How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Trade Show

If you’ve never attended a trade show, it can be hard to know what to expect.  Trade shows, also known as expos, are great opportunities to showcase your company and gain a following.  The cool thing about trade shows is that they allow companies to get creative with the way they want to market themselves, and the flashiest, most eye-catching booths are often the most visited.  These days, social media is heavily relied on to promote trade show productions, and it has proven to be an extremely effective way to create hype around an event.  Here are a few ways social media can help promote your trade show that you should be using NOW!


Create Buzz Around Your Event

The first step to organizing a successful trade show is to promote it!  Social media will be your best friend during this process, particularly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  You should start promoting your event several months prior to the big day, and update your social media pages at least once a day or as often as possible.  One way that a lot of companies create hype around their event is by posting “teasers” in the months leading up to the event. Leaving something to the imagination will get people more excited for your trade show, and you’ll be able to surprise them once the day of the event comes.


Post Updates on Social Media During the Event

Post Updates on Social Media During the Event

Once the big day finally arrives, you might think you can stop posting on social media.  However, it is important to still use social media during your trade show, as attendees will be checking for any event-related news and updates.  You can post updates for when certain events or speeches are happening, as well as changes to the trade show schedule.  Keeping the ball rolling on social media is imperative to the audience engagement and overall success of your trade show, so make sure you’re frequently posting and checking social media throughout the event.

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Continue to Post After the Event

Congrats, you’ve made it through your trade show!  While it may seem like you can FINALLY give social media a break for a while, it is important that you continue to update your social media accounts in the days and even weeks after the trade show.  Start by saying thank you to everyone who attended and made the event a huge success. Next, start posting photos and videos from the trade show. If you hired a professional photographer to work the event, you’ll likely have a ton of photos capturing the best moments.  Sharing photos from the event also allows attendees to find and tag themselves, which creates even more hype around the event. If your trade show is annual or biannual, make sure you are updating your social media pages between trade shows, so that attendees can prepare for the next one!  

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