It may seem absurd, but one of the ways to save on purchases is to order the goods directly from the USA. This is particularly true for American cosmetics, clothing brands, and electronics. Even taking into account shipment and insurance, you can save up to 20%, and sometimes even 50% of the purchase cost. That’s why online stores with delivery from the USA gain popularity.

The reasons for the low cost are low taxes and duties, minimum government restrictions and greater business freedom. As well as tough competition, due to which the American stores not only reduce prices to a minimum, but also ensure that the goods are high-quality, and the assortment- wide. Sometimes, the quality of clothes with the same label differs significantly from the American one. Online shops in the USA provide lots of promo and sales. Of course, you can use discounts from inline services like Promocodius USA.

How to make the profitable orders in the US?
Of course, you can’t purchase everything you need in the US. Most food items and everyday products are much easier to buy near the house. The same applies to large items.


First of all, clothes. In the American shops of the world-famous brands, such as Victoria’s Secret and New Balance, the prices can be two or three times. For example, the girls’ favorite model of sneakers New Balance 420 can be ordered in America for $48.99, and even with delivery to Europe, they will cost less, than in the domestic online shops. Meanwhile, the purchase of goods in America (especially on the official website of the brand or in a well-known and trusted online store) ensures that you won’t buy a fake or defected product. Besides, the range of many brands is wider. Thus, you can find a full range of original and exclusive clothing from such brands as: Levi`s,

Michael Kors,

Calvin Klein,


You can even buy a ready-made box of clothes and accessories doe men and women at Cratejoy and save much using Cratejoy promo code.

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The fans of high-quality make-up and personal care products know such brands as:

MAC, Sephora,

Lime Crime,

Urban Decay,


and Bobbie Brown.

These and other cosmetic brands have proven to be successful on the market, but the American online stores offer the same products at lower prices. Here you can find the novelties that are not delivered to many countries. But it is worth remembering that aerosols and perfumes sold in the US online stores can’t be delivered worldwide.

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Children’s products

It is will be profitable for young parents to buy child-care products in the American online store with delivery. In the US market, you can find a lot of children’s clothes, educational games, and unusual devices, facilitating the life of the parents. Pacifiers-thermometers, hammocks for flights, hot water bottles — the list goes on. Therefore, modern moms actively visit the sites of such shops as Carter’s, OshKosh, ShopDisney, where they can buy American clothes and toys for children with delivery.

selling good in US


For the fans of the state-of-the-art electronics, delivery of goods from America is a real godsend. The last models of Apple gadgets can be purchased in the US with delivery 20% cheaper. And for some other brands, savings can be even greater (especially if you buy electronics from such large retailers as Newegg and H&B). As a rule, gadget fans are attracted by the new flagship smartphones (particularly iPhone), fitness bracelets, smartwatches and other trendy electronic devices.


Outdoor activities

Fans of hiking and tourism know that equipment is very expensive, and contact with nature can be very costly. Besides, the assortment of the local stores often leaves much to be desired, and in search of a decent tent, we often have to go to the sports hypermarket or order it online at an unfavorable price. This problem can be solved by the online stores with delivery from America, where you can buy the goods for active rest. On the Internet, you can find many similar websites with a wide choice and much more affordable prices. The most famous shops are Backcountry and Sierratradingpost, which offer hundreds of clothing brands and equipment for tourism, active rest and sports.