How to Record Videos Online with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

Movavi Screen Capture for Mac allows you to capture all kinds of screencast by recording your desktop. It is a software that you want to have if you own a technology blog, for example, a software blog that reviews all kinds of software. It gives you the ability to highlight your mouse cursor and add sounds to your mouse clicks. You can record your voiceover and explain about the features of the software you are reviewing with the microphone option. You should first check your microphone and test it by speaking a few words to make sure it is working properly. How to record video online on mac osRecording a software tutorial with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac is easy. You must first download Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac and make sure it is activated with the activation keys sent to your email so that the locked features will be unlocked. When Movavi Screen Capture Studio launch, you must click the Select button and click on the application you want to review with the cross mouse cursor.

If you hover your mouse cursor on the outline of the recording frame, it will turn into a resize cursor which means you can drag and resize the frame to your preferred resolution. Movavi Screen capture for Mac is able to record all the functions that you access on the application. Movavi Screen Capture for Mac includes a free yet powerful video editor that allows you to edit your video and the soundtrack you recorded during the screen recording. online video capturing for mac

It is easy to add text like thank you for watching at the end of the video. You can also add some introduction text at the beginning before the tutorial part start to play. Subtitles can also be added if you want to provide a clearer explanation to your audience. You can add a soundtrack to play anywhere on the timeline. You can add one or more soundtracks to the video. If you feel that you can’t hear the voiceover you just recorded, you can adjust the volume by clicking on the Audio tab. The Audio tab is identified as a musical note icon. When you open the Audio tab, you will see a list of audio tracks added on the timeline. You should select the audio track that you want to increase the volume level and click on the speaker icon to adjust it to the appropriate audio level.


screen recording software for mac osMovavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac can also be used to record any online chats that you have with your friend on a messenger like Skype. Skype does not provide an option for you to playback the video call. This could be useful especially if you need to remember the details that are being discussed with the other party in the Skype calls. Many of the popular video formats like Matroska, flash, MP4 and WMV are being supported in Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It also supports a number of audio formats like MP3, FLAC and AAC.  The only image format that it support is GIF.

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