Organizing the Product Launch – The things to keep in mind to make this launch event effective

On a daily basis there are number of products that are launched in the market and it is due to the difference created by the product which catches the eyes of the customers. There needs to be always a planning in the launching of a product and the same has to be in a perfectly organized way. This is because, ‘first impression is the best impression’. There are various steps that need to be adhered so as to complete the launch in a positive way. The most important are mentioned below:

How to organise an event

  • Idea to launch the product

how to organise a successful eventFirstly, as recommended by SearchCamp “an event management company based in Bangalore, India” the plan for launching the product has to be decided along with the location as well. For instance, the event of launching of the new model car could be arranged at a popular hotel. Also, a unique way to launch it would be to visit corporate office. The whole concept is to inform the people about the availability of the product.


  • List the source through which the launch is intimated

Getting noticed through the social media would be the next step to make the launch much apt and explosive. As this is the forum through which most of us keep getting connected with each other. In a way it would be word of mouth advertisement done for the product through the messages that are passed on between the groups on social media. There can be advertisements placed on these channels as well. The only point to be kept in mind that the reach should be to those people who are interested in the product and the statistics would be to zero down on those who revert to the advertisement.

  • The location should be accessible

Tip and tricks for perfect product launch eventIf the product launch has to reach people then it should be done in such a place where it is accessible. The case which we spoke about above, with regard to the car launch, the customers who would have made the purchases in the car industry could be invited so that they know about the car launch. When it comes to less heavy products, like the introduction of the cosmetics, the same can be launched in the event by inviting the celebrities, especially, the cinema stars who would add to the launch being recognized even more than it would do otherwise.

  • The Freebie given along with the other products

Organize product launch eventThere can be a free gift given to those who attend the event and also sell them with the low value online as that would again induce more business this way. This can be termed as the micro-economics terminology, wherein the products could be under the list of sample registration cost. There was a sale of a lip balm very recently in an online store and the same was valued at Re. 1 as a revolutionary and introductory offer. There were hundreds of people who never used lip balm, who wanted to just order it for the sake of the price that was introduced. Now, eighty to ninety percent of the people have turned to be the customers of the product.


The product launch event is an important aspect while introducing the new product and forms the platform for the demand accordingly in the long run.


  • Check for your Counterparts in the business

The most important aspect would be to know your competitor and his product. This would be a learning lesion for you to improvise your product and introduce something that is missing in the competitor’s product or to go a step ahead with the process and give a different product. This is something that needs to be highlighted in the product launch. This kind of marketing would favor the sales and would be easier to understand and hold the market with you accordingly.