How to Sell Feet Pics in 2023 and Make Money

The fact that selling feet pictures in 2023 is really a thing now (also, a source of income) is not a surprise anymore.

feet-picYou might have come across a video where the anchor asks a girl about her income status and she says that she sells feet pictures online and makes money out of it! It’s 2023 and yeah things like this can be expected!

To your surprise, you too can be a feet model. Keep reading to know more! 😉😉😉😉😉


How to sell feet pics and make big money out of it?

Some people choose to sell images of their feet in the niche market in order to make money. 


Selling images of feet has the potential to bring in cash, but you should proceed with caution and knowledge. If you’re interested in selling feet pictures, then many user’s opinions research has been summarized and taken into account the following steps:

  • Recognize the market: Learn about the feet photography market by conducting some market research. Examine the online stores that people use to buy and sell this content. Find websites, social media groups, or online stores that are focused on this niche market.
  • Establish a credible web presence: Make a website where you can sell foot images. Create personal websites or accounts on social media to promote your products there. Please review the professionalism of your profile.
  • Set specific guidelines and conditions: Clarify your limitations and your willingness to make concessions. Decide if you’ll provide special photos, videos, or other requests. Establish your pricing strategy and make sure it reflects the value you are providing.
  • Connect with your target audience: By promoting your content using social media and other marketing techniques will help you to target your audience. Use relevant hashtags, take part in relevant forums, and collaborate on the go with other content creators and influencers. Here are a few suggestions:







(you can find more hashtags at the end of this article)

Most Popular Sites to Sell Feet Pictures

    • OnlyFans: OnlyFans is a platform where creators can offer exclusive content to their subscribers for a subscription fee. Notably, Blac Chyna, one of the highest-earning individuals on the platform, reportedly makes an astounding $20 million per month, as per research.

  • Patreon: Patreon is a membership platform enabling creators to offer different subscription tiers to their audience. Some creators utilize Patreon to sell or provide pictures. According to research conducted by popular YouTuber Salvador Briggman, True Crime Obsessed stands out as one of the top earners on Patreon.

  • FeetFinder:  FeetFinder serves as an exclusive marketplace for individuals interested in buying and selling foot-related media, including images, movies, and live streams. As mentioned by the renowned YouTube channel Cam Casey, selling pictures of your feet can be a quick and lucrative way to earn some extra money.

  • Etsy: It is an online storefront renowned for its handcrafted and distinctive goods. Some vendors provide specially made footwear and can even be willing to sell images of feet.
  • Instagram: Despite being largely a social media site, some users have found success selling photos of their feet by setting up a special account and luring potential customers through direct messages.
  • Feetify: It is a marketplace created exclusively for purchasing and selling content relating to feet, including images, videos, and other media.
  • ManyVids: ManyVids is most known as an online marketplace for sexual content, but it also has a section for selling fetish-related content, such as images of feet.
  • Snapchat: By setting up a premium account and providing subscribers with unique content, some people use Snapchat to sell photos of their foot.
  • Reddit: Reddit is a social media platform with a number of communities (subreddits) devoted to specific topics, such as feet and foot fetishism. You can find subreddits like r/feet pics for sale and r/feetsells where people buy and sell images of foot. Before posting or conducting any transactions, be sure to review the policies of each subreddit.
  • Twitter: Much like Instagram, Twitter allows users to set up special accounts for selling foot pictures in a safe and secure environment.
  • Clips4Sale: Clips4Sale is a popular platform for selling adult content, including foot fetish material. You can create a store and upload your feet pictures for potential buyers.
  • MyGirlFund: MyGirlFund is a social networking site that allows users to interact and sell various types of content, including feet pictures.
  • AdmireMe.VIP: AdmireMe.VIP is a subscription-based platform where creators can sell exclusive content to their subscribers. While it caters to a wide range of adult content, feet pictures are also commonly sold on the platform.
  • ExtraLunchMoney: ExtraLunchMoney is a marketplace where users can buy and sell adult content, including feet pictures. You can create listings and set your own prices.
  • ModelHub: ModelHub is a platform where creators can sell adult content, including feet pictures. It offers a range of tools for setting up your profile and managing your sales.
  • BentBox: BentBox is a content-sharing platform that allows creators to sell their pictures and videos. While it is not solely focused on feet pictures, you can create a profile and list your feet-related content for sale.
  • Fancentro: Fancentro is a subscription-based platform that enables creators to sell premium content, including feet pictures, directly to their fans.

For more skip to: Marketing strategy for solo feet pictures and group pictures

Pros and Cons of selling feet pictures online

Within the world of Internet pornographic entertainment, the sale of photos of feet has grown in popularity. According to a user on Reddit and Youtube, The pros and cons are many, let’s understand them all. Consider the following benefits and drawbacks:


  • Source to pay off your debt.
  • Save money for the future.
  • Invest the money.
  • A way to build your brand.


  • You need to be of a legal age i.e:18 years old.
  • Some customers are scammers.
  • Some people will steal your content.
  • Some customers might give negative feedback.

How to Sell Feet Pics Safely

It’s important to note that the web is a huge place and being safe should be your topmost priority! 

best-feetHere are some basic ideas that might help you to stay safe.


  1. Stay anonymous:
  • To ensure anonymity and maintain privacy, taking precautionary measures is essential.
  • Make sure that you get rid of any accessories on your body.
  • Use a background that is unknown to anyone around you, use bedsheets or false background settings.
  • Hide any tattoos or any such marking which might identify you.
  • Use a dummy name and never reveal your face.

2. Watermark your pictures:

  • Mark your pictures so that no one can use them without your authorization.
  • Know your legal rights and hire a good lawyer to help you with any legal problems.

3. Use secure payment methods:

  • Use only those payment apps which have been verified such as PayPal.
  • Avoid sharing any personal information, like your account number, or any sort of OTP.

4. Avoid accepting gifts and payments:

  • Never accept overpayments and gifts.
  • Report or return any such offers.

5. Settle payments before the delivery of the product:

  • A golden rule that you might wanna engrave in your brain is “Never deliver before you get your payment.”

Why should we sell feet pictures on fetish websites? Learn the main reasons behind it

  • The best thing about selling feet pictures is that your identity remains intact. You have all the control over your content.
  • It comes with Financial aid. All you gotta do is take some flashy pictures of your foot and look out for a buyer. Seal the deal and grab the money. It’s as easy as it sounds.
  • Self Love and Body Positivity are the two things that empower the way you look at yourself. There are people out there who are willing to spend money on those beautiful feet pictures of yours.
  • Flexibility and autonomy are the two key advantages of selling pictures. Being in control of your work world is truly empowering and offers a win-win situation. There’s nothing better than being the master of your own craft and dictating the terms of your success.
  • Know your Niche. The market for such products is full of sophisticated people. It means reliable income and easy work. The combination that we all love!

Highest-Priced Feet Images Ever Sold (2023)

Here’s a little research we did:

The person who makes the most money selling feet pictures online is Jessica Gould.

According to the New York Post, she began selling her photos of her feet after seeing an advertisement looking for female foot fetish models.

It’s true what you just read! According to reports, the Canadian woman sold images of her feet on Instagram, OnlyFans, and other platforms, earning over $90,000 in a single year.

Under the username Ms. Scarlet Vixen, the 37-year-old Canadian woman used to upload pictures of her feet to Instagram. Gould added: “I had no idea just how far into the world of fetishes I would someday find myself.”

Another one:

Another case study is from “Jenn Leach” who earns around $70k per year by selling pictures of feet. Along with promoting her pictures on tik tok, she started swirling her photograph on different social media accounts.

What is the initial investment for selling feet pics?

Depending on the strategy you select, the initial expenditure needed to sell feet pictures online can change. Here are some things to think about:

  • To shoot high-quality images: Make a note to use a professional camera, if not, a smartphone with the best camera features like iPhone 14 pro or Samsung S23. Also, remember to take pictures in good lighting to enhance your picture quality.
  • Setting: Remember to make use of a visually appealing background and a setting that’s subtle. Overdoing things might make the picture unfocused from the main object.
  • Editing Software: You can use Adobe Lightroom or any other professional app to edit the pictures. But there are many mobile applications as well to edit pictures on your phone directly.

Ideas for Photographing Feet:

As highlighted by renowned YouTuber FashionCeesta, it is crucial to adopt valuable photography practices prior to a photoshoot. To capture captivating foot images, explore natural settings such as lush grass, sandy beaches, or rocky terrains, particularly when the feet are bare. Experiment with the contrast between the textures of the surroundings and your feet for visually striking results.


  • Reflections: Play around with reflected elements like polished floors, mirrors, and water puddles. Take a picture of the reflection of the feet to add creative flair.
  • Use light and shadow to make fascinating compositions using silhouettes and shadows. To photograph the shadow or silhouette cast on a wall or surface, place the feet in front of a light source.
  • Concentrate on photographing the patterns and textures of the feet. Draw attention to intriguing patterns, such as the lines on the soles or the elaborate henna tattoo designs.
  • Observe feet in candid situations, such as when they are walking down a city street, unwinding at home, or engaging in a favorite hobby. Genuineness and storytelling can be communicated through candid photography.
  • Colorful socks or shoes: Experiment with eye-catching, eye-catching socks or shoes. To create visually arresting compositions, experiment with contrasting colors and patterns.
  • Explore symmetry by taking a photo of both feet at the same time, highlighting their lines, angles, and symmetry. Pay close attention to the framing, negative space, and composition.

Tips for lighting in feet photography?

  • Utilize natural light as much as you can because it tends to produce a gentle, pleasing glow. For warm and calm lighting, take pictures next to windows or outside during the golden hours (early in the morning or late in the afternoon).
  • Diffused Light: To prevent harsh shadows and unbalanced lighting when photographing inside, use diffused light sources. Softboxes, umbrellas, or sheer curtains can assist with light diffusion and produce a more aesthetically pleasant impression on the feet.
  • Reflectors: For controlling light, reflectors are fantastic instruments. To eliminate shadows and get a more even exposure, bounce light from the opposite direction onto the feet using a white reflector.
  • Light Angles: Play around with various lighting setups to discover the best lighting for photos of feet. While backlighting can produce a more dramatic and artistic appearance, side lighting can highlight the shape and texture.
  • Avoid Direct Flash: Direct flash frequently results in harsh and unpleasant images. Consider utilizing an off-camera flash with a diffuser if you must use artificial lighting, or bounce the flash off a reflector or ceiling to soften the brightness.
  • LED Lighting: LED lighting is a mobile and movable solution. For your foot photos, you may create a fanciful and enchanted ambiance with tiny LED panels or even fairy lights.
  • Light Color Temperature: Pay attention to the light source’s color temperature. Color temperatures of various light sources vary.

Marketing strategy for solo feet pictures and group pictures

It’s crucial to use a professional and ethical approach when promoting images of feet. The following actions can help you create a marketing plan for selling pictures of feet:


  • Identify your target market: Determine who your ideal clients are. Are artists, foot fetishists, or other particular groups your target audience? You can better personalize your marketing efforts if you are aware of your audience.
  • Establish a credible web presence: Create a website or social media page where you may post images of your feet. Make sure your branding, layout, and content are all consistent and aesthetically pleasing.
  • High-quality photography: To get high-quality pictures of your feet, either get a nice camera or hire a pro. Photos that are clear, well-lit, and aesthetically beautiful will draw customers and boost your chances of closing deals.
  • To safeguard your privacy and stop unauthorized usage of your content, think about adopting an alias or watermarking your photographs. Make sure your terms and conditions for the usage and dissemination of your photos are crystal clear.
  • Get your audience involved: Use comments, direct messages, or specific forums to communicate with your followers and potential clients. Establishing trust requires rapid communication, information sharing, and rapport-building.

How Can You Pamper Your Feet?

Glamrs, a well-known YouTube channel by Purplle, recommends indulging in foot pampering as a fantastic way to relax and practice self-care. Here are some suggested actions to treat your feet and give them the attention they deserve:

  • Prepare a warm foot soak by adding some Epsom salts or a few drops of peppermint or lavender essential oils to a basin or bathtub filled with warm water. Your feet will feel more at ease in the warm water, which can also offer additional health benefits and relaxation.
  • Indulge your feet in a 10- to 15-minute foot bath by submerging them in warm water. Now is the moment to unwind, sit back, and savor the comforting feeling.
  • Exfoliate: After bathing your feet, use a pumice stone or foot scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Massage gently again to remove the dead skin completely.

Hashtags for Feet Images for Sale

  1. #FeetForSale
  2. #FootFetish
  3. #FootModel
  4. #FeetPic
  5. #FootPhotography
  6. #FeetOfInstagram
  7. #FeetObsession
  8. #FootArt
  9. #FootLove
  10. #PrettyFeet
  11. #buyfeetpics
  12. #feetfeetfeet
  13. #feetlove
  14. #feetloversonly
  15. #foottok
  16. #instafeet
  17. #feetpic
  18. #sugarbaby
  19. #solesandtoes


One should always be mindful while uploading or selling pictures such as these. Security and safety needs to be the topmost priority of the seller. Also, being mindful of anonymity is crucial.

Selling pictures of feet is the easiest way to make money.

A lot of job opportunities are being temporarily created for various industries like jewelry, Modeling agency, Medical purpose, etc. Make use of these opportunities and make money.


  • Is It Legal To Sell Pictures Of Feet?

The legality of selling pictures of feet can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific context in which the pictures are being sold. In many places, selling pictures of feet by itself is not inherently illegal. However, it’s important to note that laws regarding the sale of explicit or sexual content, including fetish content, can vary significantly between countries and even within different regions of the same country.

  • Where Can I Sell Foot Photos Online in the UK?

Platforms like eBay, Etsy, and similar marketplaces allow individuals to sell a wide range of products, including photographs. However, it’s crucial to review their policies and guidelines to ensure that the content you intend to sell complies with their terms of service.

  •  How much money can you make selling feet pics on only fans?

On OnlyFans, creators can set their own subscription prices and charge additional fees for exclusive content or personalized requests.

  • Who buys feet pics?

People who buy feet pics can vary widely, as foot fetishes are relatively common and can be found among individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life.

  • How to sell feet pics in a legal way?

Research and understand the laws and regulations regarding the sale of explicit or fetish content in your jurisdiction. Laws can vary between countries and even within different regions, so it’s important to be aware of any restrictions or requirements that may apply to your situation.

  • How much do feet pictures cost and how to sell them?

Sellers may choose to sell feet pictures individually, with prices typically ranging from a few dollars to higher amounts, depending on the perceived value of the content.

  • What types of feet make the most money?

The earning potential for selling feet pictures is not solely dependent on the physical appearance of the feet themselves. While certain factors may contribute to the appeal of feet for specific buyers, such as size, shape, or the condition of the feet, it’s important to note that individual preferences can vary significantly.

  • Can you sell feet pics privately?

Yes, it is possible to sell feet pics privately. Selling feet pictures privately typically involves engaging directly with buyers and negotiating the terms of the transaction without using a specific online platform or marketplace.

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