Are you planning a trip to the beach with your family or friends? Post to the immense fun on the beach, people get tan with ugly marks on different parts of the body. Exposure to UV rays, polluted environment happens to be the other causes your body can get tanned and loses its colour and beauty. The removal of these tan marks can be really challenging. Though some cosmetic products have been invented for removing the tan, these can cause huge damage to your skin. Thus natural remedies are the best means for removing the tan as it nourishes and soothes the skin during the to get rid of tan lines

Many people have been asking the question for a long time about how can we get rid of tan line or how to even out tan lines? Well, we have the best answers for everyone who was looking forward to removing tan lines from their bodies. To get rid of tan lines you have to follow these simple procedures which can help you get rid of tan lines fast.

Despite the effectiveness of the creams available at the drug store, they tend to have listed side-effects which can create a range of complications and problems. While it’s safe to consult a dermatologist to make sure that you are not causing more harm than good it’s always the safer and easier choice to try some home remedies. We asked our consultants about a few things already available in our kitchen to help figure out quick solutions for reducing the skin tan. They complied a list of the proven tricks.

how to get rid of ugly tan lines



Lemon to remove tan linesWe all know how lemon juice is so effective. Our experts told us lemon juice acts as one of the best natural tan removing agents. All you need to do is mix lime juice with some honey and then apply on the skin where you have your tan lines, leave it on for 25 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. So what honey and lemon actually do? Honey moisturised the skin and lemon help to remove tan lines. If you don’t use any honey, then lemon will make your skin dry & rough.


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Gramme flour and yoghurt have been known to be one of the most effective solutions for removing tan. To being with, make a paste of yoghurt, gramme flour and add lemon to it. Each of them should be added in equal quantities. Apply this paste to the differently affected parts of your body and leave the same for a time period of 10 minutes. Once the mixture gets dried completely, rinse it off with lukewarm water. The tan will get removed from your body in a natural way, thereby making the skin lighter.


cucumber to remove tan linesCucumber contains lots of Vitamin C; Vitamin C is very effective, and moisture in cucumber provides an excellent combination which helps to remove tanned skin quickly. It also helps in making your skin soft, fresh and dirt free. So all you need to do remove tan lines with cucumber is to make cucumber paste and apply it on your skin. You have to keep it on for 10 minutes and then wash it. Use it every day for fast result.

The mixture of cucumber and lime juice happen to be one of the most effective means for removing tan from your body. The mixture has been known to be quite effective for removing harsh sunburns from your body. The citric lime juice and the cold rose water acts in a combined manner for removing sun tan at much ease. Start the process by mixing cucumber juice, rose water and lime juice. As the mixture is prepared, apply the same on the affected areas of your body. Let the mixture be on the affected areas for about 15 to 20 minutes.You can also store the mixture in a refrigerator for a week. You can make use of cotton pads to apply the mixture on the tanned parts of your body. Message the same for a time duration of 2 minutes to ensure that the mixture has been distributed evenly on the sunburn surface of your skin. Once the mixture gets completely dried, rinse the same with cold water.


milk cream to get rid of tan linesMilk Cream which contains lots of beneficial properties like it moisturises your skin and it can also make your skin healthy and active. Milk cream has very advantageous properties for removing red, tan lines, sunburns and it also makes your skin glow. To get rid of ran tan lines you have to use milk cream with the half tablespoon of turmeric, mix it properly and leave it for 20 minutes on your skin where you have your tan lines. It will repair your tanned skin and return it to normal within few weeks.


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Prepare a mixture by adding a tablespoon of turmeric powder along with lime juice in raw milk. Mix it well and apply the solution to the sunburn parts of your body. Leave the mixture for a time period of 15 minutes and let it dry. Rinse the mixture off with cold water. For quick results, you can apply the solution twice a day. Tan from your hands can be removed in no time by applying this mixture.


Browsugar treatment for removing tan linesBrown sugar which is very effective to avoid tan lines within a week, If you want to go with this type of procedure then you have to mix 2 cups of brown goodness in a bowl then you have to mix half cup olive oil/coconut oil or any plant-based oil such as sunflower or almond. For giving moisture to your skin, you need to combine 1/4 pure good honey in the bowl also add one teaspoon vanilla. Mix all these together and app to your skin for 15 minutes, this will help you to get back your beautiful skin.


can potatoes remove tanYou will be surprised to know that potato can effectively remove the sunburn from your body. You can apply potato on your face and forehead by mashing raw potato in the mixture. Let it be on your skin for a time period of 20 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. Potatoes contain Vitamin C and also a ver special enzyme called catecholase which helps to repair tan lines from the skin. To use it you need to grate small raw potatoes and apply on your skin daily for faster and better result. It will remove the tan line and helps the skin to look fair and glowing.


how to get rid of tan lines fast

Fruit message is one of the best ways to remove sunburn and tan from your face. Mash papaya along with pineapple and other fruits in a mixer and apply the mixture on your forehead and face. Leave the mixture for a time duration of 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off with cold water The natural ingredients present in food is used for removing sun tan from face and forehead.


Learn how to get rid/avoid tan lines fast and easily by natural remedies

Coconut oil is considered to be one of the effective means for removing sunburn and nourish the skin. You need to apply coconut oil and massage on your neck on a regular basis for removing tan from the neck. The coconut oil also helps in nourishing the skin tone.


Natural oils treatment for tan removalEverybody knows what oil values in our life for every purpose.So Coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil can be used to treat white patches and red tan lines from skin. Combine these oils and apply on your skin before going to bed abandon it for overnight and wash in the morning, these blend serves to uproot tan lines, white fixes and makes your skin soft and sparkling.


Black tea for tanned skinIf your tan line is huge and then this method going to help to prevent your tan lines. To start treatment, you need to make a cup of black iced tea and then pour it into a spray bottle, after taking a shower spray it on the tan part of your skin. It helps to fade those tan lines faster and quickly within a week.It assists you with removing your tan lines, and also it will make your skin even better.


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Vinegar can do wonders for removing the sun tan from your body. To start with, you need to take vinegar and water in the equal ratio in a bowl. Mix it well and then dip your hands in the same. You can apply the mixture on other affected parts of the body for removing tan. Let the solution be in the affected parts of the body for a duration of 5 to 10 minutes. After 5 to 10 minutes, rinse it off with cold water. Apply this mixture on a daily basis for removing the sun tan from your body.


How to get rid of tan lines fastIf you want a fast and efficient treatment, then baking soda helps to erase tan lines from skin faster even much better. Baking soda plays a vital role in removing sun tan from your body. You can initiate the process by preparing a paste or solution of baking soda mixed with water. You can use the solution or paste as a scrub for removing tan from affected areas of your body. For the best results, apply the paste on every alternate day.


Note: These are some tips which you need do with above treatments for faster results, it can help you to get rid of tan lines within 4-days. 

  • Taking a nice hot Bath will help you reduce your tan lines.
  • Use the moisturisers which contain AHA in it, ts very effective to avoid tan lines.
  • Going to the hot pools is very useful for fading away from the tan lines from your skin.
  • If you also want some fun with your treatment then rolling around in the sand on the beach can help you to remove tanned skin.
  • Use baby oil to moisturise your skin because it’s very useful to fight against any impurities.
  • Taking weekly Spas to improve overall skin relaxation.
  • Take a Sauna bath once every two weeks.
  • Using Body Scrubs more frequently.

Frequently asked Q&A:-

How can you avoid tan lines?

So, let me share some tips with you so that you can prevent tan lines on your body at the first place.

  • Wear protective clothing with longer sleeves and higher necklines, to prevent sun damage to the skin.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking dark sunglasses every day.
  • Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30+ and make sure to apply it to all exposed skin. ( SPF: Sun Protection Factor, which refers to the ability of the lotion to screen out UV rays )
  • Quitting Tea and Coffee: They contain caffeine which is obviously not that good for your health (excessive consumption of anything is harmful).Warm water-lemon juice-1 tbsp Honey: include this in your daily routine as the only “BEVERAGE”.Have it in the morning after brushing your teeth and do not eat anything within 30mins after it. will be tough for the first few days, but you will soon see the results, your skin will start glowing. Your body will get detoxicated. It will change your complexion, aid in weight loss or management of your weight, prevent cold and coughs, sore throats, citric acid helps in preventing cancer and many more diseases,(You can always GOOGLE it ) and if you have diabetes, or are already obese, please avoid the honey.
  • Fuller’s Earth: Fuller’s Earth also known as (MULTANI MITTI in Hindi) helps to soak up oils, it is perfect for those who have acne-prone oily skin. The minerals including lime, alumina and iron oxides present in
    Multani Mitti can give you a fair complexion. Fuller’s Earth is a mixture of montmorillonite minerals and bentonite and these minerals ensure a healthy glowing skin naturally.

What can you carry with yourself for repeated application?

  • Take some rose water in a small spray bottle. Keep some Tulsi(Basil) leaves immersed in it and store it in the refrigerator overnight. Always carry the spray bottle with you whenever you are out. Spray it occasionally on your face and other areas when you are out in the sun, this helps you to prevent tanning and keep you off from the sunburns.
    (PS: Renew the mixture every two days.)
  • What is the best face pack for guys to remove the sun tan?

For guys, you can prepare the same process as listed above for girls.