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10 Proven Ways Anyone Can Look Pretty {2020]

If you rely on research, you will understand that being attractive is a huge advantage. Currently, many racial biases and environmental factors are obstructing the standard of attractiveness in our society. 

how to look pretty

In many cultures, pretty people are perceived to be smarter and more trustworthy. According to various psychological studies, attractive people are given higher ratings in dominance, social skills, and warmth.

Okay, now I know that you want to look cute every day; here are the super tips to guide you on looking pretty to have an impressive day. Now, let’s dive in!

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Why Being Pretty Matters? Why Should You Care?

According to the study published in Economics Letters, attractive men and women were more common in earning premium wages. Their level of income is considerably higher than average-looking people.

how to look prettier

This does not say that a high wage is fundamental. Instead, think of it as they are more important than you currently think. Moreover, it is no brainer to understand that you are more likely to have a crush on pretty people as physically alluring.

how to look pretty

For one, schedule my beauty sleep way before attending a big event instead of wasting it on Netflix. It makes your skin and hair better, making it one of my favorite things to do.

10 Ways For Looking Prettier Instantly

The eye of the beholder defines beauty, and everyone has their own opinion on this matter. Some men like girls with no makeup, while some love a woman with dark red lipstick. Whether she is short, tall, thin, or curvy, everyone has their preferences.

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1. Keep Your Teeth, Sparkly White

Clean white teeth are an instant indicator of excellent health. It makes you look prettier, among others. To greet another person with a mindblowing smile, make sure to grab whitening strips or other best methods to make your teeth whiter. 

how to look prettier

2. Keep Your Hair Clean

Hair plays a vital role in making you look pretty and cute. A voluminous and healthy hair indicates beauty efforts and undoubtedly makes your entire look. If you leave it with unmanageable knots and tangles, it could break your look to pieces. 

looking prettier

Some of the hair saving tips you must know are-

    • Select the best type of shampoo, mask, conditioners, and serums to get that fantastic voluminous look you’re craving for. Don’t just buy what’s attractive and best selling; instead, choose the one that suits your hair.
    • Keep your hair brushed at all times, and style them into a ponytail or a bun.
    • Avoid using styling products every day because it can weaken your hair.

3. Whiten Your Eyes

The first visual thing a guy sees in a girl most of the time is her eyes. So make sure to keep your eyes full of luster. Are your eyes brown, blue, or green using products and accessories that make your eyes pop?

how to look pretty

One of the best ways to whiten your eyes, make sure to eat and sleep at the right time. This is an instant way to keep your eyes whiter, and it will hydrate your eyes and reduce redness.

4. Gift Yourself a Pretty Manicure

Giving yourself a manicure can go a long way. By this, I don’t mean to get expensive manicures from a salon to get your nails done. But trim your nails and file them into a proper shape.

how to look prettier

If you have time to go to the salon, then that would be even more perfect. Paint your nails with a pretty color and storm out with confidence. If you don’t clean them daily or bite them hard, people will mistake you for being untidy.

5. Wear Cute Clothes

I know you are comfortable with an oversized shirt and sweatpants at home. But that cannot be taken outside. Find cute clothes that will look pretty even if that’s the last thing you want to do.

looking prettier

How to look pretty with cute clothes?

Firstly, choose the color that suits you the most. Do you look good in dark colors or something pinkish? The choice is yours. Secondly, buy clothes that fit your style, which you prefer, a basic one or a classy look.

6. Wear Vanilla

Vanilla is naturally considered an irresistible aphrodisiac. When surveyed, men concluded that vanilla has a welcoming scent like no other, and the after effect, creates a unique sensual mood.

how to look pretty

How to look pretty wearing Vanilla scent?

If you want to attract people in the right way, then vanilla’s sweet fragrance can be proven to provide you with a warm and comforting smile; most of the revealed said that it reminds them of their childhood. Some of the popular vanilla scents you can buy are from Victoria’s secret coconut passion, Britney Spears’s hidden fantasy, or Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior.

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7. Add a Little Bounce to your hair

Sometimes your hair might look lifeless and flat. This is where hair products that enhance yours might come in handy. You need to add an Oomph factor and finish it with a good hairspray for looking prettier.

how to look prettier

The way to look pretty with bouncy hair is to curl your hair into sections with a wider barrel. Mist your hair with water and add some shine spray. Finish it with a hairspray so that you look dashing.

8. Buy a Bag as a Statement Piece

Does your bag bring the x-factor out of you? If not, then it’s time to get high-quality statement pieces embossed with beautiful materials. The bag must not be boring or look worn out, so look for the one with exotic features.

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How to look pretty with a bag?

Choose the bag with an outstanding style that seems to suit you. A boring shape would not fill the matter. Color also plays a significant part in choosing the bag you’ll love. Most of all, try avoiding a bag with a lot of exterior pockets to beige color. The material should be attractive enough to look for brands like Micheal Kors, Rebecca Minkoff.

9. Wear Nude Heels

Wearing heels gives you a killer look no matter what. Whenever I wear heels, my cousins tease me that I already look tall enough. But I know I look sexy, so I use this sentence a lot “No pain, no beauty.” 

how to look pretty

One of the significant advantages of a pair of good heels is it makes your legs look lengthier and slimmer as well. But how to look pretty in nude heels? The main reason for wearing nude heels instead of other flashy colors was that it makes you appear slimmer.

So buy some nude heels, and see how great you look as it goes with everything like jeans, skirts, or pretty dresses. 

10. Wear Lipstick or Lip Gloss

Lipstick is a fantastic beauty trick to look prettier. At first, I was against wearing lipsticks because I was not that comfortable. But after watching countless Korean series, I realized how lovely it makes you look.

how to look prettier

Wearing lipstick makes you look attractive, especially if you wear something dark. It enhances your gorgeous smile, and people’s eyes naturally go to your lips, which in turn makes them think of kissing.

What are the Advantages of Being Beautiful?

Beauty is not just about how you express yourself from the inside, but men and women of all cultures agree that beauty comes from physically attractive features. This might be contrary to popular belief, and it stems from the fact that it is usually enjoyable to look at.

Here is the reason why it’s better to be beautiful:

how to look pretty

1. Pretty people are viewed as healthier

Although the scientific proof between proper exceptional facial symmetry and health is less, there is evidence that people with attractive facial features are less susceptible to illnesses. Less attractive features are linked to poor health, while facial averageness is linked to good health.

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2. Beautiful people are more intelligent

According to the studies conducted by the University of New Mexico, the researchers found that attractive people have the highest qualities in social dominance, health, and biological traits. 

3. More Persuasive

Good looking people usually use their irresistible charm to grab attention and get ahead. This is especially helpful when it comes to promotion or job interviews. Pretty people are more persuasive naturally and pose great personality traits that radiate confidence and advanced social skills.

4. Attractive Executives Make Higher Sales

A firm with sound looking executives is more likely to have higher revenues compared to others. This helps to increase productivity, and the company’s attractive workers give a competitive edge, making it easier to attract clients.

5. Great Advantage in Politics

It is a given that beautiful people have a higher advantage in politics, attractiveness prevails, and people consider them highly competent and trustworthy. Voters favor good looking candidates as they command attention in social situations.

6. It’s Easier to Find Mates  

It’s natural to want attractive women as mates because the prettiness indicates youth, reproductive fitness, and health in people. 


What do People Think about Looking Prettier? According to Research and People’s Opinion

Take a look at the screenshots to understand what people are thinking about looking prettier.

looking prettier

how to look pretty

The Bottom Line

You already know that every culture has a fantastic fascination with looking perfect. Grooming ourselves has become an inescapable part of being human, which has led to unrealistic beauty standards.

To have a lasting identity in the community, make sure to look the best on any occasion to appear more captivating. We hope you got the answer to “how to look pretty?” Make sure to comment your opinions below.


1. How to instantly improve your appearance in 3 ways?

  • Buy some clothes that can actually fit you and true to your size.
  • Take care of your hair and get it done regularly.
  • You can lose weight if you absolutely need to

2. How to look pretty naturally?

  • Prep your skin and always wash your face with a good cleanser
  • Regularly make a habit of eating carrots
  • Clean your eyebrows
  • Moisturize your face
  • Use foundation or concealer


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