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How to Save our Planet When Making Shopping Decisions

When it comes to what we purchase, there are often three choices that come to mind: buy nothing at all, buy a similar product that is less harmful or buy an eco-friendly product. 

For many people, buying the environmentally friendly option can be more expensive and difficult to find than other options. However, by taking some simple steps while making shopping decisions, you can make your purchases count triple towards a greener planet. Let us take a look at how we can save our world when making shopping decisions through Kimbino.

Why Are We In A Mounting Ecological Debt? 

Ecological debt is a concept in environmental economics which refers to the disparity between environmental sustainability and current consumption. In other words, all of the resources that are used now will have to be replenished for future generations’ needs to be met.

Our ecological footprint exceeds what our planet can sustainably give us by twenty times or more. 

As a result, we are accumulating enormous amounts of ecological debts, which will need to be paid with interest if we continue living beyond Earth’s limits. And if you are one of the individuals who want to make a difference to save the plants, Kimbino offers an effective solution.

To help transition society from this spiral, we need to take clear steps towards saving the planet in a systematic approach. Let’s see how businesses can help in this regard.

How Does Kimbino Help Save The Planet?

Kimbino is an environmentally friendly website designed to bring leaflets and catalogs in digital form. It focuses on ecologically distributing leaflets and inspires them to make purchases. Customers can discover great deals from favourite stores around the world. 

Instead of sending leaflets to physical mailboxes, Kimbino focuses on being an online postman for potential customers. The company is also an expert in turning electronic product feed into leaflet pages if you have a store. It shares products with the world and inspires people to make a purchase with better deals than others.

All you need to do is, give the list of your store’s branches and promotional offers within 3 days. It should be sent before the promotional offer starts. You can easily find brands providing products to reduce waste, packaging, paper, and plastic usage at Kimbino. 

How Can Businesses Help In Saving The Planet?

A company’s place in society is crucial. A corporation that helps to protect and preserve our Earth will be a valued member of any community. At the same time, an irresponsible one may find itself shut out from fruitful partnerships or even suffer damage to its reputation with consumers who care about environmental responsibility.

Firstly, businesses that rely on paper leaflets can turn to digital leaflets to make a difference. Marketing leaflets are an essential part of branding although it is considered as old fashioned. But you cannot overlook the advantages. 

Several shops think ecologically by curating the products as eco-conscious. For example, hello print is a website that offers eco flyers to market your products. With sustainability in mind, it is created beautifully. 

But compared to that, Kimbino offers special offers on Flyer Top to promote your products. 

When you apply for the flyer in Kimbino, the catalogue would appear among the top three offers from 14 days to 90 days to get customers’ attention according to the plans you choose. 

  • AliExpress is a store on Kimbino which provides discount offers on eco-friendly products. You can find environmentally friendly gift boxes, Christmas decorations, cartoons for children, and so on.

  • Making a smartphone is not always going to be an ecologically friendly process. But Apple has recently shown an outstanding commitment towards saving the planets with discounted battery replacement. Since Apple keeps on releasing new flyers and offers, you can find deals at significant discounts in Kimbino.

  • Mac Cosmetics is another brand that has taken a step towards saving the planet through recycling programs. The Mac catalogues are frequent in various deals if you want to be a part of the revolution by helping the environment.

Therefore, make sure to look for brands that offer ecological products that reduce waste and are not harmful to animals. Sometimes, questioning the brands themselves can be an excellent way to claim cruelty-free products. It is essential to invest in the right resources when looking for cruelty-free vegan products. This ensures a more ethical approach while maintaining what matters mostly- personal preference.


Overall, as an eCommerce store owner or a brick-and-mortar store, it is essential to take decisions that have positive effects on society. By turning your leaflets to Kimbino ones, you are taking a laudable initiative that lessens the environmental impact. Many businesses have already joined forces to achieve this and are taking a clear stance. It is time we change the purchasing decisions to a more ecological way

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