By now you would have downloaded some apps that say they provide you with 100% safety regarding protecting your private files such as photos. Yes, there are many apps available in the market but are they of any use, Not many are. What if I told you there is one such app I found it to be different from other apps available in the Play store or the App Store. I will leave you with the link to the apk file and will be guiding you through the process of downloading the apk file.

How to hide photos with Photo Locker?

What is Photo Locker?

Photo Locker developed by Perceptive Apps, lets you hide your private photos on your Android device. It is an app to keep your images secure from the eyes of your people you meet. In short, it lets you store those images which are meant only for your purpose.


You have to select photos which you want to save, and the rest will be taken care of by the app by not letting the picture enter your phone’s gallery again unless you permit those images too. Here in this article, I will be telling you how to download, how to install and set up the app on your phone. And also the features of the app.

Photo Locker app

Photo Locker by Perceptive Apps

Love showing friends your childhood memories? Want to share the picture of your current schedule with your colleagues? Want to show your kids the anime you have on your phone? But what’s the glitch? You might have some “Private” stuff. 


So here is Photo Locker, an app which lets you hide your private images and folders all under one application. Without wasting much of your time, I will tell you how Photo Locker will help you. Lock your photos instantly using either your fingerprint, pattern or pin.

Can also work on phones which do not have a fingerprint sensor. The Photo Locker does not take a lot of space from your phone; it is just under 4 MB. Perceptive Apps has different apps for every private media to be hidden.

The Photo Locker can only save your photos, but the developers of this app also have various apps like they have a video locker, call recorder, and even a Photo Editor App. But here in this article, I will be telling you just about Photo Locker. So now let’s get to the process of downloading the app.

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Photo Locker is available on the Play Store for free, and there are apk files to download the app.  You can also directly download the app from Play Store, numerous apps are going by the same name, but with the link below you will find the real Photo Locker app.

Download the Photo Locker App


To install Photo Locker directly from the Play Store, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Play Store and Type “Photo Locker”
  • Select the Photo Locker from Perceptive Apps
  • Accept the approval and allow Photo Locker to locate your photos

I guess you are ready and good to go with the app from the Play Store. To install Photo Locker for users who are below Android 4.0 click on the apk link below and follow these instructions first to allow the third-party apps to download.

  • Go to settings on your phone
  • Open Security
  • Under the Device Administration, Tap on the “Unknown Sources”
  • A warning appears, ignore it by clicking on OK.

Setting Up

Now as you are done with installing the app all, you are left with how to set up follow the below instructions, to begin with. The instructions for the app is pretty simple as and when you open the app; there is a small icon at the bottom right of the screen where the photo folders appear which are saved on your phone.

All you have to do is set an unlock key of your choice be it a password, a PIN or using a fingerprint sensor. With the following instructions, you can set different modes of passwords.

Photo Locker

With the help of a PIN

  • As and when you download the app
  • You are required to set up a six-digit PIN
  • After creating a PIN lock, it will ask you to re-enter the PIN to confirm

A PIN is used for both kinds of users those who have a fingerprint sensor phone and also for those who have an old gen phone without a fingerprint sensor.

With the help of a fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint-based unlock on supported devices: One such feature is to use the fingerprint sensor in newer devices to act as the key for second layer protection for specific apps.

  • Just as you install the app along with entering the six-digit PIN
  • You will find a small dialog box
  • Tap on it to set your fingerprint as the unlock key
  • You are also required to set up a PIN code in case you are not used to fingerprint unlocking

So these were the ways to lock the app using either PIN or your fingerprint sensor.

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How to save images?

Things will start looking easy as and when you get on with the Photo Locker app. Now let me take you through how to hide your images.

  • Firstly you will find a screen which says that you have no items.
  • At the bottom right of the screen, there is an icon
  • Click on it to explore image folders.
  • Click on an image/images which you wish to hide
  • After selecting the image/images folder, tap on the lock icon to proceed with the selection process
  • Then a message appears which asks you to remove the pictures from your gallery, Tap on Remove
  • Now all the images you selected are saved in the Photo Locker

Photo Locker screenshot

Some more features about Photo Locker Apk:

  • Create folders so that you can organize your private Gallery in the app
  • Select numerous images when importing
  • Photo Locker is also easy to unlock, share and delete all your unwanted photos
  • With Photo Locker Apk you can pinch and zoom while seeing your locked images in the app
  • Photo Locker does not disappoint its Spanish users as it is also available in the Spanish language

With the ongoing trend to universalize all our every digital signal into a single device, we are more vulnerable than ever. Whether it be our personal information, private photos/videos to our banking details; every information is encoded into our mobile device.

If we were to lose our mobile device and have no precautions installed; we can very well lose our digital identity. This has led to an increase in the need for digital security as well as apps that feature a unique method of identifying the user.

However, these functions are not available for older generation mobile device user. Well, not anymore. So what if I don’t have the latest smartphone, I can still use my fingerprint to lock/unlock my apps using Photo Locker.

Photo Locker setting Photo Locker app


  • What if I forget my PIN?

Keep calm; your photos are still safe with Photo Locker.

There will be an option called “Forgot PIN?”

Click on it and then you will be sent a message to your email id.

  • Where are the hidden files located?

All your hidden files are located in the folder named “Photo-Locker” in the external storage of your device.

Try not to delete the folder, deleting it might result in hidden photos also getting deleted.