Recently, I went through a book where I read the stories of many successful lives and the struggle which they faced before reaching the heights of the success. A business is not like anything which is thought in the night and is established in the very next morning. It requires continuous hard work and determination. In the initial run you might get several downfalls but as your business will grow ultimately you will be like a brightening star.

Here in this article, I will also be talking about how inbound sales can garner the interests of customer and make the business visible, globally.



So, here in this article, I will tell you how you can make your business visible online. There are a number of parameters that are responsible for the success of a business and here I will be discussing these. So, let us proceed.

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: – I think this is the best technique through which you can make your business online and can also give the detail description of your company and the products. Today in this modern world every single man uses social media thereby you can think of advertising your products through this medium which create considerable amount of traffic than any other techniques.


2. WRITING BLOGS: – You can also create your own blog where you can write about your products and the benefits which it offers. It is obvious to write about the demerits as it would make consumers think that you are more concern about their comfort rather than making out money and profit.


3. CREATING VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE: – YouTube offers a great resource for marketing your company on the web. By creating some useful videos about your company and the product attracts a vast number of people and thus increase the demand for your product. Initially, you will find hurdles in your path but then you have to stay focussed in creating more and more videos. Also, you must assure that the quality of the recording must be high.


4. DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS: – You can develop relationships with your customers through E-mails. You can answer all the queries of your customers regarding the products and also you can advertise your company through this. Answering the questions of your customers always create a good impact on them and make them think that you are more concern about their comforts.

5. KNOW ABOUT YOUR COMPETITORS: – One who is running a business must be aware of their competitors and their strategies which they are following. In the business world, there is always a chance of leaking the strategies on which you are progressing and that is why it is necessary to keep your plannings known to your knowns only.


6. FOCUSING ON INBOUND SALES: – Inbound selling is a relatively new and a modern approach in the sales world. It is all about captivating the suitable customer, at the right time, by producing the appropriate content. Inbound Sales are comparatively cheaper and effective than the outbound style of selling a product. The key factors to garner customers interest is with the quality of work, brand and abundance of knowledge, which will then help you answer all of their questions.

This is the process of focusing on individual buyers, their needs and goals. As a business, it is important to prioritze buyer’s needs before your own.

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7. REATING YOUR OWN WEBSITE: – If you are good in designing the websites then through your website also you can advertise your company. If not you can ask a developer to develop it. But it must ensure that your website must look attractive as it also plays a key role in attracting the vast number of people. Then you can hire bloggers or itself you can write about your products. Make sure to give all the relevant examples which the consumers are looking for.

8. CREATE A BRANDED EMAIL SIGNATURE: – It is one of the simplest ways to making your business a successful one. You can post links to your websites on the other websites and any accolades that your company might be looking for in the email signature. This ensures the customers that you are regularly in touch with them. You can also include the social media links on your email signature through which you can advertise your product and the features which your company offers to your customers.


9. IMPLEMENTING THE 80-20 RULE: – It is one of the most common principle that every businessman follows. It states that 80% of the result comes from 20% effort. It also applies to the sales where you can earn maximum revenue. In this technique, you just have to point out which client is making out the maximum profit for your business. As you scale out you can increase your sales by sending them with additional discounts and offers on the other products.

10. BECOME AN AFFILIATE MARKETER: – Company uses many affiliate programs to boost the sale of their products out of which the most important is free to join. When you join through the affiliate link an ID is sent to you. When any customer purchases a product through this you earn the affiliate commission.

11. GOOGLE ADWORDS: – As the demand for your product increases Google automatically ranks the product and paste the links in other websites to make it more public.