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Internet of Things in the Gaming World – Breakthrough of the 21st Century

Over the past ten years, the gaming industry has achieved the most massive changes than any other field. With the advent of more advanced computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the gaming world has done its best to bring games to a new and more realistic level.

Indeed, there are many examples of how programmers change the dynamics and approach to creating modern games. It is enough to compare the games of the 90s, such as Super Mario, Tank 1990, and Contra, with today’s games, such as The Witcher, Minecraft, Heavy Rain, and a person who understands nothing about video games will notice how professionally enriched modern games.

In this development, the Internet of Things, or IoT, played a considerable role. Virtual reality, augmented reality, the animation is all about the Internet of Things graphics. This technology has allowed gamers to launch various digital competitions watched by the whole world. Therefore, JatApp software development experts devoted an entire article to IoT to reveal the possibilities and prospects of this tool.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things is the concept of a data network between devices. The Internet of Things connects devices to a computer network and allows them to collect, analyze, process and transmit data to other objects through software, applications, or technical devices.

IoT devices function independently, although people can configure them or provide access to data. IoT systems operate in real-time and usually consist of a network of intelligent machines, a cloud platform, to which they are connected using WiFi, Bluetooth, or other forms of communication.

In addition to Big Data, analytics, connections, devices, and experience are also crucial for the operation of the Internet of Things. For simplicity, this principle is represented as ABCDE:

  • Analytics is a critical link in the functioning of IoT, which integrates the devices themselves, data from them, and optimizes business processes.
  • BigData allows you to automate existing processes or build new ones.
  • Connection is the channel through which devices receive and transmit information.
  • Devices are devices connected to the system, which, depending on the tasks, must have the appropriate frequency of messages to work correctly.
  • Experience – work with existing experience in solving customer problems using IoT, analytics, and rethinking.

As you can see, IoT is a complex system. However, IoT in sports, games, medicine, and education is indispensable. This is evidenced by data from Fortune Business Insights, which report that the global market for the Internet of Things in 2021 was $160 billion, and by 2026 its volume will exceed $1.1 trillion. This is due to the limitless possibilities of IoT.

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IoT in Gaming

When we talk about the gaming industry, the types of devices and functions that IoT performs are significantly increased. Let’s start with devices. In the gaming world, some devices target specific types of games; there are sensor-based devices that make the character perform the movements of the real player. A bright example is the well-known Xbox.

The features that IoT games are equipped with are just as unique as the devices. For example, in modern games, people can see 3-D animation of Paris, New York, or some famous buildings. Such features make the game more responsive, thus making the player come back again and again.

Special consoles and processors allow gamers to connect through the game portal. This solution will enable you to seamlessly connect the players and go through the game’s story together. Another advantage of games based on IoT are swords, pistols, remote controls equipped with sensors to perform player movements in real-time. In this way, IoT paves the best way for human interaction with the game.

The Impact of IoT on The Gaming Industry

IoT in gaming allows programmers to make platforms more user-friendly and versatile in graphics, stories, and features. However, the possibilities of IoT do not end there. Let’s see how the IoT is changing the gaming world.

IoT Increases the Role of Mobile Phones

Smartphones are an essential part of life for any person. This forces developers to improve the capabilities of smartphones constantly. Today, there are practically no black and white phones left. Modern smartphones are equipped with powerful tools that allow you to play games as exciting as on a PC.

These gadgets have sensors, cameras, microphones, and speakers that make games more accessible and better. Any average American can afford ioT gaming on the phone. Game consoles and PSP or Xbox are significantly more expensive than smartphones. Therefore, Android and iOS are great alternatives to the technologies above.

Most mobile games are free and do not take up much memory on your phone. According to experts in developing digital solutions, the most important advantage of such games is connecting to the Internet and playing anywhere globally. Imagine in one device specialists have collected functions that allow you to seamlessly enjoy the passage of the plots of your favorite game!

Previously, Super Mario was only available on a game player with a wired push-button controller for various movements. However, programmers have now modified the game into a mobile version, making it more colorful and graphically better. This is the best example of how the IoT increases the importance of smartphones.

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IoT Helps Create Social Games

Thanks to the Internet of Things and its powerful capabilities, games can connect with each other using a wireless network wholly based on the Internet and accessible from anywhere in the world. Developers create friendlier games aimed at a whole community or age group united by shared values ​​and views. Also, with the help of social games, people can make new acquaintances.

In addition, social games raise the problem of most families – the lack of regular communication. There are many family games aimed at passing quests, which bring together and allow you to find a common language. Such games are in great demand in the Play Market or App Store, and their rating reaches five stars.

The most exciting thing about the Internet of things used in social games is that devices can connect using the built-in game function. For example, Free Fire is the most popular multiplayer IoT game that allows users to chat directly, get instant support on the battlefield, and progress through stories more successfully.

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IoT Helps Create Games for Education and Medicine

The main advantage of games being moved to IoT is that games have outgrown banal entertainment. Modern games aim to make medicine and education better with the help of gamified tools.

Many game stores have an educational games section. Such platforms allow you to have fun at the same time and discover new knowledge or generate creative ideas in various sciences. This is especially true during distance learning.

School programmers managed to develop games based on the topics of the lesson. Students within their classes can learn new things without visiting a school or listening to lecture materials from a teacher. An excellent example of an educational IoT Internet game is Sudoku. The game helps the student develop his mathematical reasoning, thus allowing him to use these tricks and tips when passing various tests. Previously, this game was on the pages of traditional newspapers. However, smartphones and the IoT have forced developers to make a software version of Sudoku available to any student.

Health care and fitness coaches also strive to make these areas more attractive. For example, you can find platforms that help you eat right, exercise, or meditate in game stores. Such games are equipped with educational videos and graphics that motivate users to take their health seriously.

IoT Makes Games More Versatile

The IoT has allowed programmers to make the gaming industry more universal. Now children and gamers have a large selection of games in various categories: from educational to strategic ones.

There are also video games that allow athletes to hone their skills. Play stores are full of stimulants that transport you to the tennis, basketball, or football halls.

Also, the gaming industry, which is gaining momentum from IoT, has made changes in other aspects. For example, the casino industry has adopted the experience of modern games and uses its technologies to attract and retain new customers. The owners of such platforms connect online games to various payment systems, providing a smooth and convenient user experience.


Intelligent technologies and IoT have made a huge contribution to the development of the gaming industry. This forces developers to find unique solutions to improve the user experience. Today we can see 3-D graphics, remote controls, and gadgets that follow the trends of the players. The network and opportunities created by the IoT for the gaming industry have made such advances possible.

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