how to ping a phone

How to Ping a Phone When it’s Lost (Complete Guide)

Smartphones have made our lives easier since their development. It is a must-have item as you can check emails, messages, and store other important information. You might not be that careful about the lifesaving phone, but once you lose it, only then you’ll realize how much your day can turn into a nightmare.

how to ping a phone

From precious information to bank account information, we store everything in the smartphone, so if you face an ugly situation like this, here’s the solution. All you need to have is a strong internet connection to follow the relevant steps mentioned below.

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Find My Device

It is an incredible tool that helps in tracking your lost phone. To track your device installation is not necessary; all you need to do is make sure that your Android device is in connection with your Google Account. After visiting the official website, you can ping a phone to track your lost device automatically.

How to Find Your Lost Phone Easily With Google and its Associated Services?

Here are the effective steps to find your phones using the easy step -Find My Device

how to ping a cell phone

Firstly make sure you fulfil the requirements such as:

  1. Whether your device is connected to a Google account.
  2. Have a super-fast internet connection.
  3. Make sure to allow the “Find My Device.” If it’s not on, it can be changed in Google Settings app.
  4. Also, allow “Find My Device” to erase all its data and lock your device. This feature will be turned off on your device by default. 

All you need to have is a seamless internet connection so that the location can be transmitted. If you have an active WiFi connection, getting the best results quickly is a given. One of the fantastic things about using this app is there is no need to install the app to track devices.

The only thing you need to take care of is whether your Android phone is connected to a Google account. If turned on, connecting to the internet is easy. You can visit the Find My Device website, and the site is prone to track your lost phone in a matter of minutes. 

If, by chance, you have multiple devices, make sure to choose the right one so that you can track down the lost phone. Moreover, Google has released new updates where you can type “where is my phone” on the search page. A little map is immediately displayed on the search results where you can easily find the lost Android phone.


Why Should You Secure Your Phone With a Lock Screen?

Losing your phone can happen in the blink of an eye. Even the smallest bump in the mall can make you miss the phone. To avoid the stressful experience, make sure to secure it with a substantial lock screen. 

To increase your many folds’ security, make sure to turn on your passcode or fingerprint authentication lock. Nowadays, advanced technology has made way for new ways to secure the phone.

Avoid using facial recognition technology as a safety standard on your Android Device because this technology can be easily rigged with even a simple photo. 

Make sure to create a strong passcode other than your birth year, and don’t forget to set fingerprint authentication. This can be quickly done by navigating to settings up.

It is annoying to open the phone with a passcode every time, but it is satisfying to think someone will not readily have access to your bank email data. 

This step reduced the impact of exposing your sensitive data to a stranger. 


How Does Google’s Find My Device Work?

Follow the below steps to make sure to find your device any time by pinging a phone.

how to ping a cell phone

  • Ensure that “Find My Device” is turned on Settings→ Security & location → Find my Device to turn it on
  • Next, make sure to turn your location on Settings → Security & Location → Location → Turn on location

If you have a Samsung mobile, you can turn on “Find my Mobile” for improved results. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Settings → Biometrics & Security → Find my Mobile and turn it on
  • To improve the location accuracy, Settings→ Biometrics & Security → Location and click on improve location accuracy

How To Ping A Phone To Find Your Lost Phone?

Here are the top three ways you can ensure your mobile’s safety and find them without any complications.

Tracking the location of your phone using Google Maps

This function shows you the last location your phone was available. To turn it on-

Click on

Sign in with your Gmail account

On the map, you can see all the locations where your phone was found. If you lost the phone, it is bound to show the last known location if available.

ping a phone

The three ways to make this work are-

Make your phone ring: This feature allows you to ping a phone even if it is on silent or vibration mode.

Erase your phone: If you lost your Android phone and are worried about someone else accessing your data, this feature allows you to erase the important data remotely. It makes sure you protect the personal info easily.

Lock Your Device: Make sure to lock your device using the current pin or create a new one.

If all these features are not working, it is because your phone has a poor network connection. But don’t lose hope, so kee truing, and once the network is back, it will show up on the map.

Finding Your Phone With Bluetooth Tracker

After misplacing your phone, you know that you left your phone somewhere but can’t seem to remember. If that’s the case, Bluetooth trackers provide an extra layer of much-needed protection.

how to ping a phone

Nowadays, they are available in different settings like Tile. To get it started, all you have to do is sync your phone with one of the trackers. This helps find the phone temporarily, and then the tracker triggers an alarm to find it quicker.

Finding your phone with a smart home speaker

Misplacing your phone under the cushions or on the way to the kitchen is very common. Even I have done it many times.

The ideal solution for this is to use smart speakers. Ensure that your smart speaker is connected with the account you are signed in to, and it will help you find the phone.

All you need to say is, “Okay, Google, Find my phone.” Immediately your speaker will confirm if the device is nearby and make it ring. This is another effective method if you ever want to know how to ping a phone when it’s lost.

How To Track Down Your Lost iPhone?

The iPhone is expensive, and when it’s lost, it breaks your heart. So to successfully find them when it’s lost, you can find it by tapping on the Find My app option.

how to ping a cell phone

You can find the app in the lower-left corner, and all you have to do is tap on it. Then it displays all the possible locations where your Apple drive was last seen on a map.

After tracking down the phone, there are even more options where it helps you find it. If you tap on play sound, your phone will emit a pinging sound. Moreover, it also provides driving directions according to the device’s location.

Mark Device as Lost

Another method is if you don’t find your phone, activate the option Mark as Lost to display contact information if anyone finds it. 

Using a Family Member’s Device

This is another feature that enables family sharing. With an iPad or iPhone of a family member, you can find the missing device. All you have to do is tap the entry for your phone, and it will play a sound. Once you get the direction, you can find, or you can erase the data for safekeeping.

What are the Pros and Cons of Tracking Feature on Phones? Will it help you Stay Cautious?



  • Useful for emergency services
  • Privacy concerns
  • Can find your friends location easily in a crowded place
  • Third-party users will take advantage to send targeted ads
  • Ensures child safety
  • Potential thieves can get detailed information on your check-ins.

What Do People Think About “How to Ping a Phone When it’s Lost?” According to Internet Research and People’s Opinion

Here are the screenshots from the people who have personally used the feature to find their lost phone. 

how to ping a cell phoneping a phone

The Bottom Line

This is easy to find your lost phone. The most important thing you need to make sure of is whether you have an internet connection and are connected to a Google account. One of the more realistic things you can do is block your phone until you find it.


1. Can you track my lost phone if someone made a factory reset?

If your phone is factory reset, then NO, you cannot track your phone. Unless you have a third party tracking app like Cerberus, you cannot locate it anymore.

2. Can you locate my device if someone changed the sim card?

Even if someone changes your SIM card on your phone, you can track the phone is connected with your Google account.


If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!

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