Starting a business whether big or small can be pretty scary and unnerving to anyone, right. Yet a horde of people with entrepreneurial streaks take the risk and start the company with the goal to become financially independent.

How To Start a Moving Service Company?

How to Start a Moving Company?

No risk, no gain, many people who start the business may fail or in overtime may become successful. 

The first idea that comes to our mind when thinking of starting a new moving service company is huge trucks, warehouses, lots of rented vehicles and hire big burly men. Right? No, most of the moves in this sector are small. 

So forget about these fictional things and start with a baby step. Yes, start small, test the waters first before stepping into the ocean. And besides, many customers prefer to call a small moving company because it is less expensive and convenient.

One of the best examples I could give you to start a moving company is Matco Calgary Movers. Follow their lead and you are bound to succeed.

The first step to start any company would be planning-

  • Draft a Business plan

Without a well-versed plan, you cannot start a business let alone dreaming of starting one. Writing down a business plan is vital for successfully implementing new companies. It’ll help you pin down the necessary manpower and mete out resources.

And also helps to focus on significant points to overcome future problems and grab foreseeable opportunities.

More importantly, a business plan can actually give you a series of schemes of how to set your company apart from all the other companies which are already into moving business. 

Perhaps, a new kind of service, since the market is filled with innumerable moving companies.  The interesting facts that differentiate Matco are their people and service because they anticipate the customer’s needs providing them with peace of mind.

  • Getting Transportation and Moving Permits

To start a moving company in any state we need legal authorization, that’s why we need a permit. The type of permit depends on what kind of moving business you undertake. For more information contact your local authority.

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Expenditure Outlay On Starting a New Moving Business:

  • Obtain Moving Equipment

The amount of money will vary depending upon the size of the business. To start small just rent or buy a small van or a smaller moving truck. If you already possess one the costs will be just for fuel and moving equipment.

Watch the video of Jae to know how to buy a moving truck on youtube.

Matco has 50 years of experience in providing moving service and they are among the best in having exceptional equipment that does the moving process smoothly.

So it’s better to buy or at least rent the needed equipment.

Starting a New Moving Business

You might need dollies, ropes, moving pads, furniture belts, some packing and wrapping materials, moving boxes can initially make the customers trust you. Renting a dolly is also a good idea. 

Buying a new truck comes with additional insurances so keep that in mind. Depending on the local regulations register your truck legally and that’s it.

  • Moving and Transportation Insurance

We need to have liability and cargo insurance, hence contacting your insurance agency for better insurance coverage for damages will help you in the long run. 

Some states may even have restricted and specific minimum amounts for the vehicles. Checking with state authority and insurance agents is recommended.

  • Promote your New Moving Company Business

You need to advertise your brand so that it’s towering over other businesses. Basically branding your company may lead to increased sales.

  • Decide on a unique name for your company which stands out, in the meantime don’t get sued for having identical names.
  • Invest and put a stake on a new creative logo. 
  • Put the logo on your moving trucks
  • Print cool T-shirts with the logo for the employees.
  • An online strategy must be your business strategy, make connections and get listed on local online directories.
  • Strive to create a perfect, well designed and professional looking website. 
  • Enter into the world of social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Get into contact with online brokers and lead providers, you need to have a source of jobs to kick-start your business.
  • Oh, and of course come up with a mind-blowing tagline.
  • Prepare a service agreement
  • Open a business bank account and set up a business accounting.

       One of the coolest taglines I’ve seen in a moving company is “We Want To Move        You”, from Matco. The sound of it immediately creates intrigue. 

Who Is The Target Market?

Decide who the target market will be because most of the customers are repetitive.  

How Much Can You Charge Customers?

Moving companies typically charge on an hourly basis and the revenue is generated from each move. When moving long distances many companies charge on mileage and weight.

To Sum Up

If your entrepreneurial spirits keep looking up, then starting a moving company is a sound and wise choice. Since almost 80% of the moves will occur locally, the overhead costs are comparatively lower.

The entire startup costs are fairly low, and the job requires heavy lifting and hard labor. As the owner of the company, you have to juggle the task of being a brain behind the company and also as the hulk who lifts and moves things.

If you want to expand your business then joining a franchise is a very good option. It may normally cost around $90000- $700000. Entering into a famous franchise provides a great platform for small moving companies.

Make use of the opportunity if you wish.



How much does it cost to start a new moving company?

The first purchase you’re gonna be making is buying or renting a van and some equipment. So yes, the costs involved are fairly low compared to other businesses. With some minimal transportation costs and fuel prices, you can start the business with $1000 – $2000.

Do you need a license to start a moving company?

The licensing for moving companies vary and may depend upon the law of the state or country. Many states require the company to hold a license and the driver to hold a commercial driver’s license. If professional movers move across states to provide the service then he is required to register with the Department of Transportation.

What insurance does a moving company need?

A moving company needs General Liability Insurance, professional liability insurance, workers compensation coverage, commercial auto insurance to get started.

Is it better to move or hire movers?

Moving your items yourself is better if you own a truck and the destination is a short distance away. But moving is very difficult if you want to move far away and the benefit of free help is not available. By hiring movers less work for you and they do all the heavy lifting and your belongings are insured.

Is the moving industry growing?

Yes, the moving industries are actually doing very well. Moving service companies have been steadily growing from the past years. It has reported a growth of 3% last year. There are 7000 companies in Us alone.