how to lose cheek fat

How To Can Get A Chiseled Jawline? Learn How To Lose Cheek Fat Naturally

Losing weight from a particular area of your body can be exhausting. Why? Because I have seen all the struggles, my chubby-cheeked friends have to go through. Her dream was to get a chiseled jawline like me with a defined cheek structure.

how to lose cheek fat

The extra fat in the face made her face look gaunt, and she didn’t like it herself. Whoever saw her asked her if she is gaining a lot of weight with increased chubbiness on the face.


Well… Guess what happened next? She started browsing for face slimming solutions. Her dilemma made me realize a lot of women and men are facing the same issue. This article is devoted to those people who are finding the answer to the question-“how to lose cheek fat?”

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How To Get Rid Of Cheek Fat? Simple Ways To Turn Your Chubby Cheeks Into Defined Face

Here are some of the effective ways to lose fat in your face pretty quickly:

how to get rid of chubby cheeks

1. Do the Jaw Release

This exercise helps you stretch the muscles surrounding your lips. This effective movement will make sure your cheekbones become prominent.

how to lose cheek fat


  • First, stand or sit straight
  • Keep your lips closes and start moving your jaws as though you are chewing
  • Inhale with your nose and press the tongue against the lower jaw
  • Now exhale your mouth
  • Hold it for 5 seconds and repeat it ten times

2. Make the Duck Face

This method ensures that the central muscles of your cheeks will slim. All you have to do is scrunch up your lips and close your mouth. To do it right, make sure to push your lips outward. These tensed muscles will make sure your jawline is defined.

fat cheeks

3. Do the Fish Face

Smiling fish face is another one of the popular ways to reduce your fat cheeks


  • Take a deep breath and suck your cheeks in
  • Now purse your lips
  • Maintain this awkward pose for at least 5 seconds and try to sleep
  •  Repeat this pose ten times

4. Chin Lift

Chin lift is another exercise that works the muscles in the jaw and throat. This workout will allow you to say goodbye to your long existing double chin. 

how to get rid of chubby cheeks


  • Start by tilting your head upwards fixed on the ceiling
  • Purse your lips
  • Hold for 10 seconds and start relaxing
  • Repeat it ten times as if trying to pout

5. Cheekbone Sculptor

High cheekbones bring out your face amazingly well. Hence turn your chubby face. 

  • Open your mouth and make an oval smile
  • Keep your lips over your teeth
  • Bring your fingertips to your cheekbones
  • Push upward and hold for 30 seconds

6. The Half Cringe

This face automatically comes to you if you imagine something cringeworthy. Push one side of your mouth back and tense your muscles in the neck. To know if you’re doing it right, some lines will be visible near the corner of your mouth. Repeat it 15 times for the best results.

how to get rid of cheek fat

7. Closed Eyes

This might sound ridiculous, but just closing your eyes can help you reduce your fat cheeks in a matter of weeks. So, start by closing your eyes tightly and crunch up your face. If you’re feeling the tensions in your face, you are doing it right. Repeat the motion 15 times.

how to get rid of chubby cheeks

8. Do the Side Kisses

Pucker your lips as much as you want because it helps in reducing your cheek fat. Just imagine a situation where you are continuously greeting your french friends. From left to right, make sure you sway side to side as far as you can. Repeat the action 15 times.

9. Locked Tongue Pose

This pose is perfect for reducing your facial fat. It virtually shapes your jawline.


  • Sit down and place the tip of your tongue on the upper wall of your mouth
  • Now, force the tongue against the wall till you stretch your neck
  • Repeat this particular exercise at least 4 to 5 times a day.

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10. Mouthwash Technique

This technique is beneficial for helping you get rid of a double chin. Fill your mouth with air on one side of the mouth and again on the other. This technique is just like how you wash your mouth with a mouthwash. Be relaxed and repeat the process.

11. Under-eye pull

This is another facial workout that creates more movement for reducing your cheek fat. This exercise increases the blood flow around your eyes if you have dark circles. Use your index finger to pull the muscles under the eye as far as possible. Make sure to close your eyes while doing so.

12. Jaw Dropper

Jaw dropper is an excellent exercise for effective cheek fat burning. All you have to do is push your tongue against the lower front teeth and stretch your jaws as far down as possible.

13. Chin Ups

Just like push-ups are for strengthening your abs, chin-ups must be done to strengthen your facial muscles. Push your lip upward and lift the chin as high as possible. Do this 15 times and viola, get ready to see the results sooner than you expected.

14. Neck Roll

Neckroll is another effective way to lose that annoying double chin. Sit or stand comfortably and start turning your head in a circular motion. Repeat this motion both clockwise and anti-clockwise for increased results.


What are Some of the Effective Tips to Prevent Facial Fat?

how to get rid of cheek fat

Overall, weight loss activities on your body help in face slimming effects on the face. Let us look at some of the good habits you can adopt to get rid of the cheek fat.

1. Do Some Cardio

There are several exercises to promote effective weight loss. According to the research, people who took part in aerobic training have reduced fat mass. Suppose you work out for at least 150 minutes per week. The simple cardio exercise can bring out slimming effects on your face.

2. Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

Excessive intake of alcohol can cause water retention. This may make your face look puffy and bloated. Since it contributes to excessive weight gain making your cheeks fat.

Although some research points out that alcohol has the power to suppress hormones and make you feel full. This allows a person to take more calories, promoting weight gain. If you are struggling with facial fat, reduce your alcohol consumption. 

3. Drink more water

Drinking more water has many benefits, and it helps reduce the number of calories you consume. Moreover, drinking water before a meal can help in gradual weight loss.  

4. Sleep More

Lack of sleep can lead to various adverse effects and promote negative habits in your body. Such as increased feelings of hunger, increased level of ghrelin hormone. The hormone is responsible for stimulating appetite and decreased leptin levels, which tell the body it is full. 

how to lose cheek fat

How to get rid of chubby cheeks? If you don’t get adequate sleep, it promotes weight gain leading to fat storage in the face. 

5. Improve Your Diet

Take processed foods to give you the risk of gaining excess weight because they are rich in calories, sugar, and salt content. During processing, these types of foods lose valuable nutrients, which leads them to have high calories.

The presence of refined carbohydrates makes the person overeat. Some processed foods are pasta, sucrose, white bread, syrups, frostings, breakfast cereals, white rice, and many more.

How to get rid of chubby cheeks? In this case, avoid eating reduced-fat products and refined carbohydrate food as much as possible.

6. Less Salt Intake

Foods that are high in salt content make the body retain more water. This includes your precious face to become puffy as well. Therefore avoid eating foods that are high in salt content. 

Preparing foods at home will help you have more control over the amount of salt in the diet.

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How to Maintain a Healthy Diet to Keep Weight Gain at Bay?

fat cheeks

The most plausible way to prevent chubby cheeks is to have a healthy diet. A person who is prone to overeating must focus on maintaining a healthy diet.

  • Exercise regularly and include a plethora of Cardio routines
  • Limit the consumption of processed foods
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid sugary beverages but drink soda, energy drinks, and juices
  • Eat a balanced diet which are rich in protein such as vegetables and fruits

What Do People Think About Losing Fat Cheeks? According to People’s Opinion and Internet Research

Take a look at thses screenshots to know what people think about cheek exercises.

how to lose cheek fat how to get rid of cheek fat

The Bottom Line

Your face has approximately 52 muscles. Use it right, and you will have a great facial structure to show off. There are plenty of strategies you can adopt in your daily life to refine your face.

You can do them while you work in the office too, of course, make sure that no one is looking. To get the best results, tip your diet with healthy foods and continue exercises for overall fat burning. 



1. Do cheek exercises really work?

Cheek exercises are prominent everywhere from website to books. But there are only a few clinical research on the effectiveness of facial exercises.

2. How to get rid of chubby cheeks?

  1. Do frequent facial exercise
  2. Eat more fiber
  3. Drink more water
  4. Cut back on refines carb
  5. Cut back in your alcohol consumption


If you have found this article helpful do let us know in the comment section below!

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