is it possible to view instagram private profile?

You might have noticed that some profiles in Instagram cannot be viewed unless you are following them already. These are private profiles, an option in Instagram that allows the user more privacy.

As of now, there is no proven method that can be used to view the contents of these mysterious private profiles. Many Instagram viewer websites and apps are claiming that by using it, you can see the private Instagram profile of anyone you want.

Unfortunately, they are all a hoax according to my experience. I have tried most of the recommended apps and websites for seeing private profiles, but sadly, none of them work as claimed. Instead, they promote spam content.


All Instagram accounts are public by default. You may change the type of your account to private or business. You can change the nature of account to private by going into settings and then tapping on ‘Privacy and Security’.

Then enter ‘account privacy’ tab and tap on the sliding private account button. A private account only allows the people who follow you to view your posts. For anyone to follow you, their follow request has to be accepted by you in the first place. 

Even using hashtags do not override Instagram privacy settings. If any post from your private profile is shared on other social media platforms, they will be publicly visible. However, if anyone tries clicking the permalink in the image, your private profile will show up on the screen.

The privacy settings can only be accessed from the mobile app and not from a desktop or mobile browser. So before giving you the in-depth reason as to why you cannot view a Private Profile, here are the two types of accounts on Instagram.


Public and another one is Private. The public profile is where everyone can follow you and see your posts. It is easy to find a person and follow him/her to get their posts and know their activities. 

You will need a public profile if you are a business or public figure, and you don’t mind sharing your personal life.  A public profile will help you if you are looking for more exposure and engagement.

In Private account, there are a few restrictions where only a selected people can view your profile. In the case of Private accounts, one can only be viewed if the person approves the request of the follower. 

Private profile is suitable to you if you don’t like strangers viewing your content and you don’t care about amassing a huge follower base. The good news is that now we’ve got a better solution for this. Read the following ways to perceive how to see private Instagram accounts.



so can you view private instagram profiles

Bad news if you want to view your crush’s profile as the answer here is a big “NO.”

In reality, there is no such software which can help you view someone’s private Instagram profile. So honestly speaking, you will never get any genuine software or any tool that will allow you to see Instagram private profiles. 

However, there are loads of software that put you in doubt and trouble. Instead of wasting time on such sites, we advise you to not believe in something impossible.

Why do You see So Many Fake Private Instagram Profile Viewer Software & Tools? 

The answer is quite straightforward; they get money when you download their software or install it.

As I searched for the tool or software that acts as an Instagram private viewer, I found quite a few sites.

These sites which are easy to use become more complicated when you get eager to know about a private user’s profile. I will guide you through the steps I had to follow when I had to view a private profile picture.

  • First, I had to Google it; only to see that there are such tools available to view private profile. Guess what! Some sites offered me to view the private profiles.
  • I entered the website and was quite impressed with the way the site was built. I entered the username/URL of the person who has a private profile.
  • Next step is they ask me to verify whether I am a human or not.
  • Some sites ask to complete survey whereas some ask you to download private Instagram viewer apps to view a private profile.

So did it help me? NO.

They did not. But these sites seemed to be exciting and at the same time encourage visitors to join in their websites and download some useless and paid apps.

When you enter the username of a private profile, it asks you to complete the survey for some advertisements listed on their website. This will help you in viewing the private profile.

Clicking on an advertisement would help the site generate revenue, this is how they earn and make money by fooling people and by grabbing their attention with the headline.

Some sites ask you to provide your username and password to generate their Instagram private profile. This will somehow lead to hacking as the details you provide are stored in their database. This will be used to increase their own or someone else’s followers.

As you complete it, they get money from you because you just completed advertisement surveys for them.

Do not get heartbroken as there are other ways to view a private profile ( No Hacking, No Tool). You can get so many tricks which are pretty accurate and genuine.

Here is a small trick that might come in handy to you.


ways to view private account

There are two ways to gain viewership of a private account. The first one is by verifying to the user that you are a human. This method is recommended to have any chance of success. The second is without human verification.



The most comfortable and hassle-free ways to view a private profile is to send the person a follow request directly. Here are a few steps that you need to follow:

  • If you have the desire to view a private profile, the easiest way is to send them a follow request. If the person you just sent a request has a private account, he/she might get notified about the follower who wants to send a message or wants to talk.
  • In a few cases, personal interactions might as well work in your favor. Be as real as possible for the person to feel right about you. The chances of that person accepting your request will increase, and you might get to view their pictures.
  • Keep it simple and wait for the reply of the messages you sent. Try and express your desire by sending a direct message or contacting them directly.

This is the simplest and most convenient method to get things done.



Well, this is against the ethics and manners with regards to the use of a social media account. But if you are that desperate into knowing someone’s personal life, then here you go. Take care in creating the fake ID.

  • The first step is to create a fake profile with the help of a fake username. Probably it is better to try using a girl’s username. Chances are you can view your crush’s profile and also gain a high number of followers.
  • If you want the fake account to be of a Boy, then the chances are that you might not be accepted.
  • Keep it real, try not uploading an image which is downloaded straight from the internet and make the bio look real by not over exaggerating with the girl’s interests.  
  • As you are creating a fake ID with a girl’s username, try to keep the privacy ON as it might make the other person curious.
  • After creating the profile, now is the time you send a request to the person for who you have created the fake account.
  • But before sending a request, try to make some mutual connections like with a friend of hers. This will help her in accepting your request.

This trick is just for the desperate people out there, but honestly; I would not recommend you to take this way.


You can try searching for the username of the private account on Google search

You can try searching for the username of the private account on Google search. You might find images of the person linked to the username in Google images. 

This is a remote possibility and only works if the person has shared some photos on social media platforms before switching to a private account.


There are a few websites and Instagram private profile viewer apps that claim to show the private Instagram profile, but unfortunately, all of them are fake. Still, you can satiate your curiosity by checking them out. 

Here are a few of them – 


Private insta viewer is a website that claims that it can grant you access to view private profiles on Instagram. There is no guarantee if this will work or not, but you can try it for yourself.


Private insta is yet another website that claims to give the user the viewership of any private Instagram profile. Although it will not work, you can keep trying.


The homepage of this website claims that you can take a glimpse at the contents of a private Instagram account. Clicking on the ‘Spy Now’ button will start the process. 

A new page opens with a window where you have to enter the Instagram username of the private profile you want to see. Then click on ‘Check account’ button. The website will verify if an account with the username exists. 

However, on proceeding the app will show spam content after making you wait for a long time. You might be prodded to complete useless surveys, but you will never view the private profile.


can private instagram profile be viewed without following

The tragic news is that there is no way to view a private Instagram profile without following first. There are plenty of websites and apps claiming that permit you to view private Instagram profiles. 

They will only ask for doing surveys and clicking on ads without ever showing anything on Instagram. Some Instagram viewer apps are even paid, and others come with in-app purchases. You will only waste your time and money by following these illegitimate methods. 

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Come on! Although it is 2019, still there isn’t any tool that can work as an Instagram Private Profile Viewer. No tool, no software and no hack( unless and until they are close to you and agree to share their passwords.)

Instagram is owned by Facebook who themselves are witnessing a case of data theft probe.

But we are speaking about Instagram. If someone is good at hacking a user’s account, then the person might already be hired by Instagram and is also looking for a massive deal with them.

Instagram is a billion dollar company, and a security breach means a lot to them. So they have already hired someone who gets the work done with a hefty million dollar deal between them.

After Facebook, Instagram is the most heavily used social media platform all around the world. Instagram does take the database seriously and would not want to see the company falling in numbers both regarding users and shares.

Although we might agree that hacking takes place, the hackers aim for the bank details where they can destroy the economy. But not everyone is Elliot Alderson( Rami Malek’s character in the show Mr.Robot) who steals the details and disrupts the financial condition of people in business in The United States.

But what would one get in stealing the passwords of your Instagram Account? Nothing but post some random stuff. But the first thing is, hacking will not take place at all.

If there is any software to view private profiles of Instagrammers, then why a company like Instagram is not taking action to get rid of this? Have you ever thought about this?

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Can we look into the Instagram profile of anyone by using some techniques you find on the Internet? The simple answer is NO, at least for the time being. Before starting this article, I tried all the methods listed in this article, and to my surprise, none of them worked.

The only legitimate technique for you to view any private Instagram profile is by going the old-fashioned way. You have to send a follow request to the concerned profile and wait for the user to approve your request. 

If you want to test the other methods listed in this article, be mindful of not losing your time and money to any scammers. You also need to be aware of not breaking any rules that might land you in trouble with the cyber police.

Hence, I recommend you to approach them in person and ask for them to follow. Also, if you find any such tool in future or have questions with regards to this article, mention them in the comments section below.


1. Is it really possible to hack into an Instagram Account?

No, as mentioned in the article, there is no way to get into someone’s account as Instagram is already in a deal worth a million dollar with a security agency.

2. Is there any site or software that might help in viewing Instagram Private Profile without ads or downloads?

No. The softwares and sites only keep you interested and want you to stay and keep clicking, but I ended up still not viewing the private profile. After all, those downloads still were left nothing.

3. How to get the Instagram username of the private account user?

The username can be obtained by going to the profile of the user on Instagram. The name displayed on their profile is the username. You will have to copy it and paste it in the profile viewer website.

4. Is viewing a private profile by using Instagram viewer illegal?

Using this method is definitely unethical. Since cyber laws differ for each country, you might have to check to ensure whether it is legal in your country. Most countries see this as an illegal activity but don’t enforce the law with vigor.