The coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of issues and challenges for the world this year. Aside from being a healthcare crisis and an overall disaster for those affected, COVID-19 has also impacted us economically. While the world’s economy was hit not as hard as it was predicted initially, the impact is quite evident and perceivable, it’s not all that negative. In fact, the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have managed to pull out some great new things that are either about to become normal or are already a part of our daily routine. One of such things is working remotely.

How to Make Money as a Translator and Work from Home

The Phenomenon of Remote Work

Everything is relevant and personal, of course, and so is the remote work mode. While some may definitely say it’s not good for them as it can create lots of distractions, additional stress, and a rather hostile environment at work, thus, being rendered impractical. However, on the other hand, remote work has been proven to be pretty effective if approached properly. First and foremost, remote work gives the person freedom and complete control over what they do and how much they do. This, in turn, enables complete control over one’s salary. And this is where we get to working remotely as the translator.


The point is that, in fact, a lot of translators do not find the remote mode of work new as many of them worked like that in the past at some point and not much has changed for some since the lockdown. According to the most popular translation hub, a translator’s job can be easily adjusted to the work-from-home model and can seriously increase your salary compared to the work-from-office work. Here are some of the best options that will allow you to do exactly that.

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Working as a solo freelance translator. This mode of remote work has, perhaps, the greatest potential of all options but it requires the most effort in order to realize that potential. Working as a freelance translator basically makes you the boss to yourself and the only person that can interfere with your workflow is your customer. However, considering that you’re your own boss, you have the complete freedom to pick your customers. This also concerns the prices you set for your customers and the most important thing here is to find the balance and neither overcharge nor undercharge.


Working for the translation agency. This option is quite comfortable as you don’t have to bother to search for the clients or think about prices. Yet, this exact lack of freedom can, in fact, be quite harmful if you think about it. You can’t really influence your salary and the amount of work you do. At the same time, working remotely as a full-time translator for an agency can also be great for compensating for this lack of freedom as you’re able to manage your time at work and make it as efficient as it can go.

Working with the translation platform. This is a sort of a blend between the two previously mentioned options. On one hand, you have all the work and customers provided to you by the said platform. On the other hand, the prices for that work are pretty flexible and you can take as much work as you can handle. The platforms are quite diverse, so you might want to check out the best-certified translation services online to see whether the one you found is worth applying to. Some may not offer really great prices, while others may not allow you to pick all the jobs available and fit for you. So, while the option seems to be quite comfy, the degree of comfortability largely depends on your choice.


Combination. Although the platform option is a combination already, there’s no limit to perfection and you can always combine the work at an online platform with solo freelance or a full-time job. Or you can combine the full-time job with solo freelance. The main idea here is to find your personal balance that will make your workflow as productive as possible as only this way you’ll be able to maximize your income.

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Vast Opportunities

Working remotely as a translator creates numerous opportunities for you. You can be the boss for yourself, you can switch between the familiar and trivial work for you and the new and undiscovered kinds of work, you can control your salary, and, finally, you can control your time. While it all seems to be perfect and shiny, not all glitter is gold and you have to make a considerable effort for the remote mode of work to actually work for you and not backfire with the excessive amount of work or underestimated labor.