentrated substances into your body and hence your nose looks red.

How To Get Rid Of Redness Around The Nose?

  1. Ointment: ~ you must use a cream or an ointment that is water-based and consisting of substances such as chamomile or any other botanical ingredient. You can apply this ointment after applying it to your face. You must apply it around the affected area of the nose. Otherwise, you can apply a face wash that is specifically meant for sensitive skin. You must wash your face with lukewarm water after applying it.
  2. Caffeinated serum: ~ After applying the moisturiser to the nose, then you can apply a serum containing caffeinated substances. This substance should be gently applied to the nose.
  3. Apply powder: ~ Later on, you can apply a green-tinted powder using a puff after the caffeinated serum dries up on the face.
  4. Use a concealed: ~ Then lastly, you can use a concealer that suits your skin colour.

You can try a home-made remedy

You can apply some honey to the nose as a facemask and leave the area to dry for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Then the area should be washed with warm water and this process should be repeated unless you experience changes on your nose.  You can follow simple tips that help you to reduce redness around the nose.

how to get rid of red cheeks


How To Get Rid Of Red Cheeks?

Instead of experiencing the pain and inflammation on your cheeks, you can always try to prevent this problem.

  1. Wear scarf~: During winter season do not leave your home unless you wear a soft scarf or mask on your head. The scarf must cover your ears and portion of your cheeks. You can wear a mask that covers your nose too. Your nose easily becomes red if you are constantly exposed to sunrays.
  2. Exposure to heat and sun~: Do not go out when the climate is too hot because your nose or cheeks can easily turn red. So, you must wear sunglasses or a cap that covers your ears and part of the cheeks. When you return home do not forget to splash cold water.

  3. Resolving acne problems~: People, who are experiencing acne problem, sometimes try to extract their pimples or blackheads by using their nails. So, after the blackhead or acne is extracted, then the clot of blood remains in the area. Sometimes such people develop infection and the area becomes redder. So, the problem of acne should be resolved only by following the advice of skin specialists. Preferably use natural remedies to resolve the problem of acne.

  4. Know your allergies~: You may be allergic to certain chemicals or lotions that are applied on the face or nose. So, avoid using those lotions or ointments. So, before you apply any ointment, first apply it little to your hand to test whether you are comfortable using it.

  5. During cold or fever~: When we experience fever or cold, we use tissue papers to rub our nose. But we must avoid using because such tissues consist of chemicals that can cause allergies and redden our face or cheeks. You can apply moisturizer to avoid dry flakes during winter.

Proper Diet Which You Should Take To Reduce Redness

You can also consume right type of food to avoid the problem of redness. Usually, if you consume a diet that produces heat in the body, then your cheeks automatically become red. So, you can avoid spicy food and avoid consuming cigarettes and alcohol. Also, water should be consumed frequently and in plenty. You must consume food that produces cooling effect to the body such as ragi, spinach, celery, coconut, water-melon etc. these foods maintain the internal temperature of your body.
Home-made remedies to get rid of red cheeks

Proper Diet Which You Should Take To Reduce Redness on nose and cheeks

  1. Applying milk cream~:  Collect milk cream in a bowl and add rose water to it. Apply this mixture to your face as a facemask and let it dry on your face. Then it should be washed with cold water later on.
  2. The gel of Aloe Vera~:  Take an Aloe Vera leaf and cut it into two pieces. Then extract the gel and apply it to your face and keep it on your skin overnight. In the morning wash your face with warm water.
  3. Simply applying ice-cubes~: Take about 4 ice cubes and apply them to your face. Rub them to your face gently and wipe your face with the clean towel that is dry.
  4. Applying natural oil~: You can apply some natural oils to your faces such as olive, coconut or almond and apply it over the affected area of your face.