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How Can I View Private Instagram Profiles Without Following Them? Some Hidden Secrets

You might be annoyed about seeing some meme accounts being private! Yes, it can be pretty annoying. Reminds me of a meme “Oh, you have a private Instagram Account? Your photos must be incredible.” 

At the forefront of my thoughts, I don’t want to waste time following a private account when someone DMs me with a meme. 

view private instagram


Do you want to stop wasting your precious time by smirking at some useless account, which is relevantly less remarkable and funny than your friend told it would be? 

Many Instagram viewer websites and apps are claiming that by using their site’s feature of private instagram viewer, you can see private Instagram profile of anyone you want, but they are all hoax, in my opinion. 

Then let me help you find how to view private Instagram and how to view someone’s private Instagram photos without substantially following the account? I’m sure you want to, so let’s get started and find out how to view private Instagram

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How Does Instagram’s Private Account Work?

Some of the most famous brands are constantly changing their account from public to private Instagram accounts. It only limits the visibility to the people who follow you because any non-followers who wants to see your account has to submit a follow request. 

how to see private instagram


So why is it important to transform into a private account? What’s wrong with being public? These might be the questions you want the answers to, right and to view private Instagram.

Let me get this straight; there’s surprising traction in the idea of adding a barrier to fans wanting to follow you, although it sounds strange. 

Every Instagram is private by default; you can change the account to private by going to the settings and then tapping on the ‘privacy and Security’ option. Select the ‘account privacy’ tab and then tap on the sliding private account button. 


view private instagram


The private profile works in-depth that the settings can only be accessed from the mobile app and not from desktop or even from a mobile browser.  


How to View someone’s private Instagram profile on the browser?

how to see private instagram

There you go:-

  1. Go to the tool using the appropriate button.
  2. Enter your target’s username
  3. Confirm the username
  4. Look at the details carefully
  5. Choose what you would like to view.
  6. Confirm the user after looking at the details.

What is the Difference Between Private and Public A/c? Which One is Better? 

The two main accounts in Instagram profiles that are talked about in almost all Instagram blogs are public and private accounts. Now, let us talk about the differences between these two accounts which might help you to view private Instagram.

how to view private instagram profiles without survey

Public A/c Vs. Private A/c

Public profile, obviously everyone who follows you can see your posts and activities and it is very much easier to find the person and follow him/her. Still, in the case of Private accounts, one can be viewed only if the person approves the request of the follower.

The private account has some restrictions where only a selected number of people can view your profile. If you don’t mind sharing your life publically and have a business account, then a public profile is the best solution for you. 

how to see private instagram


A public profile can create more exposure and engagement to your account, while private accounts can give a mysterious outlook for the product you’re branding. 

Now, which account is better? 

Although a Public account can give more followers, a private account is a more secure one as there will be no stalking by creepy persons who want to follow you. In great scenarios, your content and posts will be displayed in the explore section if it’s public.


How Can You View an Instagram Private Profile and Photos? Some of the Best Ways to do it?

Instagram does not restrict its users from maintaining a private account, while its public sharing can bring a massive audience to the platform. So what are the things you can possibly do to access someone’s Private Instagram profile without following them?


Let’s see- 

There are two ways to gain viewership of a private account. The first one is by verifying to the user that you are a human. This method is recommended to have any chance of success. The second is without human verification.


1. Send a Follow Request

Yes, it may seem the obvious choice, but it is the most comfortable and hassle-free method to view a private profile by sending the following request directly. It doesn’t matter whether they know you or not.

how to view someones private instagram photos


Some of the steps in which you can follow the process is-

  • Send them a follow request politely and wait patiently for them to approve it. It won’t take much time if they are a friend of yours or someone you are acquainted with then, acceptance won’t take much longer.
  • Give some time to the person or brand you wanted to follow after sending the theme to follow. Wait patiently; once approved, you would be able to view the posts in no time.
  • To catch their attention even more quickly, you can interact with them by sending a message through Instagram messages as well. In this case, your account must be public because the recipient might view your profile.

Make sure your contents are interesting.

This is the most simple method in the human verification form. 

2. Search Their Usernames

Another simple method is to search for the username of the private account. The gist of this search is you can find the images of this person in Google images if you are lucky. 

But the problem this method only works if the said person has shared or uploaded the pictures on Google or not. 

There is a high chance that your target might have left some trails on the digital space. You can even get the information from the unprotected Facebook account. This is a remote possibility and only works if the person has shared some photos on social media platforms before switching to a private account.


3. Create Fake Accounts

If you find that sending a follow request and messaging directly doesn’t work, then it’s time to go to new heights by creating fake Instagram accounts to see private Instagram accounts. 

Yes, you have hope, do not worry. Most of the time, this method is not supported by the platform, but anyway, the point is it still works as there is a high degree of bypassing visibility and strict privacy settings.

However, this method is unethical and I recommend you do it with caution.

To make your fake account look authentic, use decent photos, and most certainly, I recommend using a female persona with current female trends that are top ranking. And to create a mysterious aura, let the account be private.

Send a follow request now; still, if you didn’t get any response, then dive into personal messaging and let your intentions flow in the message.


4.  Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

Yes, using a private Instagram viewer is the ultimate option you have so that you can watch the private account without hassle. I agree most of the accounts are fake, but still, you can quench your desire by checking these apps out-

how to view private instagram profiles


There are instances where some of the websites have led to a number of suspicious activities. Some of the sites will make you participate in surveys that will eventually ask you to fill in credit card information.

You must be very careful before using these apps as there is no guarantee that your data won’t be stolen in the process. 

  •  Privateinstaviewer.com

This website claims that it can easily grant access to viewing private profiles on Instagram. There is no guarantee if the app will work or not, but you can try anyway.

  •  Privateinsta.com   

It is yet another website that claims to be providing private user viewership of any private Instagram profile. It won’t work, but keep trying anyway.

  •  Instalooker.com

This website lets you take a glimpse of the contents of the private Instagram account. After you click the ‘Spy now’ button, the process will start. 

Is it Really Possible to View an Instagram Private Profile Without Following the Other Person and Without any Human Verification?

This is the most tragic part where I have to say that, unfortunately, there is no way to view a private Instagram profile. Yes, I have given some websites that claim to view private Instagram, but those are for your curiosity only. 

How to view private Instagram profiles?

The only way it works is by human verification, where you have to manually send the requests and wait for the recipient to verify it. 


Is There Any Risk in Viewing Anyone’s Private Account Without Their Consent? If So, What Are the Consequences?

There are numerous third-party apps that can access your Instagram data, so make sure when you allow them don’t let it access all your personal information. 

view private instagram


And for the risk in viewing anyone’s private account without their consent, the Instagram terms and policies state that you can’t do anything unlawful, misleading, or fraudulent for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. 

They can terminate the account if they believe you are violating the terms of user service.


What are the Types of Accounts you Can Find on Instagram? And Does Instagram use Anyone’s Personal Information For Its Own Use?

Generally, like any other social media network, you can get anything from Instagram in terms of digital information and entertainment. There are multiple types of accounts that can help you start your profile correctly and use it in the near future.

see private instagram


But when you use these types of accounts for business purposes, you must take the security issues quite seriously. 

Some tips to protect your account is to have a complex password which is hard to break, link the account pages to your multiple social network accounts, make sure two-factor authentication is on, and the email linked is reliable.


how to view private instagram


Let’s see some of the types of accounts that you can open on Instagram-

  • Personal Accounts
  • Public Accounts
  • Brand Accounts
  • Landing Accounts
  • Video Accounts
  • Business Accounts
  • Celebrity Accounts
  • Bots
  • Internet shops and offline shops


Does Instagram use anyone’s personal information for its own use?

Yes, Instagram does process information from your personal account, but the information that Instagram collects depends on your usage of the product. It can suggest features like masks and filters that you might like when you use the Instagram camera.

The system will automatically analyze the content and communications to describe the purpose to know what’s in it for them. 

Under special protection by the laws of the country, the data regarding your religious belief, philosophical thoughts will be shared with Facebook profile fields.

Instagram also takes information regarding your usage of the product, transactions made on the product, things, and information others provide about you, your networks, and connections depending upon your settings. Anyway, this does not affect viewing private Instagram profiles.


What Does Instagram do With a Spam Account? What Are Safety Measures Does Instagram Follow?

It is found that 80% of young people have a spam account in Singapore. That’s astonishing, right!  

how to view someones private instagram photos


Spam accounts are usually created to share unpolished and raw images with exclusive or particular friends. Generally, it is a place that is locked to share content with less censorship. 


how to view private instagram profiles


It might be a cause of concern because some users might post vulnerable and hurtful comments, which can hurt the other user easily.

Instagram is owned by Facebook who themselves are witnessing a case of a data theft probe.

But we are speaking about Instagram. If someone is good at hacking a user’s account, then the person might already be hired by Instagram and is also looking for a massive deal with them.

Instagram is a billion-dollar company, and a security breach means a lot to them. So they have already hired someone who gets the work done with a hefty million dollar deal between them.

After Facebook, Instagram is the most heavily used social media platform all around the world. Instagram does take the database seriously and would not want to see the company falling in numbers both regarding users and shares.

Although we might agree that hacking takes place, the hackers aim for the bank details where they can destroy the economy. But not everyone is Elliot Alderson( Rami Malek’s character in the show Mr.Robot) who steals the details and disrupts the financial condition of people in business in The United States.

But what would one get in stealing the passwords of your Instagram Account? Nothing but post some random stuff. But the first thing is, hacking will not take place at all.

If there is any software to view private profiles of Instagrammers, then why a company like Instagram is not taking action to get rid of this? Have you ever thought about this?

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Is Instagram Really Safe to Use and Worth Spending Time? 

Yes, for most people, it’s worth it as they use it for building connections and bringing their product forward with easy social media tactics. It depends on how you use it because I use them in a productive way, like being connected with the current trends and information.

Your interests like technology, business, and entrepreneurship can really be motivating with following some of the pages! Don’t you think so?

view private instagram


Let’s me give you some tips on what to do to make use of Instagram in a better way-

1. Don’t follow too many people

Only follow those people who you are familiar with and specific pages. Avoid distraction as much as possible and think of only those which are well worth your time.

2. Filter it

On the first look, you might have liked a page which you wanted to follow, but then after a few days, you might come to hate it with its lame posts, if it is so, then unfollow it immediately.

3. Avoid Chatting Frequently

Text someone if you want to convey something only, don’t just chat with anyone for the sake of chatting and passing the time. It can reduce unnecessary distractions by simply waiting for the person to reply.


What People Think About Instagram | According to the Internet Trends and People Reviews. 

Let’s look at some of the reviews to know what people are thinking about private Instagram viewer apps-


private instagram viewer



Is there a way to view private instagram without survey


The Bottom Line

Can we look into the Instagram profile of anyone by using some techniques you find on the Internet? The simple answer is NO, at least for the time being. Before starting this article, I tried all the methods listed in this article, and to my surprise, none of them worked.

The only legitimate technique for you to view any private Instagram profile is by going the old-fashioned way. You have to send a follow request to the concerned profile and wait patiently for the user to approve your request. 

If you want to test the other methods listed in this article, be mindful of not losing your time and money to any scammers. You also need to be aware of not breaking any rules that might land you in trouble with the cyber police.

In my opinion, approaching that person in person and asking them to follow you also works. 



1. Does Instagram’s private viewer work?

Private Instagram accounts are relatively safe and sound. Yes, there is an immense number of scammers who want to look at private profiles and most of the time, you will end up downloading malicious software instead of downloading an app. 

2. Can you view private Instagram profiles online?

Yes, with the help of an app called ‘private viewer,’ it will let you see any private Instagram profile online. It’s kind of a web viewer, and you can easily find this kind of app by searching for  “Instagram private profile viewer.”

3. How to view someone’s private Instagram photos?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to view private accounts on Instagram photos. Another legitimate way you can enter into a private Instagram account is to make a throwaway account to snoop the account.

4. Is it possible for someone to check who has viewed their profile on Instagram?

Sadly, no, you cannot see who has visited your profile because it doesn’t have built-in app functionality to track the profile. If you have a business account, then it is possible to see the number of visitors in the past 7 days. 

5. Why do some private Instagram accounts temporarily go public and then back to private?

It is basically to gain more exposure to their posts. Because if the account remains private, it won’t be shared with people who won’t be following them.

6. How to view private Instagram profiles without following no survey?

If you download an app called appstreak.com then it might allow you to watch specific information and posts that are private. On the page you just have to type the username you want to check and after the process is complete. But anyway again it will lead you to the unnecessary download of other apps. Ultimately, it doesn’t work. 

7. How to get the Instagram username of the private account user?

The username can be obtained by going to the profile of the user on Instagram. The name displayed on their profile is the username. You will have to copy it and paste it in the profile viewer website.

8. Is viewing a private profile by using Instagram viewer illegal?

Using this method is definitely unethical. Since cyber laws differ for each country, you might have to check to ensure whether it is legal in your country. Most countries see this as an illegal activity but don’t enforce the law with vigor. 

Did this article help you find your answers? Do let us know in the below comment section.

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