How To Make a Blog That Search Engines Will Love

When learning how to make a blog or website, you also need to recognize the need your blog or website to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. What this means is that you not simply make your blog or website easier to be start on search engines, although also make it more appropriate to be viewed by visitors. Therefore today I am going to share few tips on how you are able to make a blog for search engine dominance.

How to make seo friendly website/blog

  • Identify Target Keyword and Long-Tail Keyword of your Niche

Building a blog that’s built for SEO starts with Keyword Research. Choosing the best as well as suitable keywords for your blog is most important to make it easier for you to optimize your blog or website on search engines. If you are not recognizable with researching keywords for a blog or website, reading this beginners guide should give you a better idea on how to essential it is as part of the SEO procedure.

  • Write article using Chosen Keywords

Once you are done with your research, you now need to write article using your chosen keywords. It is best to optimized for one keyword for every page of your blog to maximize their visibility on search engines. And, you should keep the keyword density of the page within 5%. Most significantly, the keyword should be naturally included into the content- adding the keyword where it should not be concessions readability.

  • Use Heading

To start the hierarchy of information offered on your blog’s pages and inform search engine spider about the consistency among your headline and article, you require using heading tags. For every page, use the <H1> tag once. Also try to include the target Keyword of the blog page on your header as well.

  • Build Sitemap

This XML file has all the readable pages on your blog. Once the pages of your blog have been incorporated in the sitemap, search engine spiders will get it easier to index the pages. As a result, user or visitor will be able to find your blog on Google and Yahoo, among others.


To make a sitemap, go to Sitemap Generator and enter your blog URL. Once you have downloaded the generated sitemap, upload it on your Google Webmaster tools (on the left sidebar>Click on Crawl>Sitemap). This will work only if you have registered your blog on Google Webmaster Tools.

If your blog runs on wordpress, the process will be much simpler. Download the YWSP ( Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin) and enable the XML sitemap functionally. The plugin will be automatically generated and update the sitemap for you.

  • Decrease the Loading Time

According to me and many pro bloggers, a blog only has 10 second to make an impression to users or visitors. Once the blog loads the 10 second mark, the visitor has great chance of leaving. So, a fast loading blog is essential if you want huge visitor to stay and check out the pages of your blog.