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Should you Start Podcasting in 2020, Does it really help you grow your business? (Facts about Podcasting)

Do you run a company? Are you about to switch into entrepreneurship? Are you a college student who dreams of starting his individual business and loves to pamper his own voice?


how to start podcasting


Then this post is for you! Even if you are working for a company, then also this post is going to help you because today’s discussion is about something that has engaged 120 million business-minded people all over the world.

So, fasten your seat belt and get ready to board on towards reaching one more milestone of your business.


Why should you consider making a podcast? Is it a part of your business or organization’s marketing strategy?

Do you know what is podcasting? Podcasting is the simplest way to reach your target audience. You need simple tools and the least money to create a robust podcast.


Podcasting software


Your podcast can be the best way to promote your brand to the most extensive customer base. Let’s get into details. Podcasting will help you in several ways to grow your business such as,

Get the Best Audience. Podcasting helps you to reach the audience who are qualified and genuinely business-minded. The quantity of mass who regularly listens to the podcast is now 120 million and the amount is increasing day by day. 

Isn’t it amazing to create the opportunity to connect to the most incredible audience base?

  1. Enjoy Usability. It is very user-friendly. Your audience may listen to it whenever they are free and wherever they want.
  2. You can interview the living legends of the business world.
  3. A massive amount of mass will be curious about your company and products. Who doesn’t love to be cultured, either?
  4. Your audience will listen to your voice, and that will make them feel your emotion and explore who you are and what your business goal is.

Podcasting is a way to promote the business. It is a business strategy.


Is creating a podcast easy? Do I need to have any technical skills before creating the podcast?

Yes. Creating a podcast is very easy.

Can you operate your smartphone and personal computer? If your answer is yes, then you have already gained all the required technical skills to create an engaging podcast, my friend!

You need to be the owner of a magical voice, for sure! Smartness, creativity, and confidence are three must-have qualities to be a prosperous podcaster.

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Do I need to spend money on creating a podcast? If yes, how much?

Is there any worldly thing on this earth that you can avail without paying money? No, right? Then you shouldn’t expect to execute high-quality podcasting by spending nothing!

Nevertheless, don’t be afraid. Podcasting will cost you the minimum. The expense of podcasting depends upon the quality of it.



You can create a podcast through your smartphone only. It will take no money. Therefore, you can’t expect an excellent quality of audio from the sound recorder of your phone.

If you wish to create a podcast with acceptable quality, then you have to spend near about 75 dollars to buy a good microphone and podcast hosting. The podcast hosting will cost you nearly fifteen dollars per month.

When quality is the last thing that you want to compromise with, then the podcasting would cost you near about two thousand five hundred dollars. By spending this amount, you will get the best quality of podcasting.


What are the essential things to keep in mind while creating podcasts for the first time?

Creating a podcast is cheap and easy. But it doesn’t mean that you will go and win it without following those intelligent strategies.


how to start podcasting


  • Figure out your purpose behind creating the podcast.
  •  Be honest. Be you.
  •  Keep up creating podcasts at least once a week.
  •  Create a unique brand and promote it through podcasting.
  •  Figure out a sturdy format.
  •  Work on building a robust intro and catchy outro.
  •  Pay attention to thumbnails.
  •  Catch the right gear.
  • Get your account on Libsan to publish your podcast.

How can podcasting help you with networking?

The personalities, who rule the entrepreneurial domains of the world, never miss keeping their ears on podcasts. You will be able to reach them through your podcasting channel.

When you have had enough of podcasting, you are going to conquer all the tough business deals while your competitors are foundering. Here are other benefits that podcasts offer you to grow your networking.

  1. Podcasts are not like severe other news and business conversation. It is like two friends talking to each other. That’s why podcasting engages a considerable number of people.
  2. Finance is the most crucial thing that requires discussion. People look for reliable economic advice. Yet, it is not available everywhere. When you provide them with accurate information on managing finance, people will follow you spontaneously.
  3. Humans tend to follow successful personalities. When you invite the most flourishing persons in the marketing world, people will get no option but to attend you.

What are The Benefits of Launching a Podcast?

Podcasting means offering your listeners entertainment and valuable information both at the same time. Your podcast channel can be the key to promote your business as well. It can open up a lot of ways for you so that you can earn money.


what is podcasting


Here I have summoned up those beneficial points for you that you can enjoy only when you run your own podcast.

  1. It is profoundly likable. When the audience gets valuable tips about business, interview of successful business persons, and relevant information that will enrich them, they will start loving your channel.
  2. You will build an incredible network in the trading world as you are about to invite famous business personas in your podcast episodes. So, personal bonds will be created with them. It will help you to grow your own business.
  3. Launching the podcast will help you to build a better relationship with your audience. You can easily engage your audience by creating the podcast. When someone listens to your voice, it becomes easier for them to feel attached rather than reading your writing.
  4. It is not expensive at all. All you need to start your podcast channel is a laptop that has a recording function and a microphone. Your talent, magical voice, and passion will do the rest. It is swift and easy to make a podcast.
  5. Podcasting will develop your communication skills. You will be a better speaker.

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These are the Podcasters Who gained traction to their business by launching podcast | According to the internet research, interviews, and case studies.

how to make money podcasting


Who doesn’t love to talk to his guests in his podcast? Everyone does! But creating a successful podcast demands much more.

Your content necessitates being unique. You have to be passionate about the topic of your podcast. You should have the material to create full podcast episodes.

If any of these factors don’t go well, your podcast will fail. Here are two examples of failed podcasts.


1. Podcaster: Mark and Dave.

Podcast: Silence would be Golden

Two friends, Mark, and Dave researched a lot on how to start podcasting before they turned on the first podcast episode. They devoted their time, effort, and money. Still, failure prevailed on their podcast; Silence Would be Golden.

If you analyze from the hindsight of Dave and Mark, you will figure out two faults. They didn’t focus on inviting guests. They thought the audience would love to dive into their drivel.

The obsolescence of their podcast channel teaches you an essential lesson. Never ever think that your listeners tune on your podcast channel to gobble your squabble only. The podcast is all about business. You have to provide your listeners with some worthy interviews of the people who rule the business kingdom.


2. Podcaster: Joseph Ayoub

Podcast: Corporate Boards

Joseph Ayoub was a trade expert. He knew all the tricks to produce a bunch of hit podcasting episodes. But his podcast channel, “Corporate Boards” was simply kicked out from the mainstream podcasting.

You can quickly figure out the reason behind this. If all the host wants is praising every CEO you invite as his guest in his podcast, then he should be a promotional analyst for that business person, but not a podcast host.


Our Recommended Apps and Software which will Help You Become a Successful Podcaster.

I can feel you. You are now ready to kickstart a fantastic podcasting channel. But before that, just have a look upon the following apps and software that will not only help you to create an engaging podcast but place a cherry upon the cake for sure.


Podcasting software


a. Skype

This platform is straightforward to use. Through Skype, you can record your podcast anytime. It will not give you the most excellent audio quality for sure.

best microphone for podcasting

Still, you are getting a fantastic Podcasting software like Skype without spending a single penny. Isn’t it great?


b.  Ringr

Podcasting software

When you want to go for the best microphone for podcasting, the Ringr is going to steal your heart. Just like all the extraordinary things, Ringr is not free. You have to spend eight dollars a month to explore the excellent sound quality that Ringr provides.


c.  Reaper

what is podcasting

Well, you can call it the “jack of all trades.” Reaper doesn’t only help you to record your video but gives a perfect finishing touch upon your podcast.  


d.  Squadcast

Squadcast is an easygoing and user-friendly software. It provides you with an excellent sound quality. All you have to do is hit the “record” button for once. And right then, you are ready to start your podcasting.

how to start podcasting

This Podcasting software will charge you five dollars per hour. You can purchase the podcasting tool on an hourly basis.


e.  Adobe Audition

If you dream about getting your audio to be excellent in quality, then adobe audition is the ultimate solution for you. This fantastic app can be your helping hand in recording, editing, restoring, and mixing your audio. You will get an exceptional quality of sound that will spellbind your audience.


how to start podcasting


By spending twenty dollars per month, you can create engaging templates and multitracking records for your podcast.


Last but Not The Least

Today’s tech-savvy world offers you plentiful opportunities to enrich yourself and your business. The podcast is one of them, now you know. Just like you know now how to make money podcasting.

You can create your influence upon the business world, earn instant credibility, publish your audiobook, and promote your products on your podcast. When you manage the trick to represent your podcast in a crispy but engaging way, there will be several opportunities to embrace you.



1. What exactly are podcasts?

The podcast is the intermingling of broadcast and iPod. These are the series of audio files that you can avail on the internet and can download on your own personal computer or smartphone.

2. Are podcasts for free?

Yes. Every podcast is free. You can listen to the podcast when you have an internet connection and a robust platform.

3. What is a podcast, and how do they work?

The podcast is a digital series of auditory files. A listener can download it on his computer and smartphone. The new episodes of the series will be downloaded automatically. 

4. Is YouTube a podcast?

No. You can’t call YouTube a podcast platform. But you can release your podcasts on YouTube. It will help you to get better SEO and enlarge the base of your audience.

5. Do podcasts make money?

There are several ensured ways to earn money from a podcast. You can get sponsorship, provide online coaching classes, release an audiobook, do crowdfunding, and promote your product on your podcast to earn money.


Have you started podcasting? If yes, please tell us in the comment section below !!

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