How to make money on OnlyFans as a Man ~ Fully working methods

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service and is one of the fastest-growing platforms owing to its creator-friendly approach.

What exactly does the word “OnlyFans” remind us of? Girls? Censored content? Explicit content? Paid content? Well yes, you are right! 

Table of Contents
  1. The simplest ways to get started on OnlyFans
    1. Here are some basics of Creating an Effective OnlyFans Account:
      1. 1. Keep the username short & simple:
      2. 2. Delivering something different & unique:
      3. 3. Use the keywords.
      4. 4. Upload a captivating profile picture:
      5. 5. Promotion of your profile:
  2. Onlyfans Men’s Content Inspiration: Find your own Niche
    1. 1. Cooking
    2. 2. Fitness
    3. 3. Fashion
    4. 4. Comedy
    5. 5. Music
    6. 6. Modeling
    7. 7. Cosplaying
    8. 8. Being a Gay Man
    9. 9. Sell your Feet pictures
  3. Growing your Audience on OnlyFans: What should men do differently? 
    1. 1. Social media marketing and Paid advertisements
    2. 2. Keep an eye on other creators’ techniques and tactics.
    3. 3. Finding your field of interest
    4. 4. Use of social media platforms for the promotion
    5. 5. Call-to-Action Sandwich
    6. 6. Post pictures on Reddit
    7. 7. Reward those who tip you or follow you
    8.  8. Get paid for reviews
    9. 9. Join the Community of OnlyFans Content Creator
  4. Guidelines for Launching a Successful OnlyFans Career Without a Big Following:
    1. 1. Collaboration with fellow content creators and sponsorship
    2. 2. Promote your products and merchandise.
    3. 3. Reduce prices and Offer discounts
    4. 4. Be creative. Create ads.
    5. 5. Tips
    6. 6. Pay-per-View Content
  5. Earning really big with OnlyFans? Who are they?
  6. Alternative to OnlyFans:
    1. 2. Unlockd:
    2. 3. AdmireMe:
    3. 4. Fansly:
    4. 5. Fancentro:
  7. Takeaway:
    1. Launch Your OnlyFans Career Today!
  8. FAQs
    1. Is it possible to earn money on OnlyFans while being anonymous?
    2. For men, is OnlyFans worth giving a try?
    3. Do I need to pay OnlyFans after creating an account and earning money through it?
    4. What is the average of male content producers?
    5. What kind of content am I supposed to create which would attract more subscribers?
    6. How do I promote my Onlyfans account?
    7. Who is the highest-paid male on OnlyFans?
    8. How can I be found on OnlyFans?

Do you know that Men too can make money on OnlyFans? Yes, you heard that right! Even though OnlyFans has huge money-making opportunities for females, men too can earn through the platform. 


Your next question might be, How? To answer that in brief, let’s get started. 

The simplest ways to get started on OnlyFans

Most creators are familiar with the working mechanics of OnlyFans – you roll out exclusive (mostly adult) content, upload it and generate income out of it based on the number of people who are interested in accessing your content.

Starting with a successful and well-planned account on OnlyFans is essential as an effective account would be lucrative in giving the beginning boost to your OnlyFans journey. 

Here are some basics of Creating an Effective OnlyFans Account:

1. Keep the username short & simple:

  • Opting for usernames that are short, simple, and easy to remember is a good way to start.
  • When we look at the usernames of some top-rated creators on OnlyFans like Pia Mia, Nikocado Avocado, and Reno Gold we can see that they are all unique, short, and simply inspired by their official names.
  • Anonymity too can be regarded as a criterion when choosing usernames.

2. Delivering something different & unique:

  • Creating and posting content that already are available won’t attract much attention.
  • Think out of the box! Deliver contents that are unique and to the point.
  • Audiences for both men and women are different. Imitating the content created by women would be futile. Understanding the algorithm is the key. Make the content that would be ideal from a men’s point of view.

What an ideal OnlyFans profile should look like?

  • What is the key to more and more subscribers? A good, to-the-point, and captivating profile.
  • A unique profile equals more audience. People buy what they see. The first impression should say it all.

For more, skip to: Growing your Audience on OnlyFans: What should men do differently?

3. Use the keywords.

  • Be mindful of what you want to/can offer. Mention only those points.
  • Remember to mention all the social networking site links you use in your profile.

4. Upload a captivating profile picture:

  • A good profile picture can leave a long-lasting impression.
  • As the saying goes, “Your first impression is your last impression”. Go for something that strikes like lightning.
  • Be you! Faking won’t take you a long way!
  • Make sure to describe yourself in the best possible way.

5. Promotion of your profile:

  • Always remember to link your OnlyFans account to various social media sites like Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Facebook, etc.
  • Make sure your content reaches the target audience. Social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter come with NSFW options, which makes things easier.
  • SFW (Safe for Work) content can be promoted on sites like Instagram and TikTok which would help the audience to take a sneak peek of your profile
  • Uploading your content on different social media sites will serve as a teaser to your OnlyFans account.

Onlyfans Men’s Content Inspiration: Find your own Niche

OnlyFans presents unique opportunities for all creators, both males and females. 

Be mindful while uploading your content. Sticking to your niche is the best possible way.

Study the trends, and opt-out of stuff that would be easy and hassle-free to create. Study the statistics and traffic on your account. This would help you develop a deep understanding of what the audience wants.

Here are some of the most popular and lucrative niches.

1. Cooking

  • By selecting cooking as your niche on OnlyFans, you can share cooking tutorial videos and recipes. You can share pictures of the dishes you’ve experimented on as a chef and attract subscribers by regular posting.


  • This niche can also be convenient for creators who don’t wish to upload adult content.
  • GrandMaster Chef Jojo is one of the chefs who make money on OnlyFans with his passion for flavors and immaculate plating.

This niche can also be convenient for creators who don’t wish to upload adult content.

2. Fitness

  • Fitness as a niche on OnlyFans can be really helpful for creators who don’t plan on rolling out adult content like nudes or anything sexually explicit.
  • For instance, an OnlyFans creator named Jono Castano is an exclusive fitness creator. You can scroll through his profile and gain inspiration for the niche of fitness.

3. Fashion

  • Another common niche on OnlyFans is focused on fashion and beauty, where creators share styling tips, grooming tips, makeup tutorials, and product recommendations.
  • This niche attracts subscribers who are keen on learning the latest trends and tips for styling themselves in a better manner.
  • Fashion has been growing in terms of popularity among men due to the recent elevation in masculine-oriented fashion trends and hence can be really successful as a niche for male content creators.

4. Comedy

  • Stand-up comedians are fastly emerging as successful earners on OnlyFans. There is an increased demand for adult jokes on social media which are banned on SFW sites like Instagram.
  • Hence, people are switching to OnlyFans for the same purpose.

5. Music

  • The music industry is really popular and vast with music of different genres in the spectrum.
  • You can produce your own music and share it through OnlyFans or you can share renditioned versions of existing popular songs.
  • Safaree Samuels, who is a Jamaican-African rapper, is one the highest-earning men on OnlyFans across the globe.
Safaree Samuels

6. Modeling

  • It’s a growing trend that has exploded in popularity among content producers, offering them the opportunity to earn fair payment for their modeling work.
  • Creators who are working as models also have the advantage of diverting their OnlyFans subscriber base as a source of work opportunity in their modeling career.

7. Cosplaying

  • Cosplay content is focused on the idea of imitating a specific and mostly popular character from a movie or any TV show.
  • Adopting cosplaying as your niche can be really helpful in building up the loyalty of your subscribers because of your shared interests in a particular character.

8. Being a Gay Man

  • OnlyFans has a lot of successful gay creators also. Not all of the male creators on OnlyFans are straight.
  • By keeping an orientation towards the same sex, you can market your content the way women creators do, that is for male subscribers.
  • Ben Dudman is a popular OnlyFans creator who rolls out exclusive content for gay men. And the bottom line is he’s himself straight. Hence there’s no shame in being a gay man to earn some extra bucks.

ben dudman

9. Sell your Feet pictures

  • In the adult industry feet fetish is a very popular thing nowadays. According to a credible source Outlook, it was found out that Feet pictures can sell from $5 up to $100.
  • You can upload pictures of your feet on OnlyFans and get paid either through pay-per-view content or subscription-based content.

Growing your Audience on OnlyFans: What should men do differently? 

Onlyfans is one of those grounds where, if the content is done right, can grow in a very less amount of time. Even though being a male OnlyFans user can be difficult to extend a wide reach, it sure isn’t impossible. 

If your marketing techniques aren’t efficient enough, even the best content goes unseen. And no content creator likes mediocrity. (I mean what’s the point of doing something so out of the ordinary if you’re not an ace in it.) 

Now, what can men do differently, or similarly to those tactics of women on Onlyfans to gain followers, extend a reach and be, if not the best, at least known for your content? 

1. Social media marketing and Paid advertisements

Celebrities on OnlyFans are making a lot of money as a part of their regular income. 

But how is it that people who don’t really have an audience either are making money on Onlyfans? 

The answer is recognition. These people are recognized in one way or another because of their content. May it be liked or hated in general, people still recognize content that is eccentric to their taste and showcase their interest via interacting with the content. 

(Always remember even negative attention is still attention in the case of content. But do take opinions and feedback and work on it!) 

You can inculcate your Instagram or TikTok account into your OnlyFans activity and try to give a sneak peek into what you offer with your OnlyFans. That way, people will know what exactly to look forward to if they subscribe to your Onlyfans. 

When they are present on multiple social media sites where you are actively interacting with your followers and the audience somewhere, you will see an amazing upscale growth of your Onlyfans account. 

People who tend to see similar content on multiple sites usually tend to grow a liking towards the content and try to find more of the same creator on different platforms and that’s exactly what you need. 

(Bonus tip- Have a side hobby. So when people see your content which is different from that of Onlyfans, you attract a different fanbase, and when you see you on Onlyfans too, they wouldn’t have expected it. Hence curiosity peaks, and suddenly your fanbase is viewing you on Onlyfans too. For example- Gym content on Instagram, different content on Onlyfans.)

2. Keep an eye on other creators’ techniques and tactics.

Since every field of work has already been touched by humans, there’s obviously someone who has mastered the art of gaining followers on Onlyfans as a man. 

Even if you don’t like the content creator, it’s always good to learn from the best, hence keep a watch over their activities. What they say, how they do it, and what are the alternatives. What are your strengths and what are you lacking?

Especially from those creators who have already been successful in generating considerable income out of the platform. 

I’ve listed some of the Men on OnlyFans That People Subscribe to the most on OnlyFans, along with their OnlyFans profile links here.

Click here to skip to: Who Are Some of the Hottest Subscribed Men on OnlyFans?

3. Finding your field of interest

Any content creator in general must identify what the audience likes, what is the demand out there, and how people perceive it or react to it, because at the end your stability or growth depends on your audience reach and fan following. 

Onlyfans is no longer an only-adult content site, it has expanded it reach to various other categories 

For instance, from adult content to podcasts, cooking, and training videos. Fitness and nutrition is also a popular search category on OnlyFans. 

So explore your field of interest, and put in efforts to grow in it extensively. Always remember criticisms are the easiest way to find opinions of what the audience asks for. So take them positively and work on being better.

4. Use of social media platforms for the promotion

Many Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok creators or even Twitter users are seen promoting their OnlyFans accounts on their social media handles. In fact, there are over 1.4 million followers on OnlyFan’s Twitter account, Twitter being the only social platform that OnlyFans directly connects users to through the website.

onlyfans twitter

Famous OnlyFans creators have Twitter accounts with excellent engagement and hundreds of thousands of followers, like Amouranth, who has 1.1 million Twitter followers.

According to Max Thrusts, an OnlyFans creator, Once you start building fans, the creator’s page is featured and suggested to others. $100 a day is easy. 200 fans at $14.99 make that. He says that self-promotion on social media is crucial.

max thrusts qoura

Hence redirecting an already accomplished fan base from a social media platform, say Instagram or Youtube is quite the trick for generating a handsome income from regular subscriptions on OnlyFans. 

5. Call-to-Action Sandwich

A famous YouTuber Mike Vestil termed a certain technique the Call-to-action-sandwich which is basically a creator catering to what people like to take action on.  

When you start using certain keywords on YouTube or Instagram, you can leverage the situation by actually making the audience want more. That way you can peak the audience’s interest in more such content and gain attention. 

Phrases like “If you want to see more of my exclusive content, you can privately contact me through my OnlyFans” really help in igniting curiosity amongst the audience, ultimately leading them to your OnlyFans payment portal. 

Smart? Not entirely. Because curiosity dies after they see your content. That’s when you need to have something for them to keep coming back to. That way you are assured of regular audience flow. 

6. Post pictures on Reddit

Reddit acts as one of the biggest promoters of Onlyfans content since people extensively promote themselves on no-restriction platforms. Reddit gives good liberty to mature content posting therefore People take advantage of this benefit. 

Reddit does a good job with the anonymity of the commenter, Exclusivity of the content, and inviting a better reach through random recommendation posts.

7. Reward those who tip you or follow you

Being Interactive with your fanbase is only one of the best ways to grow your reach extensively. People usually think celebrities are out of their reach and won’t respond to their messages, so when you do it, it overwhelms them and cultivates a loyal and strong fanbase. 

(One of the big reasons why celebrities follow their fan pages.)

ryan onyfans

Also, be sure to send exclusive rewards, whether it’s an exclusive video or photo, a funny meme, or even a complimentary invitation to an online event that you’re hosting. Exclusivity helps make your fans feel special and important.

 8. Get paid for reviews

Making money from offering reviews is a common revenue-collecting practice in recent years. Most models, specifically males, will pay high amounts to have their content reviewed by OnlyFans creators. It’s true that it isn’t for everyone and does involve receiving nudes which can help generate further tips in paid DMs.

9. Join the Community of OnlyFans Content Creator

There are many Reddit groups and Instagram pages dedicated to supporting Onlyfans. Joining these communities allows you to build relationships with other members and get access to information that may lead to future business opportunities.

The best part is that most communities allow you to create your own subforum where you can market yourself, your work, and Onlyfans. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your brand, earn passive income from your fans, and connect with other people who share your interests.

Guidelines for Launching a Successful OnlyFans Career Without a Big Following:

1. Collaboration with fellow content creators and sponsorship

Collaborating with other content creators and Sponsoring other products and services is a great way to earn some extra money on OnlyFans.

Similar to Affiliate Marketing, creators here too, promote and advertise others’ products by collaborating with various businesses and influencers.


In such collaborations, creators are either paid a fixed amount of fee or given a percentage of sales generated through that collaborative effort.

chase demoor

Collaborating with other creators and models is another strategy to gain subscribers who have a thirst for new and unique content. Keeping these loyal subscribers hitched is crucial.

2. Promote your products and merchandise.

New in-app features that have been released recently on OnlyFans now enable its users to sell their customized merchandise through their Spring Store.

All you gotta do is create an account on Spring and upload your customized merchandise. The merchandise can range from stickers to apparel as the store offers 120 different products.

Showcase your creativity and earn!


Tip: Indulge in those products which your user base might find useful.

3. Reduce prices and Offer discounts

     Lure in your audience with amazing offers and deals on your merchandise.

     This is a great way to boost your earnings and grow your audience.

4. Be creative. Create ads.

You can create ads for your content or make some money by creating them for your fellow creators. It’s a great way to attract more audience to your profile.

5. Tips

Tips can be a great way to monetize your bonds with your subscribers. Convincing them is the key!

onlyfans tips

Users can send tips via private messages on OnlyFans. 

6. Pay-per-View Content

Aside from requesting tips, you can send private messages to the subscribers who can only see those contents if they pay for it. The minimum price can be set as low as $3. It would make them feel lucky 😉😉😉 for the premium, never seen before content.


Stay attentive to your subscribers and their needs. Go for a lot of paid content (PPV or Pay-per-View) that you can sell directly.


Now in order to understand this in detail, I shall provide you with a link that explains the concept clearly. Ultimate Guide To OnlyFans Features, PPV (Pay-Per-View) Content

Earning really big with OnlyFans? Who are they?

Let’s take a look at the following chart. It studies the highest-paid OnlyFans content creators and their approximate monthly income. 


The top 10 includes Tyga and Safaree Samuels are the 2 male top earners. Other rankers are women which includes both celebrities and non-celebrities.


The common factor among both types is magnanimous followers on social media platforms. 

This subscription-based platform has dug people out of financial holes, changed their lifestyles, and helped them become more confident.

The most important part is that the user has complete control over creativity and the market. One can price-point their content however they want.

Alternative to OnlyFans:

  1. MYM (Meet Your Model) for fans and creators:
  • It is a great platform to connect to your fans. Upload premium content and get paid for it.


Now, What exactly is MYM? It’s basically a French-based popular subscription-based social media platform where fans can get exclusive content from their subscribed creator and creators can keep private content behind paywalls.

2. Unlockd:

  • Unlockd is a social media platform that provides stars with the ability to convert fans into paying customers and monetize their brand and content.


3. AdmireMe:


4. Fansly:

Fansly is another great alternative to OnlyFans with a wide user base and paid content.


5. Fancentro:

Fancentro is like Instagram, but with a NFSW environment.



Launch Your OnlyFans Career Today!

The most attractive thing about OnlyFans is that one can make money once they are over that age bar i.e. 18 years old.

There will undoubtedly be customers willing to pay for your subscriptions and content, which will increase your revenue.

Being persistent is the key. 

Starting with your OnlyFans journey means committing to a new way of life.

But let’s not forget the fact that “Fame doesn’t come overnight.” 


  • Is it possible to earn money on OnlyFans while being anonymous?

You can sign up for OnlyFans anonymously. However, content producers who display their faces typically receive more subscribers.

  • For men, is OnlyFans worth giving a try?

Building a successful OnlyFans account might take some time and work, but once established, you can earn big fat money

  • Do I need to pay OnlyFans after creating an account and earning money through it?

OnlyFans charges 20% of whatever you are earning.


  • What is the average of male content producers?

There are only 30% male creators which is a plus point. You can make a mark as the competition is lower in comparison to female creators.

  • What kind of content am I supposed to create which would attract more subscribers?

Explicit and mature adult material. Nevertheless, you can also create content that features games, fitness, well-being, etc.

  • How do I promote my Onlyfans account?

Social media sites are always the best option when it comes to promoting content. A little teaser here and there and voila! You will have a huge fan base in no time.

Some sites even allow NSFW content like Reddit and Twitter.


  • Who is the highest-paid male on OnlyFans?

Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson also known as Tyga is the highest-earning male in OnlyFans.

  • How can I be found on OnlyFans?

Using third-party apps like OnlyFinder can find people on OnlyFans.

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