Event organizations are one of the most substantial revenue-making industries of modern times. People organize events for possibly many occasions. For most, it could be a reason for celebration and to others it could be a getaway from the daily hassle of life. Event organizing has given birth to many careers, such as wedding planners, corporate event managers, and event organizers. 

Right from the naming ceremony of an infant, to weddings, to launching a high technology, event organization is the most effective way to generate revenue. However, event organization is done not just to maximize sales. It is one of the best marketing strategies to encompass the masses under one roof. 

Before we understand the essential requirements to organize a grand corporate event, let us try to understand why people do product launches

How to organise an event


When a company talks about a product launch, it is not present at the event to sell the commodity. There is a lot more that goes into a product launch than just displaying and explaining the key features of the product. Product launches are done usually by the best speaker or the creator of that product.

The best amongst thousands of employees is chosen not only to market the product but also to ensure that the presentation leaves the audience in awe. For a company, a product launch is a passionate event. It is a gathering where they sell their dream and vision and expect people to make good use of it.

A product launch carries the story of an idea and the journey everyone traveled to reach the podium. It displays the vision, mission, and goals the company stands for. One would say a product launch is like selling a part of one’s soul.

Today we shall focus on organizing product launches for corporate events. We shall understand the different aspects to be taken into consideration and what can be done to unite people of diverse interests under the same event. Let us now try to understand what goes into organizing an event.


Corporate events are usually held to celebrate accomplishments and increase networks with other companies. The color theme of the surroundings is a formal light blue or a dark grey. Corporate events are not measured by how presentable they look. Sure, that could be one of the parameters, but the critical settings are what the company is bringing to the table.

The success of a product launch can be judged by the smallest intricate details that go into making it a grand success. The first and foremost commodity required before an event commences is a tag or a custom event badges. These badges can be categorized and organized before giving away to the audience attending the event. They help in differentiating the audience from the speaker and other eminent personalities at the event. 

It could be intriguing as to how a small detail like an event badge could be a long wait, right? These badges can be used to make an audience feel special like they are the privileged customers present there. 

Last year I had been to a Comic-con. There were two kinds of tickets available for the event, namely the standard and the SuperFan. The SuperFan ticket cost me two times more than the  regular ticket. It came with a fancy badge and a bag of goodies and a bunch of other privileges that made other people rethink the decision they had made in buying the standard ticket. I have further created a framework of the aspects that go into organizing an event.


FINDING A VENUEFinding the perfect location is the first challenge that event heads face before a product launch. The venue must match the objective of the product launch. It should not be too casual or too formal that makes them swerve from the goal. The site must be in a location that is easily accessible by people to reach in time. Efforts must be made to find a venue that looks appealing rather than settling for a swank place.

It is essential that the venue is a spacious area. The best example of a product launch venue could be a stadium or a huge movie theatre. Podiums should be replaced with a large stage where the speaker can move freely. A large stage helps the speaker present the product better in a manner of consumer understanding.


TARGETING DEMOGRAPHICSIt can be surprising to the different age groups and people of variable interests that show up at a particular event. It is important to target as many age groups as possible. Adolescents and teenagers from different schools and colleges can be attracted by organizing small hackathons or competitions that lead to this event. 

The idea of skipping office might sound unethical, but everyone loves an office getaway every once in a while. By attracting working professionals to the event with the critical features of the event, there is a high probability of them showing up with their boss. Investors, retired individuals who have invested in stocks for that particular company selling the product can be attracted to post-event lunch or dinner.


SOCIAL MEDIASocial media platforms are the most powerful tools to help project a live event as they reach out to millions of people. The live feature from Facebook and Instagram are the most abundant sources where a live event can be broadcasted. The drawback of Instagram is that the live video needs to be restarted after every few hours. Events always generate more reach from the Facebook live than any other media platform.

Using these social media apps for a pre-launch is another marvelous marketing strategy. Attracting the audiences by giving them access to early bird passes, VIP tickets etc. are some of the marketing strategies that increase sales by a large margin. They are also a key feature that set the right environment for the main stage.


AFTER EVENT PARTYIndeed, most events are majorly remembered for the after-parties. Buffets and cocktails would surely bring life to a party, but should be done within the limit. A variety of starters and appetizers, welcome drinks, and a grand buffet can surely make a product launch event memorable.


GOODIES OF THE PRODUCTMost companies give away goodies with a little something in small bags. Some even offer a trial version of the product or software they are trying to sell. Offering a trial version of the product is an excellent marketing strategy. It is evident that everyone loves a little something free. If the company manages to market their product in this manner where the risk of loss is minimum to none, it does make the sales of a product a grand success.


While one company might be giving away a trial version of the product for use. Another company might release the product with all its features for free usage for a month. What I am trying to put across is that different companies have different marketing strategies. If all the above aspects are met diligently, a product launch can be a grand success. Consumers might place an order even before the product hits the shelf.