Many business owners do not stop trying to find effective marketing tools that will allow them to attract new customers, interest them, know their preferences better, and even ensure their loyalty. And one of these reward tools, which have proven themselves in the global market and are becoming more widespread, is incentive cards.

The reward systems can be varied and include incentive cards (presented by various companies, brands, and retailers), Visa reward gift cards, PayPal, or other cash rewards, making it easier to manage multiple initiatives. A personalized and custom-made gift card can serve different purposes, which ultimately leads to increased recipient satisfaction.


Incentive Cards: Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Your Loyalty Program

Tremendous can help you design a gift and loyalty card solution tailored to your current and future needs. You can increase customer, partner, and employee loyalty using a personalized approach to rewards: advanced bonus programs, gift certificates, and cash rewards (to the card, account, or PayPal).

A gift card is a fast and effective way to reward. It is a so-called document that confirms the payment of a certain amount to the store’s cashier. It can be presented in the form of a plastic card wrapped in a gift envelope or postcard and supplied with instructions for use, as well as in the form of virtual (e-gift) cards. You can present such a gift card to anyone. The person to whom the card is presented has the right to pay with it in the store and receive goods for an amount equal to its value.

Thanks to Tremendous, a SaaS loyalty rewards platform operating in the b2b segment, you have a great chance to send rewards and incentives using gift cards. The system works very simply: you specify which electronic gift cards recipients can choose. You can select a card from one retailer like Apple, Starbucks, or Adidas or let recipients select them from a wide range of different brands available in their location.


By purchasing incentive cards you get an excellent gift solution. A gift card allows you to make a beautiful present even in cases when the gift is needed very urgently. You can present incentive cards by Tremendous leaving the choice to the recipient instead of giving a regular souvenir. Also, reward cards are very popular as gifts for professional holidays to colleagues, bosses, or business partners, and companies often present them to employees as bonuses.

Tasks Solved by Incentive Cards by Tremendous

  • High returns on invested capital

For an entrepreneur, the sale of gift cards is very beneficial. It artificially increases the working capital of the company. The funds received from the sale of cards are an interest-free loan given to a particular store by buyers themselves. In addition, some of the sold gift cards remain unused. So, the money paid for them remains in the store, increasing its budget.

  • Marketing Goals: Increase Sales

Gift cards are an extremely effective tool for increasing sales. By issuing them, the company automatically expands the circle of its customers: even those who are not interested in the product itself buy gift cards. In addition, issuing cards increases the average check amount. Custom business gift cards are a proven way to expand market share and drive sales. Gift cards are available in every retail industry, including restaurants, clothing and jewelry stores, e-commerce sites, car washes, dentists, health clubs, beauty salons, and more.

  • Increased customer loyalty and appreciation

Reward cards unite merchants, banks, and other organizations into a single program aimed at:

  • the attraction of new clients.
  • the retention of existing customers. Gift cards and loyalty cards improve the quality of customer service and encourage them to make more purchases.
  • the increase of customer profitability based on their purchase history analysis.

Gift Cards: A Great Way to Promote Your Business

A gift card from Tremendous is a fairly popular and correct option for presenting a gift to acquaintances, colleagues, partners, friends, and customers, that is, everyone whose specific preferences are unknown to the giver. The buyer of an incentive card will be relieved from the problem of choice, and the recipient, in turn, will have the opportunity to choose a gift to his/her liking. As a result, both the giver and the recipient of the gift create a positive attitude towards each other, and the retailer will need to provide a product or service that meets expectations and reinforces the customer’s positive associations.

Incentive cards by Tremendous are a means of creating a universal and convenient tool for interaction between the giver and the recipient, and both individuals and corporate clients can act in this capacity. In this case, the card is a prepaid product that takes into account the advanced funds transferred for goods or services.

The main task of the Tremendous Company is to service loyalty and incentive programs, first of all, to support the reward fund. If you become their customer, you will be able to send gift cards (physical or digital ones) to recipients in any country.

Their service is easy to use, and it provides you with:

  • instant delivery anywhere in the world.
  • trouble-free redemption of remuneration.
  • a simple platform that works without problems. Everything is very convenient and understandable: you can send, track and manage rewards in a few clicks.

If you are interested in creating your own branded gift cards, the company can easily apply your logo, corporate colors, or identity to incentives and gift cards. Tremendous provides professional services to help your business grow successfully by delivering effective loyalty and reward solutions.

With a focus on innovation, high-quality service, and an individual approach to each client, the Tremendous team is always up to date with the latest developments and draws on the best international experience implementing gift and rewarding innovations.

The growing interest in gift cards in the b2b segment is “fueled” by the current trend towards digitalization in many industries. The use of incentive cards will allow you to increase revenues, expand your target audience, enhance your brand awareness, and generate real business benefits.