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Inverter Malfunction Ruining Your Day? Know How the Best Inverter Battery in India Can Help

An inverter’s battery plays a crucial role in the overall performance and service life of an inverter; therefore, it’s critical that you get a good quality battery. In case you end up with a mediocre one, it can result in frequent malfunctions and even in the breakdown of the inverter bringing about additional repair costs, and if the damage is too extensive, you might even need to shop for a new inverter unit.

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Therefore, always make it a point to look for the best inverter battery in India that complements the inverter in a way that keeps working at its optimum for years to come. In this article, we will look at a few ways a great battery helps keep your inverter running the way it’s supposed to. It will help you understand why a particular battery type is considered the best inverter battery in India.

Best Inverter Battery in India

Protection Against Overcurrent

A bad battery can result in a surge of power being directed towards the inverter which can result in short circuits. It’s a huge risk and can’t only damage your appliances, but also put yours and the lives of your family members in danger; a good quality battery comes with excellent overcharge protection, and this is why investing in a great battery makes more sense for the inverter.

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Increases the Service Life of the Inverter

Since inverters and batteries work in conjunction; a battery’s quality has a direct impact on the service life of the inverter. Whereas a bad quality battery can reduce its lifecycle, a good one will add years. So, this is one more way a battery affects your inverter unit. Therefore, when you are buying a battery keep this in mind and buy a battery that does justice to your costly inverter unit so that you don’t end up disappointed with your purchase.

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Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Just like it impacts the service life of your inverter; a battery also affects the maintenance costs. Any surges in power that are not efficiently handled by the battery or failure to work efficiently in higher temperatures can negatively impact your inverter unit and increase its cost of maintenance. So, if you are keen on not spending a fortune on maintaining your inverter unit, invest in a great quality battery.

If you are actively looking to purchase a battery, we have a suggestion—Luminous RC18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery.

Luminous RC18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery

Source: Luminous

It’s a tall tubular battery from Luminous that offers excellent overcharge protection and eliminates the risk of any short-circuits. The battery is renowned for its capability to work efficiently even under high temperatures and can significantly increase the service life of your inverter while lowering the maintenance costs, thanks to its superior build quality and use of the highest-grade elements in the manufacturing process.  The battery comes with a 36* month warranty, comes in high durability plastic housing, and is factory charged for use out-of-the-box. This battery is perfect for areas with long power cuts and will do wonders for the overall efficiency of your inverter.

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Luminous is a powerhouse in the home power backup category and they are renowned for their superior products and manufacturing the best inverter battery in India that are built using the best of components and highest-grade elements that guarantees exceptional service life and low cost of ownership. On top of that, every product you buy comes with Luminous’ brilliant customer support and after-sales service, making their products one of the most sought after in the market.

An inverter is your home’s power unit, and the battery is its source of power during an outage. Therefore, it’s crucial that your inverter battery combination complements each other in a way that both contribute towards their service life and maintenance costs. They are like the wheels on a two-wheeler, where one flat tire can bring the entire vehicle to a standstill. So, make a better decision and always buy a battery that’s as good as your inverter unit to get the most out of your home power backup system.

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